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    This is Insane

    Ok so i was a Pepsi freak
    all i did was drink it day and night
    24 cans in one week is just at home
    not to mention the additional 3-4 cans gulped down at work

    Plus the all the empty calories

    So i said to myself, I am gonna quit this whole pepsi business in Ramzan
    and I did

    However I have become addicted to Gummy bears as a result
    all i eat is gummy bears
    At iftari, I drink a glass of water, run off to offer namaz and then feast on gummy bears

    At sehri its the same
    all day is spent, thinking bout the soft chewy, rang barangay, furity fruity gummy bears

    So what is this all
    In order to get over one addiction you get addicted to another thing

    Same thing happened when i quit smoking
    I picked up chewing gum
    it was gum at night, gum in the morning, gum in the evening
    if i didnt have gum i got a headache

    anybody else have such an experience
    when you quit one thing only to pick up another one ?

    I dont like soft drinks....never was fan of may seem stupid but i think our thinking is effected by what we eat...i dont want aritificial things like coke or pepsi........but now i drink juice
    Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


      Anchal I'm getting slightly worried here, you know what they say when you start getting these 'cravings'. and you did find that baby on gupshup adorably cute, so tell us kia silsala hai?
      A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


        After giving up heroin (the cold turkey treatment), I am now addicted to Rooh Afza - don't you just hate it when this happens....


          Anchal: Maybe this might be helpful to help you getting rid of that addiction. As far as I know gummy bears are haram, because they use Gelatine to produce them. And that contains some pork fat.

          Umer, the Pakistani Brain of Austria
          The Pakistani Brain of the Austria (formerly known as "The Pakistani Brain of UAE")


            I finally gave up chocolate. Ahhhhhhh the memories.
            Life is only a dream.


              give up choclate.... me is never giving up chocolate... i am obsessed with roohafza too tho...!


                Gummy bears are Haram cuz they have
                Gelatin(excuse the spelling error) in it!!

                hope that helps

                Na Kabah mai na Be-tullah na dewaroun key sayoun mai, Namaz-e-Haq ada hotien hain Talwaroun key sayoun main


                  Cat tum mughay faisal say qatal karwao gi
                  He said no more bacha wacha and he is the man

                  So gummy bears are haram?
                  Sure ...even those without any gelatin welatin
                  I went and read the pack
                  and like no gelatin welatin
                  I got them from this Pak store where i get my jelly ?

                  Dammit its like giving one thing up only to be addicted to another one

                  waisay one thing is ok
                  the stupid pepsi cost me around thirty bucks a week
                  and gummy bears cost me just around five bucks

                  I think that and feel a bit OK


                    Anchal....pepsi....that is *brown sugar water*..

                    gummy bears...don't know what the heck is interested in knowing either...

                    smoking....if I were a woman, maybe (if french woman, definitely)....for men, its so unstylish (unless you want to get your marijuana dose )


                      Actually taking Pepsi or Grummy bear (Halal), in itself is not a problem... It is the excessive use which is bad. Try doing something productive....

                      like, staying away from the computer for some time, and doing some reading or watch some TV, or play with Anam and Choti, or stop thinking of qatal by Faisal or or or .... The possibilities are endless.

                      In any case, if you are bent upon being an addict on "something", try water. Drink as much as you want. Insha Allah no side effect. You can drink as many as 16 glasses a day - perfect for health.

                      If you are beauty concious (which I know you are), then take slightly warm water. 15-20 glasses a day and you will feel and look even more wonderful.


                        umm thanks for the brotherly advice
                        right now I find you irritating as i would my brother if he would have been the exact same stuff

                        I am addicted to water
                        forget 16 glasses Its 2 glasses of water every hour so multiply that by 12 and that makes 24

                        seriously water is very good for the skin, it helps flush out all the impurities waghera waghera

                        But this addiciton is not becuase i have nothing to do
                        its just giving up one and picking up another

                        dunno bout sitting beekar all day
                        cause I dont ....I have a busy day with work, kids, ghar bhar, and aid adad mian

                        lets see what happens far gummy bears arent that bad for you
                        i have read somewhere that they actually are good for you
                        dunno where



                          Thats nice to know...

                          Anyway, I am always suspicious when any artificial thing is called 'good for health'. Invariably after 5-10 years a reasearch comes through saying that this thing causes cancer or any other aweful disease.

                          Only the natural things are one which are, hopefully, free from such miserable side-effects.

                          In any case, it is good news that you are saving 25 bucks every month. Now you can have a ball with your savings....

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                            cravings eh?

                            well, i used to be addicted to "kachhay chawal" (raw rice) the year before last. ate em all teh time!!!....then i switched to crushed ice with lots of rooh afza......ate that till my brain went numb...nothing these days....

                            as far as gummy bears being haram, well, when i was a litttle kid, they were haram...maybe the ingredients have enhanced adn they have become halal,,,,,but plz do check to make sure....and if they are haram, correct those paki retailers/wholesalers