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    Travel advice needed

    I'm currently planning a trip to Pakistan scheduled for late 1999 before the country disintegrates like Rwanda.

    When there I'd like to blend in with the people I want to be inconspicous and need advice on how to go about this.

    Also any advice in dealing with the people at the embassy and in customs ?

    I plan to visit the following areas:

    War torn Karachi (during daylight, stay in after dark)
    Maybe visit a village near Lahore provided the locals aren't dangerous

    My main concern is:

    o getting robbed
    o getting shot
    o catching some virulent disease
    o getting stitched up (framed) by the police aka getting robbed
    o having any accident that requires the services of a hospital or doctor
    o getting bitten by a creepy crawly
    o getting lynched by a mob

    This is a genuine post, please respond with practical advice on how to survive in Pakistan.



    Really its not that difficult. It depends on what part of the city you are planning to visit. Islamabad is nice quite city. I have seen no problems there. Nice eating places.
    In Karachi some areas are safe and some are not. When its all war-like in Lahdhi and liaquatabad etc its perfectly normal in Defence/Clifton. (Ofcourse its sad and logoon, i am not saying any bad things about people who dwell in those disturbed regions).
    Well as far as machaars and makhis are concerned , its all over. There are pools of stagnant waters in the plots that don't have construction on them. So i doonoo. And electricity will go out for many many hours and it can happen anywhere, unless you have a generator.
    As far as staying in at night is concerned, most people go out to eat late night. I saw eating places busy as late as 12 or 1 pm.
    Do eat at BBQ tonite in Karachi I think its the best BBQ place in the whole world.

    People are nice. Some of them may over treat you 'cos you live abroad but they are all warm hearted and caring. Just be yourself.
    Mistake that some of us make is to show-off.
    Hospital facilities are nice like Mid-east hospital / Sind medical center in Clifton .

    OPPPS its getting too long and i have plenty to say... stilll!!
    Hope you have relatives/ friends there. It should not be a problem. Have fun



      You're not planning a trip.



        How come that he is not planning the trip?


          As somebody who visited Krachi & Islamabad recently ( last April) - I would definitely suggest staying off vendor stuff. The one glass of lassi gave me loose motions for 30 days. I lost about 20lbs ( Talk about weight watchers). Avoid vendor food at all costs.
          And the heat & Dust in Karachi almost killed me. ( I visited Pak after 11 yrs). If you live in a reasonable locality -ie Defense, clifton, Bhadurabad etc... crime shoul not be a major worry. Also, most people have netting so mosquitos or flies were not a problem ( Incidentally I am allergic to mosquito bites Whoaaa). Getting shot et al happes in particularly neigborhoods, - Avoid them like the plague. As for doctors, I had plenty in the family - those unemployed bufoons were OK professionals. - Aga Khan is an acceptable hospital- dont ever get a blood transfusion in Karachi.

          Islamabad in contrast was very pleasant, - a very normal city, if you miss the buzz- visit pindi.


            Farooq! Better go with some local and wherever u go try to speak urdu.

            Rizwana! BBQ tonite...Hmmm......Have u tried Afghani favourite.


              Dear Farouq!
              All you need is a couple of good old fashioned Ben Franklin $100 notes in your pocket. You can go from Karachi to Chitral and nothing will happen. Money talks and one hundred dollar bills talk the loudest.


                KKNIAZI ,
                You like it too...glad to hear that
                YESSS i did try it. They serve yummy foods


                  Hi Farouq,

                  One major point I would like to mention, do you speak fluent punjabi, not fluent in English accent, but in actual local accent like Lahore accent or Faisalabad accent? If you do then not to worry at all. And hey Pakistan is not that bad, you have to be a little bit careful, people are really friendly not rude like English (Londoners rather). You will only be robbed if you do the show off more than an average person. YOu dont need to tell anyone that you are from UK and every thing will be fine.