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To All Ismailis(Agha Khanis).(ATT: Muslim of all over the world)

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    To All Ismailis(Agha Khanis).(ATT: Muslim of all over the world)

    I was reading the famous pakistani weekly magzine"Takbeer".Where the editor wrote about the shetanizm of Ismailis.
    I went to their home page.and they kuffar made the snaps of our holy prophit Muhammad(P.B.U.H.).in ismaily web site also people can see the pictures of hazrat Ali,Hazrat Fatima And Imam Hassan & Hussain.
    As we all know that ismailis or aghakhanis are not muslim.How dare them to make these type of pictures in the web.
    I request to the government of Pakistan to take serious action about them like Salman Rushdi.and all others basturds.
    What is the opinion of my brothers muslim?
    You can see ismaili web on the following direction.

    mind your language!
    a hadith says,
    the one who swears at someone, is not from my ummah

    therefore government of pakistan shuld also take serious steps against YOU!

    Stop reading takbeer, and concentrate more on reading and understanding the koran.

    as for the snaps you are talking about.. i personally think that it is not a good practice..and it hurts the religious feelings of muslims, but goverment of pakistan does not have any right to stop anybody from their religious practices. if we get hurt by seeing things like that, we shouldnt go to such pages. those pages are just for those who are interested in them.

    in the end, i will advise you to move this discussion to the appropraite forum (religion) , to save the moderator from unnecessary pain.


      Someone else

      Thanks, I could not have said it better. I came here as a Paki and not as a member of one religion or some ethnic group.


      Please take your hate and anger somwhere else. Like Faiz said:

      Un ko Islam ke lut jani ka der itna hay
      kesi Kaffer ko muselman nahi honi dety

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        it feels nice to see someone who shares my opinion.


          I have seen the page you mentioned, but i did not see any snaps. please be more precise.. is it a mistake? or is it just that you blindly follow takbeer?


            Usama saheb,

            Please discontinue hate-mongering messages. Nobody needs them.

            Thank you.