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Can we talk about something so sensitive?

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    Can we talk about something so sensitive?

    AAB RIHAEY MILAY GEE TO MUUR JAIN GAY Now this is a very sensitive topic.Can part of the reason why we cannot talk about religion is,that we fear of losing it ,being left with nothing. As I said this is a very sensitive subject,I want to hear opinions about it,but please be sure not to hurt anyones feelings. NA HO JAB DIL HI SEENAY MAIN . TO PHIR MOONH MAIN ZABAAN KUOON HO

    In my opinion, the word religion is a misnomer. I prefer the Arabic word "deen" which translates to "way of life". The teachings of the Quran and our Prophet (PBUH) are the basis of how to live every waking moment. I ain't no saint but I try to be good, and my definition of good comes from Islam.
    So that's my opinion, that life and deen are, for me, an inseparable entity. I cannot discuss one without the other.
    I'm sure you'll hear many varying points of view. I hope we can all do it peacefully.
    Ma'as Salamah.


      Yasmeen! I agree with you 100%. For muslims, No discussion is valid without islamic prespective.

      By the way how come you know arabic!

      well done.


        Assalam O Alaikum

        Sah, miah fil miah, hehehe, i.e. right 100 out of 100. Talking about religion is no doubt a very sensitive issue in subcontinent speacilly. I have an experience of that, i am living in Qatar,we just went to Pakistan on vacation, and there it happened that my cousin and i were talking about some topic, alhamdolillah i was very confident and gave him daleels also but in the end he says, so do u think our parents and forefathers have been doing wrong, and he really went angry.

        This is a kind of behavior which kuffar had when Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) invited them to Islam.

        I think, when ever we are talking on religion we should just take it easy and try to listen the other person, then we can make our own reserch to see if the person is right or wrong plus we should always refer the sahih ahadith after Quran. B'cos there are many ahadith which are zaif (weak) and do not have strong ravees. N e 1 can be wrong in this world, we might be following a wrong practice but if we know about it, we should accept it. i will tell u about myself, i do not use to do rafa yadain, but a frend of mine told me about it, gave me references from sahih ahadith from bukhari, which no way i can deny, so i started acting upon it.

        N e ways, i think Islam is related to all walks of our life, we cannot ignore it, and we should not. And just have a more positive approach while discussing it.

        Jazakumullah khair

        Assalam O Alaikum.


          Sukhunwar-jee, they say that you should do one thing and do it well. Languages are my thing
          Niaz-ji, you brought up a very valid point. We should certainly not become fanatical when discussing our beliefs. That only serves to alienate those we are talking to. Hazrat Muhammad (SWT)'s sunnat shows us that he was so tolerant, so patient, and so logical that his enemies could not help but become mesmerized by his word. As we also know, Islam uses force as the last resort. In its truest sense (when you look at Islam on the basis of the Quran, the sunnat, and ahadith) Islam is so sensible it makes no sense to forsake it (That's my reply to your question, Quark). That is why, in my opinion, 1500 years after the Quran was sent to us in a Arabian desert, we can still find guidance for every aspect of our MODERN lives in this book.
          May Allah guide us to As Siraat al Mustaqim.


            Lost souls


              Geez folks!

              I go away for a weekend and religion hits the General forum like a plague!

              Give Tariq some work please . . .take this discussion to the Religion section!