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Global Warming...turning up the HEAT

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    Global Warming...turning up the HEAT

    Well, in dear old Blighty, we have been suffering from one of the worst spell of floods this century. A temporary halt today, but more forecast over the next couple of days. This is ok if you are Mariah and you get to go home early from work, but am I the only one who thinks climate change has been getting more severe over the last few years?

    Summer and winter are getting harder to tell apart in Britain. Apparently by 2050 trees and crops are going to start to fail which is a bit of a gobsmacker. I read that this morning in the paper. seems like the effects of global warming are happening at a much more rapid pace than the scientists were predicting. This is what happens when you put too much trust in the boffins.They might be able to explain all aspects of quantum physics but they would probably forget to take an umbrella if it was raining outside.

    How about other countries? America? Canada? Pakistan? Noticed any changes recently, or are we just panicking because we've got nothing better to do? I reckon there is a definite change and it might even be getting down-played in the media. We never get any heavy snowfalls here these days and I blame the Ozone layer

    Mr Xtreme, now that you mention it, I'll share something. The summer this year in Pakistan wasn't as hot as last years. And the winter came quite soon as well... However there's no rain and the whole Peshawar city is covered with a dust layer (no joke).
    Dunno if this has anything to do with global warming. But last year we were really worried because quite a few people died because of the scorching heat.

    Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!



      The weather is definitely gettting more severe, I mean we hardly have a summer to talk of anymore (this years was ridiculous!)

      Thinking of emigrating, dont know where to though.


        Hum Sa,

        So Peshawar is still covered with that dust layer? I read about that from one of the English cricket journalists who are there at the moment. Wonder what causes that? Anyway, there will always be seasonal variations but it's when you get a pattern of change that it becomes worrying.


        The weather in England is definitely a good reason to emigrate. Canada sounds nice. A friend just came back from there and said the summers were really hot, and the winters were really cold. Being a guy who likes xtremes that would suit me just fine

        Dunno if I could put up with Canadians though...they seem like a bunch of hicks. No offence to Canadian hicks like Boss, Hayaa, Kohal etc.


          I have recently been thinking about this subject as well. Global warming seemed just news few years back but is fast becoming a reality. It's worrisome to think what may happen after a few decades from now. Do you guys think about "sooraj sawa naizay pur hoga" quote?
          Life is only a dream.


            hmmm.....Canadian hicks huh? Makes me wonder whether or not to get involved in this thread......

            I'd be interested in knowing what the Farmer's Almanac has to say about Winter 2000 and what it's predicted to be like.

            In Toronto we used to have really severe snow-ins at least three times a season. Now I can't remember the last time we had enough snowfall to close schools. Definitely a warming happening.....


              Don't worry about the 'Canadian hicks' comment Muzna...for some reason I can't resist having a go at other people's nationalities. It's very shallow, but strangely satisfying.

              Anyway, as far as global warming is concerned, I wonder if differnet regions will get affected by different conditions? Will Africa and Asia get even hotter for example?



                Check this site out, shows affects of global warming on nature and habitat.

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                  Xtreme, All of these changing global climatic patterns are a direct result of the greenhouse gases that are emitted into the environment. US is the worse culprit (approx 7 tons per year per person… UK is about half that rate). Most of these emissions (over 80%) are from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity and run the cars. Global Warming has many impacts: (1) The temperatures are rising (I think that’s why they call it warming) an average surface temp of 1 degree F has risen in the past century. (2) Precipitation has increased by about 1 percent over the last century. (3) Sea level has risen worldwide approx 6-8 inches in the last century.

                  What it all means is that it could threaten human health, harm birds, wildlife, fish, and many types of ecosystems. It could alter forests, crop yields, and water supplies. Deserts may expand into existing rangelands, and the Island of Britain could sink below sea in another 500 years with the current rate of water rise.

                  I hope that is enough to send shivers down the spines of those who still think that Republicans should be elected.

                  I am glad that I voted for Al Gore. This was my way of saving the environment.



                    thanks for that link. Very educational. It seemed to be concentrating on wildlife rather than human consequences though.

                    NYA, I think you should have voted for the Green party to make a real difference. Mainstream parties have to think of Big Business - and business and environmentalism don't make good partners.

                    And if we have rain like we did the last few weeks we won't have to wait 500 years to go underwater.


                      Yes Extreme I know, but i thought it would be interesting to see the effects it is having on everything, and not just humans as they are suffering also


                        Yeah Mariah, you are right. Besides, if plants, animals, and little birdies become extinct, you bet it'll have an effect on us humans

                        We'll all have to start eating at McDonalds for a start


                          And that will be limited to filet-o-fishes!!
                          as everything else is haraam.


                            Extremo..the weather here has been really dry. We are not used to having sun shinning bright on our faces everyday in the Fall. It rains over 160 mm in the month of November, but so far the figure stands at only 17.2 mm. All the mountains, which are blanketed with snow by now, have yet to see any major snowfall..suxx for us skiers.