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    You got to read it!!!

    Saalam everyone,

    This is what happened and i witnessed it. Even after two hours i am like ...whatttttttt!!
    I am going to narrate the actual event here:

    A Pakistani family came in for treatment in dental clinic. The whole family had huge huge amounts of deposits ( calculus) on their teeth. History revealed that they ate, drank but did not brush at all. NO BRUSHING!
    They were asked" why not use a tooth brush"?
    Here is the answer : " the tooth brushes are all made with PIG-Hair and according to the Book of Islam we don't use them". So no cleaning of teeth with a tooth brush!!!!

    Everyone was laughing that it may be the case
    50 years back when tooth brushes were made in such a way. But not in this age!! People tried explaining to them that nowadays everything is in plastic but all efforts probably went down the drain.
    I do not know what to say.
    Bus chup se lagii hai aur haraat hoo rahee hai .



    Thanday thanday aalo bukharay kha tay fikar karnee chardh day. Fikr karan naal damaghee kamzoree ho jandee ay jiday naal pishaab ruk ruk kay aanda ay leehaza apnee fikar kar doojayaa(n) dee fikar naa kar naee tay masana kamzore ho ja-ay ga.


      o mukhtaar miaan, ai.. tenoo jeree dimaghi kamzoori huwee ai, ..... tey jeraa tuwaanoo pishaab ruk ruk kay aaunda ai, odee wajah koi hor hai gal chotee karo, moo say pata nahee kee kee nikal jaanda ai lol

      neways, rizwana its strange but we pakistani people are paranoid for sure.

      zaroor tooth brush aur paste main musalmano kay khilaaf koi saazish hai


        rizwana are you sure Muqaddir wasn't one of them


          Assalam alaikum

          Why didn't they just use Miswaak if they felt that toothbrushes were made from pig hairs. Why didn't they consult a scholar if they felt they had a problem. This is a result of people following things heard 'by the way' i.e. no proof.

          Toothpaste is one of the biggest scams or probably the biggest scam ever. Toothpaste is a mixture of water, an abrasive substance ( Calcium carbonate )and phosphoric acid. The water is there to make the paste soft. The calcium is there to add roughness to the paste. The acid attacks the teeth and doesn't really help the cleaning. The toothpaste cleans teeth due to its abrasiveness and leaves a 'minty fresh breath' which makes people 'feel' that their teeth are clean. You will find that smokers' toothpastes contain a higher level of calcium than normal toothpastes.

          All I say is that just use miswaak it has the same abrasive effect but doesn't attack the teeth.





              Muktaar sahib,

              Tussi mainu kaheen apeeni bete te nahi suna rahee. Ki hoya? Aur abb tussi kaysee hoo?
              Demagi aur masanna kamzoori laye tussi desi daww istamaal kaar rahe hoo ya ingrazee.
              Mai Allah da karam ae bulkul teekh tak ann. Aur tudaai khariyat nak mutloob chanii aan.

              Mudassar: good explaination, thanks
              Someone else lagta hai sub sazish hi sazish hi
              Allah baley


                Yaar someone else,

                jay tainu damaghee kamzoree ay tay fare badaam dhudh ich ghool ghool kay pee .. damagh theek ho ja-ay ga ... warna ... Lahore aa ja tera damagh durust kar dayyaa(n) gay.


                  Your attemot at humor is as stupid as you. That must have been your family as tooth brush is a common thing in Pakistan as far I know. At least last time I visited Pak, I found people BRUSHING. Why you assume your family represents Pakistan..?? Or you just trying to sound cool..?


                    Mr Cool Dude,
                    Your attempt at logic is worse than your spelling. Did you visit every family when you went to Pakistan? Did you monitor the population closely during the morning hours? Or are you assuming the families you visited represent the whole of Pakistan? Next time Think before you write.
                    Regular Dental Flossing Stud


                      Rizwana : I think that you have your facts messed up. The fact is that even nowadays, the tooth brush manufacturing companies use some pig by-products in some brands of tooth brushes. There are some brands that do not do it.
                      So instead of being amazed and giggling on the side at that poor family, you should have taken them aside and tried to help them out.



                        Mukhtaar miyaan, inna gussa theek naee hundaa
                        dimaghi kamzoori wee ho jandi ai, tay pishaab wee ruk ruk kay aunda oo!


                          Oye maharaja!
                          teri kher huway,

                          yaar tere paas apnee koi tasweer hai???
                          yaar mujhay teri aik tasweer chahiye. please!

                          do u know why???

                          main aik kitaab likh raha hoon, "KABAR KA AZAAB" ! us pay teri taswee lagani hai!!


                            Taddayee teh keh rayya waan ghusa naa kar ... pishaab ruk ja-ay ga ee.


                              oye zmaan!!!!!

                              ab samajh aaya kay aap kay daant itnay chamakdaar aur saaf suthray kyoon hain!!!!!

                              pigs khaanay ko to mana kiyaa hai islaam nay,
                              lekin un kay baalo(n) say daant saaf karnaa mana nahee!!!!!!