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Pakistan Should Reconsider Its Ties with BD.

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    Pakistan Should Reconsider Its Ties with BD.

    Pakistan and Bangladesh relations have been strained ever since Bangladesh's PM Haseena Wajid( Vajpayee's lap-dancer) made deragatory remarks against Pakistan while speaking at the United Nations.

    The diplomatic ties have further deteriorated after torching of the Pakistani national flag ,and ongoing protests in front of the Pakistani High Commission, in Dacca.

    I don't have any problem with Bangladesh's seperation from Pakistan based upon cultural and ideological differences. The problem arises when Bengali people continously demand for an unjustified apology when the atrocities were comitted from both sides. Bengalis have been playing India's little puppet for the past 30 years, and still hold grudge against the Pakistani people even after achieving independence.

    Recent events call for a more stern action against Bangladesh, perhaps, fleetingly scaling back on the diplomatic ties. Pakistan must call back its ambassador in order to send a message that Pakistan doesn't owe any apology to the Bangladeshi people.

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      Actually, due to propaganda on both sides, people believe one way or the other about the attrocities in East Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that the truth lies somewhere in the middle of those extremes. I think Pakistan did make some mistakes that by no means it should have. But on th eother hand, I think Bangalis made some mistakes as well, including the Benali militia, or what they called, Muktee Bahni.
      So, I do not understand if at this time it is even feasible for pak to apologize, until the ppl in Banglladesh also realize the mistakes made on their part.
      But I think it would be a very rash step to recall the ambassador, and cease the diplomatic ties. It will only make things worse. As far as Haseena Wajid is concerned, I really dont think its a big deal what she says. just like the pakistani governments, bangladeshi governments never have any significant public support.


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