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    An open letter from Hizb ut-Tahrir to...

    open letter from Hizb ut-Tahrir to the Arab rulers conferring in their summit in Cairo

    Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
    There is no doubt that you know that the colonialist Kafir states were behind your appointment over the people, without their consultation or choice. Rather it was done through force and compulsion. Not a single one of you derives his authority from the Ummah or has been of any good to her or has given her any sincere counsel.

    The Kafir colonialist has brought you so that you may achieve two very dangerous matters:

    First: So that you may be an obstacle and a barrier to the return of the Khilafah, unification of the Muslims and the commencement of Jihaad, the peak of Islam.

    Second: So that you may protect the Jewish entity from destruction and guard its borders and security.

    And you have complied with these two matters vigorously:

    You have chased the carriers of Islam, who work to re-establish the Khilafah, through arrests, imprisonment and execution and you have divided the Muslims. As the Kafir has wished, you have firmly established the narrow regionalism amongst the Ummah and preserved the disunity and fragmentation in accordance with the policy of 'divide and rule'. Rather your ruling has become an embodiment and even a symbol of this policy. You have made of yourselves guards of the borders drawn up by the Kafir, and you have pushed the sons of the Muslims in the fire of Hell for fighting each other over these borders. You have established, as the Kuffar has planned, regional organisations to strengthen these borders. Thus, their plans at your hands has been met with great success.

    The Kafir entrenched behind you, hid his ugly face from the Ummah by your presence. You have kept the people preoccupied with your disputes and quarrels. You agree on betraying her but you disagree when her interest is concerned. You try to show that you are united but your hearts are divided. You have absolute loyalty for the Kafir colonialist but complete hatred for the Ummah, for which you claim to belong to, but the Ummah has nothing to do with you.

    As for the second matter: You have dedicated yourselves to performing this with your very best. Thus, you have restricted the armies and prevented them from fighting the Jews. You have established a thick fence round their entity in order to provide them with safety and security. So you did not fight them, nor did you let anyone else fight them. Then you added to those two things another calamity, when you and your predecessors faked conspiratorial wars with the Jews, where you were defeated before the Jews every single time. In this manner you have drawn up an aura of victory around them. Thus, they looked like a powerful state, which cannot be vanquished, though they are the ones whom Allah (swt) has described with the attributes of shame, humiliation, cowardice and defeat:

    'And if they fight against you, they will show you their backs, and they will not be helped.' [Al-Imran: 111]

    But you have changed the words and have shown the Muslims to be turning their backs and you have made the Jews to go from one victory to another.

    You and your predecessors paved the way for the establishment of the Jewish entity and the loss of much of Palestine in 1948. Where you called each other to enter Palestine and liberate it from the Jews but you handed it over to them as an easy prey and gave them a fake awe of victory over the seven Arab armies. Then you called each other in 1967 under the pretext of fighting the Jews but you handed over al-Aqsa and its surrounding and similarly you gave them a false awe of victory for what they called the six day war which actually took six hours. Then the 1973 war took place but the victory of the Egyptian army over the Jews was turned into disgraceful negotiations with the Jews, at the hands of the traitor of Egypt Sadat. Then came the official recognition of the Jewish entity.

    And there you are now meeting together, based on the invitation of the cheap middleman of Egypt Husni Mubarak who has been entrusted by America to bless the recent Camp David agreement in its final touches. This is after America has placed to your conference its agenda and list of decisions in the Sharm ash-Shaykh conference which was held and closed a short time before your conference.

    America saw that the Camp David agreements, especially the conceding of al-Quds and the holy sites, needed the people to be tamed in order to carry through the agreements. They also saw that the matter required a bloody agitation followed by consent and agreement with the Jewish entity. This is like what happened when they first established an entity for the Jews, and when you handed over the al-Masjid al-Aqsa to them and also when the first public and official negotiations with Jews took place and their entity was recognised after the first Camp David.

    You are meeting when the pure blood spilled on the blessed land has not dried yet while you take the stance of spectators. You refrained from rescuing the holy sites and defending their sanctities. You have refrained from helping the Muslims in Palestine and left them unarmed as an easy prey for the dark hatred of the Jews, you left them facing at their hands all types of torture, then you pretended to help them, how can this be? You count the dead and injured and you send lorry loads of medicine instead of sending lorry loads of weapons on the shoulders of armies to help the stone throwers who are challenging tanks with their bare chests and challenging their rockets with their blessed rocks. You have kept the weapons in their depots and the Muslim armies in their barracks. You mobilise these armies to fight the Ummah but you prevent them from fighting the enemy. Then you spring up, go on trips and say that you are meeting for the sake of Palestine and the martyrs of Palestine and the injured of Palestine. May Allah kill you for your lies!

    O you the conferees, the conspirators!:

    Indeed America wants from you in this sinister meeting to adopt the measures that prepare the conditions to ratify the final agreement with the Jews by consolidating their authority over Palestine through a recognition from all of you together. This, after they have smoothed out the way for the conference through the pure blood spilled on the blessed land by agreement and collusion between Barak, Arafat and his cronies under the leadership of America. This is to incite a bloody atmosphere and prepare it in order to achieve the final solution to the Palestinian question through approval and recognition of the Jewish state's dominance over Palestine. Then they permit the birth of a fragile state, which they will call the Palestinian state that has no sovereignty or authority. For which they will create a Jerusalem other than the true Jerusalem, a colour other than the true colour and a mosque other than the true Mosque (of al-Aqsa).

    The settlement of the Palestinian question, in a way that serves the interests of America and the Jews is a vital issue for them and high on their scale of priorities. This is what pushed Clinton to come from the other side of the world at a time when he is completely plunged in the elections. He conveyed to the American agent Mubarak in the Sharm ash-Shaykh resort, which replaced Camp David and more, a message so as to pass on to you and he is waiting for your constructive efforts to realise what he has drawn up for you in the den of Sharm ash-Shaykh.

    O you the conferees, the conspirators!:

    We shall not tell you to fear Allah and fear His punishment. The passion of Islam went out in your hearts a long time ago. But we warn you of the Ummah's anger and retribution and of the fate of your likes throughout history. The Ummah will not accept for the pure blood which was spilled to be the path for the shame and humiliation by recognising the Jewish entity and abandoning
    al-Quds and the holy sites. Rather, her pure blood will be the path for destroying the entity of the Jews from its very roots. This is what the Ummah wants and demands and she is able, by Allah's leave, to destroy every traitor and agent who stands in her way.

    Indeed, the efforts you have expended in embedding the Jews firmly in Palestine, preventing the armies from mobilising to fight the Jews and destroy their entity, and then standing in the way of those who carry Islam, and work to resume the Islamic way of life on earth by re-establishing the rule of Allah and moving the armies across the border. These efforts of yours will be a curse upon you. Your destruction will be in your plotting and planning.

    O army officers and soldiers!:

    This is the reality of the rulers who have taken control over the Muslims. The Muslims in Palestine are being slaughtered and their blood is being spilled and their lives perish at the hands of the Jewish soldiers, the most disgraced creation of Allah on earth through the conspiracy of Clinton, Barak, Arafat and Husni Mubarak, in order to tame them so that they accept the treacherous agreements between Barak and Arafat. To give the Jews authority over al-Masjid al-Aqsa and sovereignty over
    al-Quds. Those rulers, instead of moving for the pure blood and lives which perished and declaring Jihaad against the Jewish state in order to destroy it, instead we see them meet together based on the orders of America to carry through the implementation of the American and Jewish plans to bring the issue to a close. That is why the whole Ummah detests them and look to deposing them and establishing a sincere entity and sincere ruler so that he saves them from this disgrace and humiliation.

    The time is suitable to remove them and rid the people of them. You are well able to do that and Allah (swt) obliged you to do that. So answer Allah and avenge the pure blood that was spilled and the lives that perished and quench the Ummah's thirst for revenge and return the honour and dignity of the Muslims and return the sovereignty and authority of Islam. This is way by which the Jewish entity will be destroyed and you attain the glory of this world and the reward of the Hereafter. So answer Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw).

    He (swt) said:
    'O you who believe! Answer Allah and His Messenger when he
    (the Messenger) calls you to that which will give you life.' [Al-Anfal: 24]

    22 Rajab al-Haram 1421AH
    Hizb ut-Tahrir