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GUP SHUP WEEKEND - What happened?

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    GUP SHUP WEEKEND - What happened?

    want to know how it went? how many people showed up? what did you do? etc..


    Something must be wrong. How come nobody wants to say anything about
    the GupShup weekend ?

    Let me guess:

    1- Larkian bohot moti aur budhhi thein ?
    2- Larke bilkul buddhu aur badshakal the ?
    3- Larke aur larkion ko aik dosre se itna piar hogia ke unke pass time nahi ?
    4- Koi bhi meeting point pe nahi gia aur is lie sab chup hain ?
    5- Sab meeting point per the lekin kisi ko koi nahi mila ?
    6- Hell, sonch sonch ke dimagh kharab ho raha hai. Bat kia ho sakti hai ?

    Please koi to kuch bole


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      i new it all along. desi planning iz NEVER successful.


        Ab aap ko puree kahaani sunaaney kaa waqt tow nahin hai magar yeh bataataa hoon keh teh weekend did go on, not totally as expected, some parts were better though. It was a live example of trial and error and we know for next time what we did wrong.

        There were about five persons, we were expecting more. Muzna had prepared good food. We didn't meet at the decided spot cuz 1) some of us were late aur issi confusion mein the groups got going their own ways. However we stuck out to look for whoever we could find and then, yes! there was this cool scene where the groups met each other. Baaqi baad mein.



          The weekend might not have been a 100% success but I have to appreciate the effort to organize a group of people who've never seen or meet each other and the only link is through this forum. I would rate it very positive even if a single person shows up because its just the begining and I'm sure things will be different in the future.

          Muzna & Co, please accept my appreciation & congratulations for all that you've done. Initiative is a very rare commodity in our culture and who ever has it, is very precious. Results are important but the efforts are priceless.

          I wish & hope that one day, something like this would happen in LA also.

          so long...


            friend has pretty well summed everything up. I guess the best way to put it is to say that it wasn't quantity but quality that mattered that day.

            The cool scene was funny because we ran into a couple of these guys at a phone booth and asked, "Are you looking for somebody?" Then . . .well, how about if we explain it at the next Gup Shup get-together. . . .

            And friend . . . I think you put my buddy up to it . .I couldn't have missed the Stealth! You guys must have told her what it looks like just to fool me . . .

            Anyhow . . .it was great TS. Worth every second of preparation and effort. Thank you for your support along the way. Encouragement does wonders.

            Why don't you find out how many people are posting from your area and we'll see what we can put together. I've been meaning to visit LA since May '98 and the trip keeps getting post-poned. Gimme a reason!


              Arey babaa maan jaaow,
              Stealth hee thaa. Now thats like Muzna, sarey log aik taraff aur woh aik taraff. Just kidding!

              Kheir hunn teh agli wari dah intezzaar hai and hopefully we'll get more people cuz now they know keh we'll show up and nobody was planning to make'em a September Fool.



                Hey Muzna-

                Whenever you and/or co. plan to visit LA, you've got a host here. It will be a pleasure to serve you & Gup Shup people on their visit. Pleassssssssse let me know and I MEAN IT.

                so long...


                  Hey Muzna, how about hosting a Gupshup event in Dallas or Houston - It'll be great.



                    Thank you ts . . .


                      zman . . .

                      We're working on it . . . .
                      How many Gup Shuppers are in that vicinity? Azkar jee mentioned something about Houston. . .

                      Give me some ideas . . . this is your forum, your friends, your get-together.


                        Hey muzna ji I come before him I am in New York and we are neighbours too. So if you guys are planning to make a gup shup tour then stop by me first I will show you the NYC New York City arround so please let me know too if you are planning to visit us.
                        just keep this in mind I am the iron man.