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Story of the four Spanish young ladies

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    Story of the four Spanish young ladies

    Outlaw wrote:
    Roms..las' time I tried fixing you up with four chics at once..and you pretended that you too tired!! I mean not one ..not two but four..that was chance of a life time..
    I didn't want to bomb the other thread by irrelevant accounts so I thought of starting a new one since this story of four Spanish women keeps coming back and I think it requires clarification now - just to set the records straight. History must be told, and it must be told in its entirety and with whole truthfulness. This is what happened:

    Outlaw and I were sitting in an outside parlor of a resturaunt in Whistler on one of the most beautiful and misty evening during my trip to Vancouver few months back, when I noticed these beautiful fine youg Spanish ladies sitting at the next table. While I looked upon them, I noticed them noticing Outlaw. The sight had a very distinctive and immediate reaction on them.

    The first fine Spanish lady was totally taken aback by Outlaw’s godly charms and studly presence. She was, as if, stoned (No, not by that potent British Columbian green stuff but our very own potent British Columbian outlaw). There was no doubt in my mind that it will not simply take just few hours (as is said to be the case for the other BC potent stuff) for the fine lady to come back to her senses; It was definitely not a case of merely the hours. Weeks??? Months????…. can't say.

    The second fine Spanish lady had immense expression of adorability on her pretty face. It was as if her tender heart trembled with passion, and her eyes twinkled with desire. Her half opened lips had formed a certain shape, as if she had a tingling sensation on the tip of her tongue, by the very sight of none other but Outlaw. It appeared to me that it wasn't only the food that she might have found spicy.

    The third fine Spanish lady had merely fainted by the sight. The effect, although unusual, but yet not uncommon among women who come within 10 feet radius near Outlaw (I'm inclined to think that that's probably the reason Outlaw turns his face away when closer in the company of women; He's such a compassionat heart, you know).

    The fourth fine Spanish lady was not looking at Outlaw at all. She was looking at her left hand painfully. Apparently, she was cutting a lemon (or probably that was a lime) to go with her Corona Extra beer and by chance had glanced onward, towards Outlaw’s direction. The result was as obvious and predictable as what history tells us happened in a similar incident few thousand years ago.

    All this time Outlaw, as usual, was completely indifferent to the surrounding and was deeply concentrating on his drink (The absence or presence of alchoholic contents of which are not disposable), and the chain of philosophical and highly intellectual thoughts that he was sharing with me. His narration of matters involving life, universe, God, and Yankees had an added, charming effect on those ladies. If there was anything else audible (and edible, considering the condition of the third fine young lady) besides Outlaw's coherent and eloquent account, it was the moaning of few other ladies who were sitting behind me, whose facial expressions I couldn't see.

    Now you guys tell me, how could I even dare to ask Outlaw for a fix up? As selfish as I may get, I could never imagine to govern the heart (or hearts, as it seems was the case) of a woman after witnessing such a sight. There were all due and justifiable reasons that I pretended to be not interested, even with all the kindness and generiosity Outlaw cherishes in his heart for his friends.

    Yearning to be as sightly as Outlaw,

    - Roman

    Latino girls are SO pretty that oh my gosh,
    at times,
    i wish i had Latino blood in me!!

    Roman, why does it feel that you've told us this story before -- but as a shorter version. Holy shoot, like total deja vu.


      roman.. do tell us some more.. i only got the vague version of your trip.. hmm wonder why?


        Seems like Vancouver is the place to be and Outlaw the person the company.

        Yaar Outlaw where's my invitation




            roman- get out more, just not with outlaw!
            Got Gup?


              Folks that's what actually took place:

              As we dined and wined(non-alcoholic) while sitting in the patio of one of the most hip places in Whistler, I noticed these four lovely Mexican ladies sitting right next to our table. They were sexy enough to melt the collar off of a priest. To my surprise and pleasure, they seemed mesmerized by our coneversation and it appeared that they would join us if asked.

              I decided to seize the opportunity and invited them to join us on our table. I just knew, at least one of them would turn out to be a perfect match for Roman. That's the least I could do for my brother who was paying a visit all the way from Minneapolis.

              The next thing I know we were in a night-club and Roman is shaking his booty on the dance floor as he danced salsa surrounded by those four women. If given a chance, I think he has a potential of going head-to-head with Ricky Martin<-------no-kidding. As the night enfolded, Roman appeared with lipstick marks on his shirt; testemonial of the fact that he was having a blast. To my disbelief, he requested to go back to the hotel room as he was fatigued after having a long day. Although, I was deeply impressed by Roman's modest approach, yet shocked that why a guy would get stomped with all the bases loaded. I mean, home-run in this case was just a matter of swinging the bat Roman, now tell me one thing..were you being a true gentleman or were you just shy..?

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                Living la Vida Loca. Couple of things: firstly, since it is a discussion on cultural aspects of two continents, I would think that this topic belongs in “MY” section. Secondly, I don’t believe either one of them (Rom and Outlaw). With 4 Latinas interested in 2 Pakistanis and nothing happening? This was a perfect opportunity to introduce Latinas to Pakistani Culture. Believe it or not Outlaw, there are a lot of similarities between Multan and Mexico. After spending some quality time with them, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Taquila and Thadiaee. Mexicans, like Multanis, eat mangoes, and speak Spanish with a Saraeki accent. I think, I will have to accompany Rom on his next visit to your part of the world to even the score. As it stands now, Mexico 1, Pakistan Zero.


                  Where were you guys when I was young and restless. Me and my freakin luck when I came here I landed in this small town where most of the peoples are Italian and belong to some Mafia. It was hard for me to just to look at them, touching was out of question. The only encounter I had with spanish was when me and one of my friend went for swimming one day and had a Latino life gaurd, she came to us thinking that we were also Spanish, she had no lipstick on her. So my score is zero Zero, I even tried to go into overtime but it did not work, still zero zero, finally I threw my towel and submitted myself.

                  Well now I think and agree with Ghalib

                  Na Kerda Gunahoon key Husarat key melay daad
                  Ya Rub Gur Kerda Gunahoon key Saza hay


                    >>>>>>>>>I would think that this topic belongs in “MY” section

                    The most appropriate forum wud be "MarketPlace".....:-P

                    bad strategy....u guys applied here....if u really want the public to buy a 5 x 7 foto(of the stud or greek god) and a video file (public wud like to see those dance moves)....:-P


                      That was cute Roman. but I am more interested in the Story of 3 Punjabi guys.


                        OH MY GOD!!!

                        Roman, you've gotta teach me to salsa!!


                          M-baji ditto...but just the first line


                            What???? Salsa???? Are you out of your mind? Man, I'm still working on my crooked gait which women (generally) find quite ridiculous and unattractive, salsa is a far-fetched fantasy for me.

                            Now if you were to say that I (Outlaw) accompanied those fine young Spanish ladies to a place of immersed joy and entertainment, namely The Fiddler (or was that ‘Fingler’?? I won’t know since I wasn’t there) night-club, while Roman went to the hotel room for his usual recitation of Quran and to catch Isha time, and went to bed early so that he could make Fajar on time in the morning then it sounds more believable. Your salsa story is not credible at all.

                            PS. Only Pakistani women smear down your shirt with lipstick marks, every body else in the word shoots higher.

                            >> That was cute Roman. but I am more interested in the Story of 3 Punjabi guys

                            To each his own fetish, Chann ji.


                            What can I say man... No matter what I say, it will make it worst for you. Hey I know, did you know that 10 of the 70 hoors in heaven are going to be Latinos? All the more motivation for my already-so-pious brothers.

                            - Back to Asar.


                              Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
                              This was a perfect opportunity to introduce Latinas to Pakistani Culture.

                              I doubt that they were going to get introduced with culture

                              P.S. yeah I am back
                              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.