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    Sarfraz . . . .

    For the sake of this discussion forum and its members, I formally apologize for not responding to your numerous cries for consideration. You have done everything humanly possible to get me to talk to you. Posts with my name in the title, irrelevant posts in threads where I was participating, requests for my picture and countless personal e-mail messages. Please don't feel badly. It's not that you haven't done a good job of shouting and making a complete fool of yourself. In fact, I'm rather flattered that a grown man with such "international" experience would vie for my attention. Imagine that? Little ol'me! **Blush **Blush**

    This overwhelmingly strong feeling of guilt has forced me today to put all other priorities aside and dedicated a portion of this day to you --Sarfraz. I have resigned myself to the fact that no matter how painstakingly annoying it may be I shall communicate directly with you, in this thread, as a method of penance for my sin of neglecting you.

    Now . . . just a couple of points that I'd like to a address:

    "When the forum named 'Anarchy' was introduced, I gave an indirect warning that 'A bad government is better than Anarchy'. But nobody listened to me including the Admin. In that forum all kinds of things were going on. But there are limits, aren't there." - SC

    In your self-proclaimed wisdom, did you bother to think (oops! you'd need brain matter for that wouldn't you?) that if nobody seemed to understand your warning a direct message stating your concern would have served the purpose in a more efficient manner? No. And now you have the audacity to come with an "I told you so" attitude? Please. Spare me the gory details of how much your heart ached when you participated in the vulgarity.

    "A lot many postings in that forum I did not want to have. So, I decided to punish the Admin by posting some explicit porn in which I booked some success and they closed the whole forum." - SC

    You wanted to punish the Admin. My, my! That sounds like a mature approach. Gee, next time I don't like something somewhere I'll try the same . . . instead of doing what a developed mind would do . . Like perhaps following the procedures in place for just such complaints. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Sarfraz Changezi - Judge, Jury and Executioner!

    "things went so far that they were becoming totally unacceptable. We are a 'ghayrat mund qoum'" - SC

    Out of the mouths of babes! And is this statement the reason behind your need to post slandering and hate-mongering messages against the Moderators? Was it your ghayrat that prompted you to continue posting passages from your pornographic library even after Anarchy had been disengaged? Allah bacha'ay aisee ghayrat say . . .hum tau phir bay-ghayrat hee achay tehray.

    Riff raff comes and goes Sarfraz. Truth, sincerity and dedication to a good cause endure. Other members of the forum have asked questions and offered solutions. I will not do any of that. I think you and all those that share your pathetic approach to entertainment will act like trees and leave. You know why? Because you ain't got what it takes honey. There is no substance to you sweetie. And it agonizes you, I know. But dahling life's like that sometimes - in your case, most times. I feel for you snookums! It's not nice to grow up neglected, I'm sure. But you know something I was so worried for you that I did some hunting and found a place for you . . . there is help out there for you. You just gotta take that first step . . .that's right . .pick up that phone . .dial 1-800- I NEED HELP. And when you hear the recording just follow the instructions When it comes to the part about getting a blade and slitting your wrists . . . sit in the tub honey . . don't make a mess on the bathroom floor.

    "It's us who allow others to ruin us." - SC

    So true.

    Later dud
    And that's not a typo --- I meant dud.

    Muzna, you should'nt keep things bottled-up. After reading all this, man, there was so much venum in you, I could not imagine. The last paragraph I'm afraid made you sink even lower.



      HAHAHA!!! wooooooo! U GO GIRL!!!
      U dissed the lunatic BAAAD!!! Keep it up...i love it!!!



        Good! I read it all twice.

        But, the question is, "what's is the bottom line?" Or in other words, what's the moral or message? Answer the questions!


          zman --
          Neat how I could do that without being vulgar hunh? I didn't once use the infamous "f" word and you could still feel all the venom -- that's with an "o" by the way . . .

          hayaa --
          when y'gotta, y'gotta eh? yaar remember, when things get in your way you go around them and when they're heads are too flippin' big to get around . . . you go through them.

          Sarfraz --
          Only twice? Awwwwww! I'm disappointed. Read it two more times and then maybe the bottom line, the moral or the message will get through that thick skull of yours'. And btw ... I started the conversation here and I didn't ask myself any questions so there is nothing for moi to answer . . .


          [This message has been edited by Muzna (edited 09-10-98).]


            WAY TO GO !!!
            I LIKE IT!


              darling Muzna,

              Are you feeling Okay? So no, e-mail me. Oke.



                You do sugar coat everything!



                  The bottom line is that it is end of "yawn" nonsense, which you wanted to keep it alive by "artificial life support"

                  I am happy that at least administration has done some thing to get rid of some nonsense from the forum.




                    Muzna dear jetee rahoo!

                    MalangBaba ke dwaian tumharay sath hain.


                      Bongi nay sara maza khrab kar dia hay.



                        Keep the good work up
                        I wondered a few times earlier that why were you so quite and not replying. Anyway Very interesting reply. Coooool

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                          Muzna : Thanks for correcting my typos. If you have a problem with someone, then please hash it out and nip it in the bud(with a 'd'). I enjoy your posts very much, I like your analysis and conclusions(makkhan nahin mar raha hoon, cause I dont believe in that, so dont go on cloud 9) but your post exposed a different you which, I never, saw in your other previous posts in different threads.

                          Have a great life - Ameen


                            All those that enjoyed the message . . . more to come . . . .get a latte, grab the remote and find a comfortable seat on the couch.

                            Minhaj . . . are you on a diet? I can take use low-cal sweetener if you prefer. . .**wink**
                            Let me know . . .

                            Babajaan . . .aap kee du'aon kay baghair yeh zindagi koi kaam kee nahin, koi kaam kee nahin . . . yeh duniya . . .yeh mehfil . . .

                            Rizwana . . . I'm the optimist yaar . . .I was hoping. But ammi ka kehna phir sahee nikla . . laaton kay bhoot baaton say nahin maantay.

                            zman . . thanks for your support. For the record, I don't have a problem with anyone. And btw, there's lots more to me than what anyone here sees.


                              Sarfraz should be banned from the forum.