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    Education for Self-Reliance Foundation

    Education for Self-Reliance Foundation

    [A non-profit and non-political organization]

    A non-profit and non-political organization has been established in the State of Georgia, USA.

    The objectives of this organization are far reaching. It intends to propagate the necessity of education and establish an infrastructure for provision of education from primary to university level in Pakistan.

    Two major things those set EfSRF apart from other organizations already working in Pakistan for education are: firstly, it plans to establish small industrial and agricultural units where kids from poor families can work and receive the education that they deserve. And secondly, EfSRF intends to play a major role in the university level education.

    In Pakistan most of the kids in the rural and some in urban areas do not go to school merely for the reason that they have to work to earn supplementary income for their families. It is not practical for them to just leave work and start full time schooling. Therefore it is imperative that some work opportunities are provided to them where they can not only work but also receive education for their age level. By working they will also learn skills, by which they can prepare themselves for future if they do not intend to continue to education through college. EfSRF intends to establish small industrial and agricultural units for these kids where they will learn skills, work and receive their age level education.

    Many Pakistani youngsters come to west for higher education. Unfortunately, a very few go back after completing their education. This way we suffer greatly from brain-drain and foreign exchange-drain that we spend to send them overseas.

    For that EfSRF intends to establish remote/sister campuses of western universities in Pakistan. Thus provide the much desired western education at home. This way we will not only save brains and foreign exchange but also provide Pakistan with opportunities to earn foreign exchange by allowing students of neighboring countries to attend such universities. When major international corporations see highly educated work force in a country they tend to invest in that country. Thus Pakistan will have trickle down effect on many industries where no educational and industrial development has taken place.

    For further details please visit EfSRF's web site: and join.

    EfSRF is looking for people who feel the pain about the status quo. These people can join and do their part for the good of their country. Participants can help form groups of volunteers in USA, Europe, Middle East and any part of the world where Pakistanis reside for fundraising activities.

    EfSRF expects good participation from Pakistani Students Associations around the world. Students are requested to join in individually as well and do their part.

    EfSRF is looking for people in Pakistan to help implement its plans.

    We intend to keep our organization accountable and away from any controversies.

    Shahzad Latif Ph.D.

    P.O.Box 83315, Conyers, GA 30013
    Tel: 770 761-9227
    770 761-8755 (After business hours)
    Fax: 770 761-9375
    Email: [email protected]

    (NOTE: We recently changed our organization's name to accomodate most peoples' desire)