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    Assalam alaikum

    Isn't is ironic that we are constantly told of the threat of overpopulation so much so that people in 'black' countries are supplied with free contraceptives, family planning centres have opened, sterlisation programmes are widespread and some women claim to be forcibly sterilised whilst at the same time in the 'white' countries infertility centres have opened, people are paid to have white children (France - baby bonus), and a drug called viagra is flooding the markets.


    What is your point ? Are you simply pointing out the irony of the situation or advocating the elimination of family planning ?

    Farouq Taj.


      Assalam alaikum

      I was just pointing out the irony of the situation but if you want to discuss it then what are the pros and cons concerning family planning.



        Assalam O Alaikum,

        Family planning is HARAM in Islam.

        Jazakumullah khair / Assalam O Alaikum


          Aho bachay kadee ao kadee ao, baee kis kitab ich likhya ay ... keh tussi bara bachay jammo. Aqal day nau lay Niaz .... meray khiyaal ich onay hee bachay honay chaeeday nay jinnay paalay jaan. Howay ek tay howay naik. Bachay hoon teray das tay perwarish to ona dee karna sakay ... koee daku nikaly koee kuch tay koee kuch. Baee islam nay bachay palan dee zimaydaree maa(n) peo tay suttee ay naa. Ais laee soch samajh kay bachay kaddo.


            Assalam O Alaikum

            Well, mukhtar sahab i really appreciate your sense of humor, kafee changa mazak ker laindayo, lakin payyan hun asi ki karyay, main ko apnay pallon tay gallan naee ka*****an waan. Islam wich waqaee family planning haram hay.

            Acha janab, ab zara serious, jahan tak perwarish ki baat hay, mera khandan main alhamdolillah kafee baree baree families hain, meray eik mamoon ke 10 doosray key 9 aur .... is tarah kafee misalain day sakta hoon aap ko, lakin in main say koi bhi daku ya chor nahin hay alhamdolillah.

            Sir jee, meray samjhanay say acha hay key agar aap apnay ird gird masharay main nazar doraeen. Aap ko inshallah pata chal jaay ga key choti family ya baree family say bachon ki parwarish main koi faraq nahin parta.

            Is ki eik example main aap ko daita hoon, zara America aur Europe ki societies ko daikhain, un key to kam bachay hotay hain. Phir woh log kiyon tang hain apni societies say, the children don't respect their parents.

            Agar aap is naray "Do bachay khushhal gharana" say bahar nikal ker mugh say poochney ki bajaay khud agar yeh jannay ki koshish karain key islam is baray main kia kehta hay, to aap ko bakhoobi mallom ho jaay ga key yeh halal hay ya haram. Baqee us per amal kerna ya nahin kerna aap ki marzi, kiyonkey aaj kal ka insan kafee taraqi ker chuka hay woh nauzobillah Allah say bhi behtar apna mustaqbil plan ker sakta hay, is liay phir woh apni aqal say future ki planning kertay huay jitnay bhi bachay paida karay yeh us ki marzee.

            koi ghalti ho gaee howay tay nikka pra samgh ker maaf kerdaeeen.

            Wa ma alaina illalbalagh

            Jazakumullah khair / Assalam O Alaikum


              Assalam alaikum

              Overpopulation is an idea stemmed from the innermost fears of the caucasians. They see a world in which they are a minority and the majority will exact revenge for their treatment at the hands of the white man. Enoch Powell's famous speech in which he mentioned 'rivers of blood' if we let black people stay in England, is another proof of their fear.

              I have some proofs to show that sustenance is guaranteed and is from Allah (S.W.T.)

              Al-Tirmidhi Hadith
              Hadith 79
              Narrated by Umar ibn al-Khattab

              Umar heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) say: 'If you put your faith completely in Allah, He will arrange for your sustenance in the same way as He provides for the birds. They go out in the morning with their stomachs empty and return filled in the evening.'

              Transmitted by Tirmidhi.

              Fiqh 3.92

              Kin (dhawi al-Qurba), recipients of sadaqah
              The kin are considered the most deserving people for the sadaqah gift because of the common blood relationship. When a man is in need and some of his relatives are rich, naturally he looks to them for help because they are of one family. Also, it is natural for a man to feel more sympathy and pain with his hard-pressed and needy relatives than with strangers. He is humiliated by their degradation and elevated by their honor. Therefore, any well-to-do person who cuts off his kin from assistance and lives in luxury while his relatives are in a state of misery is devoid of natural feeling or lacks belief and is far away from goodness or piety. On the other hand, for one who maintains close links with his kin, his sustenance is assured and his relationship is of beneficence to his kin.


              The rest of the proofs are in the following article.

              An article from


              Of the many things that influence the actions of human beings, material wealth and survival rank among the top few. For many, these are the top players in their minds. As individuals, communities and nations, people have shaped their lives and made laws to ensure continuous provision of worldly comforts. In today's world, which is dominated by Western Capitalist values, a culture of looking at everything from the viewpoint of economics, including life itself, permeates societies. Having children is seen as an expensive business by couples. The notion of population control as a means of increasing the quality of life is pursued by many countries and pushed by international agencies and strategists.

              In many 'Third World' countries, people who have not been affected by Western views have adopted the opposite strategy. Instead of cutting down on family size, they deliberately seek to increase it. Yet they are both acting for the same reason, to ensure prosperity. While the West sees population control as a means of sharing the available limited cake amongst fewer people and thereby everyone having a larger piece, those in the Third World see population growth as a means of making a larger cake (through availability of extra efforts) for them to share. That way, everyone in the family can have a larger share. Parents see large families as a means of 'insurance' in societies where there is no state support and subsistence farming is common. Many Muslims have also adopted non-Islamic attitudes with regards to rizq, by referring to sources other than Islam.

              The perception of Rizq in Islam

              In Islam, things are viewed differently. Islam teaches that rizq (livelihood) comes from Allah(swt). Therefore we must not worry about the size of the cake. There are many ayyats in the Qur'an where Allah (swt) emphasises this subject. To mention a few, Allah (swt) revealed in the Qur'an:

              "O Mankind! Worship your Lord who created you and those before you, so that you may safeguard yourselves with full awareness of divine laws. Who made the earth a bed for you and the sky a canopy, and sends down rain from the sky and thereby produces fruits for your sustenance - So do not set up equals to Allah while you know." [TMQ 2:21-22]

              "The Earth - We have spread it out, and placed firm mountains on it, and therein, We caused everything to grow in proper measure. And We have made for you therein means of sustenance, and for whom you do not provide. There is not a thing but its treasures are with Us, and We do not send it down but according to known measures. We send the winds fertilising and then We send down water from the clouds, and We give it to you to drink; but you are not its storers." [TMQ 15:19-22]

              For Muslims, the realisation that rizq is from Allah(swt) is a part of our belief and should be understood as such. There must be no lip service by saying it and then acting contrary to it. Countless examples abound in the world around us. Moreover, the means through which rizq reaches us is as varied as the quantity bestowed on the creatures of Allah (swt). For example, the discovery of oil in the 20's granted the people of Saudi Arabia access to vast amounts of wealth out of the blue. By the same token, Allah (swt) has removed accessibility to wealth from many parts of the world via earthquakes and other natural disasters.

              At the individual level, Allah (swt) makes wealth accessible to, and withdraws it from, whom He (swt) wishes, independent of the effort made by the individual. He who earns more is not necessarily harder working than he who earns less and vice versa. A particular person may earn more this month or year and then earn less the next month or year, even though he remains consistent in his effort. Besides, there are many ways through which rizq comes to us, without our expectation or anticipation. For example, gifts, inheritance, discovery of treasure etc. We can also lose wealth without expectation through means such as theft, fire, or straightforward loss. We are all aware of the fact that famine and depression can hit any country, and unemployment can hit any individual for reasons completely beyond their control. The perception of rizq has a great impact on society. Not only does it shape the society, it actually dominates society in many cases.

              The impact of rizq perception on society: Infanticide

              One of the oldest and far reaching impacts of the perception of rizq is that it causes whole societies to commit infanticide. This was very common in pre-Islamic Arabia. When Islam came, Allah (swt) addressed the people,

              "Do not kill your children for fear of want. We provide sustenance for them and for you. Killing them is certainly a great sin." [TMQ 17: 31]

              In today's world, which is dominated by Western concepts, the incorrect understanding of rizq was found in the theories put forward by the pastor, Thomas Robert Malthus. In 1798, he published an essay called 'Principle of Population'. In it, he argued that because population increases in a geometric progression while means of subsistence increases in an arithmetic progression, poverty and suffering are unavoidable. He therefore called for population control and the Western thinkers adopted this concept and advertised it to such an extent that a strong public opinion against the dangers of population increase began. They maintained that having large families would result in poor education and care, and damage the economy. As a result, a direct link was built between rizq and family size and governments went out of their way to encourage and even enforce this view. Abortion for fear of economic cost has now become part of Western culture. Over 200,000 abortions are conducted each year in the UK alone, 90% of them for socio-economic reasons. This is in effect infanticide in a new guise.

              The impact of rizq perception on society: socio-economic stigmatisation

              With time, the Malthusian concept took root due to continuous media bombardment and consequently, people thought it uncivilised and backward to have a large number of children. Some European countries resorted to other means to pressurise people into swallowing the concept of birth control. In Britain for instance, the family allowance was reduced to a maximum of five children only, while in other countries to three children. Other methods were also used by European governments such as the introduction of fixed salaries, refusing employment to a father of more than three children and refusing to let property for people with large families and so on. Society therefore became affected in many ways as a direct result of its perception of rizq. So strong is the perception that rizq depends on effort in terms of education and sheer hard work during employment that those who fail to achieve are treated with contempt in many parts of the world. In Asian countries such as Singapore, Japan and Malaysia for example, there is tremendous pressure on young people to have a degree. Failure not only brings shame to the individual, but to the entire family. Having a degree has almost artificially become a necessary condition in life for them. When John Major became British Prime Minister after Thatcher for example, they could hardly believe it!

              The Islamic perception

              Like everything else in Islam, the fact that Allah (swt) as the Creator informs us about the realities of life and instructs us to act accordingly would produce the best possible all-round results. Muslims do not have to wait and see the fallacy of the Malthusian theory before disbelieving in it. As humans, our foresight is limited. Hence Allah's (swt) information and instructions in the Qur'an should be fully believed and acted upon. Pastor Malthus and the rest of the world did not know the full yield potential of land in their days and neither can we claim so today. They could not foresee that in the 20th century, land productivity can be increased many times over and that far from food shortage, food will be stored in mountains as in Europe and even burnt as in Latin America in order to raise prices that have fallen due to excessive production. There are now estimates that the world can support up to 50 billion people, much greater than its 5 billion currently. Allah (swt) has revealed, "Have you considered the seed that you sow in the ground ? Is it you who make it grow or is it Us ?" [TMQ 56:63]

              The simple fact remains clear that Allah (swt) is the provider of the food that we eat and all the wealth that we consume. The fears of the kuffar and their subsequent societal organisation and characteristics would never happen to a society based on Islam.

              Islam does not teach us to fold our arms and do nothing as a consequence of the belief that Allah (swt) provides. Rather, there are countless examples and instructions in the sources of Shari'ah on what to do and how to act in all situations. To say that it is a virtue to seek knowledge, to work for our earnings, etc. is one thing, and to say that our rizq is a direct result of these is quite another. These are but a few channels among many through which our rizq reaches us.

              In the Islamic society under the Khilafah, obeying the commands of Allah (swt) at an individual and societal level is more than enough to bring all the positive aspects of civilization that human theoreticians cannot even begin to comprehend. Our message therefore is to stop disobeying Allah (swt) by following and acting upon the theories and practices of the kuffar. Contrary to what the kuffar are pushing upon Muslims today due to their perception of rizq, the Prophet (saw) instructed, "Get married, be fruitful and multiply. I will be proud of you on the Day of Judgement."

              Islam teaches that population is not the problem, for Allah (swt) has made ample provision for all. Rather, the problem is a result of following the kufr theories on population growth and the economic policies which came out of this. By theorizing that food and wealth is not enough for all, they seek to push birth control and establish a Capitalist economy whereby all effort is put into 'wealth creation'. Distribution of wealth rather than production of wealth is the central issue in the Islamic economy. Even countries who suffer from lack of productivity have bad distribution as their main problem, compounded by poor productivity. Consider a few Islamic injunctions to do with wealth such as the prohibition of hoarding, the payment of zakah, the redistribution of abandoned land, the prohibition of private ownership of public resources, and the prohibition of interest. These directly facilitate distribution of wealth and as a consequence, facilitate productivity through increased spending power, motivation to work and business partnerships. Coupled with a vibrant population that is not limited by unfounded fear of scarcity and the tranquillity derived from the fact that Allah (swt) provides, these present the ingredients for economic growth.


              As Muslims we must ponder deeply on rizq, our perception of it and its implications upon our lives as individuals and as an Ummah. It is only through this that we can avoid being distracted by changing policies such as population control, which neither fits with reality nor is it acceptable in Islam. The Western countries are now increasingly shifting towards the view that having a large population is vital for the economic well being of a country and the idea of population control is losing favour. At the same time, population control is propagated in the Islamic lands as the cure for economic misery and as the liberation of women. The truth is that they fear the 'Islamic demographic bomb' as it is often referred to, as this is an asset which they do not have due to their wrong perception of rizq. Surely, the theories and knowledge of all humankind put together is nothing in comparison to the knowledge of the Creator. So why do Muslim countries follow any issue that the kuffar makes fashionable instead of studying our own Islamic sources and adopting policies accordingly? Only then can there be real success, in this world and the Hereafter.



                Assalam O Alaikum

                Jazakumullah khair ya akhi, well done.

                Assalam O Alaikum



                  I see this topic very interesting. Sometime ago, I have related this topic to an Aalim
                  from America and he told me that family planning is not haram in Islam provided you do it in the right way. As many people says
                  that riza is given to us by Allah only and
                  I totally believe in that but family planning
                  is a wise act which is also prescribed by our
                  Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). The problem is I'm
                  at work at night time and cannot look into
                  the hadith but Insha-Allah I will find it
                  someday and post it hear. It is upon individual if you can afford it, you can have many children as you like but if you cannnot afford then better leave it to one or two.
                  I believe family planning is very important nowaday especially the muslims. Look at the muslims nation, people are growing at an exception rate and they are getting poorer and poorer, they and the government are surviving of loan from IMF or World Bank and
                  are paying so much interest. Family planning is one of the method to stop this worsening.
                  Look at the Africans (Somalia,Kenya,Mombasa,
                  Ethiopia etc) people are dying of hunger and they know very very well that they will never ever come out of this bad situation but still they keep on have sex and producing alot of children. I'm asking for what? Sexual power
                  is so strong that even dying or hunger cannot
                  stop them from doing so.

                  May Allah (SWT) give us the right knowledge
                  to deal with our daily lives. Ameen.


                    Earth has limited resourses.
                    If human beings were not smart(and able to exploit the resourseswell) our numbers have been contained ,in a # much less than what it is today.
                    In order for us to efficietly exploit the resourses,and for smooth functioning of high number of individuals we need a highly specialized society.In order to make people part of a delicate network , and earn a useful placein it they need special training.Ifg you can bring up one child,appropriately care for him/her,in order to bring up a healthy individual,both psychologically and physically, give education that can enhance the productivity,than do that.If you cannot do that for one ,dont have any.
                    God doesnt feed people in Famine stricken areas,Nations who have better planning do.
                    We are brought up at Aid from foreign countries,and soon would not be able to get that.In pakistan today around 40percent of population is under 20yrs of age.Can we provide them basic necessaties .NO.
                    if it was 5 percent of total we would have been in a much better position.
                    These thaikedars of Islam whos own thinking is numbed ,by lack of use ,keep on repeating the same thing,without knowing anything about anything.
                    This in my opinion is again because of lack of proper education, which would help them substitute, irrational,emotionally held believes by Reason.



                      If you want to discuss this then please write your own original comments. Avoid cutting and pasting from another website, simply post the URL if you feel we must read the stuff.

                      The use of birth control is not denial of the sustenance of Allah. Your talk of a western caucasian fear is simple paranoia typical of the stuff found on the site you keep quoting from.

                      The bottom line is that for every species that exists on this earth nature will control it's population. There is a limit on population size for every species determined by food source, predator presence and other factors.

                      Allah has given humans the ability to control their population so that nature doesn't have to. Our population can be controled by 'natural means' of starvation and disease or we can avoid the situation using the knowledge and means that Allah has gifted us with.

                      Farouq Taj.


                        Thank you for saying something that is not a quote from Islam.
                        I hope others can follow too.


                          Take it guys, universes run on recyclings.


                            Assalam alaikum


                            The reason why somebody would use birth control would be because they fear that they will not be able to feed their children. So this fear would only exist if people didn't believe that sustenance isn't guaranteed.

                            You talk of nature as being another spiritual existence. 'Nature' is a word which scientists use as an alternative to God.

                            Who gives us starvation and disease, nature or Allah (S.W.T.)


                            In a modern society people don't get their food directly from the Earth in the sense that their food isn't homegrown. All food and drink is supplied by the state through supermarkets, pipelines etc. A state produces a fixed amount of food to be available to the citizens and the rest of the food is bought from the global market which is also a fixed amount. Many 'modern' countries suffer from a 'problem' called 'overproduction' where they have to dump food into the sea, you may have heard of america's butter mountains.

                            The idea that the resources are limited in a 'modern' country are true in the sense that a limited amount of food is produced, but, nobody can truly say how much food the Earth is able to produce.

                            We Muslims believe that sustenance comes from Allah (S.W.T.) because it is Allah (S.W.T.) who has given the Earth the ability to produce food.

                            Assalam alaikum



                              If one follows your logic then wearing a seatbelt is a sign of a weak Imaan. If it is Allahs will that your going to be thrown through the windscreen then wearing a seatbelt is not going to reduce your chances of an accident. Indeed why bother with any safety precautions ?

                              The root cause of our disagreement is that your belief system is based around this notion of the evil west and it's conspiracy to undermine the Muslim Ummah. This in the long run is not a healthy attitude to adopt. I suggest you read more widely and try attending Islamic circles (assuming your attending them) run by different groups to gain a broader understanding.

                              The bottom line is that if when you marry you want to have 10 children then go ahead and have them and live with the consequences.

                              For others reading this thread who want an Islamic perpsective on the subject then you can start with:

                              "Abortion, Birth Control and Surrogacy an Islamic Perspective" published by American Trust Publications.

                              I can supply the authors name and an ISBN number for anyone who can't locate the book.

                              Farouq Taj.