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Another step further!

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    Another step further!

    Asalamo Alaikum Everyone!

    Howz it ya all??? FUN HUH?! *Good* I had a very pleasant time stoping by here then n' then .... Geez! Its been a while but anyway, the time I spent was quite addictive Thehe... Thanks to Muznaji and BoSS who'd remind me of reality (exams) once in a while
    Anyway, now since its time to kinda o' le'go of this comfy lil' chair (I'm sitting on) I thought I better say "TaTa!"

    So long every one (I might not be able to stop here that frequently from now on).

    Saria, Patakha (do u guys ever drop by now?), JM Bhai, the pesterprize...whoops,Sorry.. Er Enterprise (I have the formula for the thingy) 'The Mevy Go Wound' (Niazi Uncle), and all the new ones out there... it was nice yapin' to u all

    Hayaa, u've got a beautiful name! MashAllah!

    Well have a blast u all, and don't mess ur lives. Take all steps with out thinking about it! *NO*... Wish u all the best!
    Daysee Behna