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Rules of Game!!!!

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    Rules of Game!!!!

    Ok Ppl here are the rules of the game. Read them carefully, and if u think that u can not play by the rules then all i have to say is that there are plenty of playgrounds out there widout any rules at all.

    1. The first and most important thing is "sense of respect" for other members regardless of their religion, nationality, race or gender. Be polite to others!!! * I know its kinda hard but there is no harm in trying

    2. Boorish behavior and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Rude or mean spirited posts will be deleted.

    3. No sexist remarks like "all men r pigs" or "all women r hookers" or "my boss is quite healthy" or any kinda of discussion about female or male body parts are allowed:-P

    4. Abusive,biased, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, and threatening material is not allowed.

    5. Material which in any manner invades other members' privacy is a "No No".

    Well i can't think of anything else right thats it for now....baqi laterz

    Have Fun

    hey ***YAAAAWWWWNNN**** meri gaal sun...

    We want intezaamiya ke rules(if they are than never mind) not your own made cant just delete something that you dont like, and you cant just delete something which doesnt express the views that you hold. That is just not right, you as a moderator, should alow clean discussion about women, men, or another topic we have will have here, when people can talk about prostitues here, why cant you talk about honor of the women? Just because somone said something, on which you do not agree, you go ahead and delete that is not moderator ship miss naik bibi, that is baadmashia and dictorship.
    No one will use offensive language and no one will use personal attacks on someone, just TRY to be fair and do sometimes put your self in the shoes of others, so you ll know how it feels when someone is not fair.


    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©


      Ok, grandama!!


        Sir Jaawan,

        Moderators are part of intazamiyaa...!!!!

        No one else has spoken up against these rules so far....ppl if u have any problem wid these rules plz do speak up....these r not..."Pathar per lakeer"


          Why would anyone else speak involves a woman(you) if they speak against it than they will have to face what im facing and if they if they speak for it, than its just because you are a women.

          Anyways you have really disgust me by closing that thread, i think those things in the poem were right and you didnt like the truth being told to everyone and you just couldnt take the pressure, when someone was discussing womens in west, and how they behave.
          Forget the issue of poem being sexist. I guess truth hurts and you just had to close the thread make excuse of WE men beind sexest or what ever, the main thing is you dont want the truth about western women told. Shame on you!!! keep ***yaawwnning*** In other post you said Oh and "NO" i dont hate you! WEll i do!


          Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©


            Naik are you not a women enough to let those guys discuss what ever decent topic people like it? Or is it when something falls on your shoulders about your own sex you just cant take it? Anways you showed very example of Baadmashi, and unfairness. May allah tum ko apni paaey. Ameeen, subzi caheye...?


              I think naik jee is on ZID and do not care about wrong or right...which is FINE with her...who cares about other peoples feelings. Do you have feelings naik?
              Good luck


              HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<


                Naik get this if you are soo smart...

                Takrra rehay thaay dushmenoonh kay ser meray paoon kay saath
                Kis kudar uncha tha mein sulhee per cher janay ka baad

                See yaa


                Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©


                  Naik bibi,

                  I think you closed that thread prematurely. There was a good discussion going on and just coz Jaawan started having a pop at women in general, you closed the shop and went home.

                  Why couldn't you just have let people counter his point of view like Zara and Sabah were doing? By all means edit if you feel necessary but no need to lock up the whole thread.

                  Now for the sake of good guys like Nova and NYAhmadi, let's see some tolerance and freedom pls


                    Naiko, Forget about the freedom, respect and all of the other stuff. I want to know what Kind of Game are you talking about?

                    People don’t come here to get respect but to discuss ideas and have a little fun while doing that.

                    I personally like the way it is. You get paid for moderating. Use your Power to decide what falls into “indecent” demeanor, and correct that.

                    I agree with Xtreme, that I am a “good” guy. Thanks Xtreme, I think you are a pretty “good” guy yourself. Now let’s play.



                      >>Why couldn't you just have let people counter his point of view like Zara and Sabah were doing? <<
                      I was there coz, I couldn’t close the thread for Naik – so had to say something instead.

                      I don’t care about that topic, it was discriminating – read the posts in this thread alone, and you’ll realize that we need to learn how to respect our own women yet, we can then discuss how we best can disrespect other women for whatever reason.

                      Still if the author wants that topic can be discussed at culture or religious forum, dependent on how he wants to discuss – in the mean time, he and perhaps you too, can find any verse of quran that encourages us to disrespect other humans.



                        I think that thread was OK. Many people have such ideas. It should be discussed. I have not read many posts by Jawaan. But I do not think he is capable of beating standards set by mundayya and 2pak.


                          Ok lets play, do I have to pay to somebody before I can start playing. Pay like may be some respect and cash some respect in return.
                          Lets play online forum, But naiko there is a difference.... The Online forum is like sitting in bazaar where every kind of peoples come and go and do things the way they like it, if you don't like their appearence, just don't look at them (Ignore Button). You will see lots of Chichoree young and Immature or may be old and mature playing games in their own way, just turn your head otherway if you don't like them. I guess thats what you call society, mixture of everything, every body was created different.

                          So, lets play game,
                          <<No sexist remarks like "all men r pigs" >>

                          Oink Oink.....

                          I am out......


                            Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
                            Naiko, Forget about the freedom, respect and all of the other stuff. I want to know what Kind of Game are you talking about?

                            Now let’s play.

                            NY Kunchayyyyyyy

                            Kunchay khaylogay???

                            chalo aayo kunchay khayltay hayN

                            but,hey kunchay apnay apnay achaa



                              Moderators are the 'Moderators' of this forum. One of the key reasons for this great success(GUPSHUP) is the team we always had. Anything the mods say is almost always endorsed by Pak.Org. Pease respect the rules.

                              Azkar Choudhry