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Americans getting out of Pakistan

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    Americans getting out of Pakistan

    No offence to all the Americans here but i really hate US government and they way they treat Pakistan. After the Kenya Bombing, today US ordered most of their staff to leave Pakistan, once again putting Pakistan's name on top of terrorist countries. WHAT does pakistan has to do with the Kenya bombing if you ask, well Pakistan captured the suspect who is not a Pakistani but happened to be there and deported him. Shouldn't US be happy but no instead they are saying Pakistan is not a safe place for them. They have stoped giving VISAS to anyone and asking all the Americans to leave Pakistan.
    What is all that, why they love to put Pakistan down on any oppertunity they get, i really get pissed when i see the way they handle Pakistan.

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    You know no one other than the American Goverment can answer that question. In my opinion its because that these Americans are what we call "doorandeesh" people. They think ahead. They know that if Pakistan gets financially stable and pays off all the debts it has potentiall to be a major threat. But thats what I think, you guys can disagree if you want to....


      I agree with you bholia.but on the other hand there is a little chance that we might see a retaliation against americans because we have lots of afghanis in pakistan, who can create problems, yo are right that they called all americans back to america, my nephews's american school in lahore is being closed for another month, but what can we do, this is life.


        I understand your frustration with American government and the offense taken by Pakistanis regarding the US pullout.

        However, I think that 2 of the assumptions made here are incorrect. #1, the US is not afraid of the possible hegemonic power of Pakistan. That day is too far off and Americans are NOT long-range thinkers.

        #2, I really don't think that the pull-out is a slight against the Pakistani government. OUr government is grateful for the positive role Pakistan has taken regarding the detention of suspected terrorists. Both Embassodor Simons and Ms Albright have stated their gratitude to Pakistan govenrment in this regard

        Unfortunately, Pakistan harbors anti-American people who will not think twice about using terror. I think Bittersweet's comments are worth heeding. Remember the last 2 times terrorsit suspects were arrested in Pakistan; Americans died in both cases in the aftermath. I think the US govenrment simply wants to mitigate the possibility of US civilians being targets of retaliation. They come under hearvy criticism at home when things like this occur.

        On a personal note, I am very concerned about this whole issue myself. I leave for Pakistan in a few weeks to take a position with an NGO there. I am an American citizen and it worries me to think that I will not have the support of my govenrment if I am in a compromising situation for some reason.


          ....I can't fathom one thing that there are thousands of "innocent" Americans die everyday on the streets of NY, Chicago and LA and American Govt. can't do a **** about it. They should be more concerned about them rather then few yanks dying in some terrorist attacks.
          Besides, if they stop poking their nose in others business then they won't be attacked. why not a Nepalese is attacked by some terrorists? Just wondering.


            KKNIAZI good point, these american should just mind their own business. Bhola i agree with ya, these americans always blame the muslims or muslim counties. what's up with that? I say the american government has something against muslims don't u agree?


              Good to see most of you agree, Vision i can understand why you are taking the US side but you have agree that US is really against Muslims. They always put us down, we are looked upon as terrorists in USA and they always make sure that none of the Muslim countries become a big power. Why is that, how come in all the us movies, they will have a muslim hijacking the plane or whatever and then they will show him holding Quran or praying namaz or saying 'allah ho akbur' , why is that? why do they have to show all that. In my University when we muslim guys are praying i see the white people saying to each other, oh, i saw that in that movie, when the bad guy hijacks the plane he was doing the same thing. What do you have to say to that, DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A MUSLIM FIRST OR AMERICAN?????


                First of all, I do not wish to misrepresent myself, I am American and I am NOT Muslim. However, I do have a stake in Pakistan and the political and social situation there, as I am ingaged to a Pakistani man living in the Northern Areas.

                As for your questions about American's views of Muslims, I think that you are sadly quite accurate. However, I must say that the same type of attitude can be found in many Muslims regarding Westerners in general and Americans in particular, though the generalizations are different. The probelm is one of xenophobia and ignorance on both sides.

                I think one of the reasons Westerners object so much to Islam is that Islam is, in Chirstian's eyes, a more militant belief system. Jihad and Fatwas being declared against Americans are frightening to Americans. In Christianity we do not have an equivalent to Jihad.

                Remember that Bin Laden, against whom the recent attacks were ostensibly launched, declared a Fatwa against Americans last year and has been shown on international television promising to send every American he can home in a box.

                During the cold war the "enemy" was the "Evil Empire". In international politics there must be a "them" against whom "we" can rally. Unfortunately, it appears that Islam has picked up the gauntlet left by the Soviets in American eyes. This is not a concept held only by Americans. Nearly every culture and nation does it. Unfortunately it is human nature. I believe the only answer to this unfortunate and deadly mind-set is mutual understanding and respect for the many civilizations and cultures in the world.

                How can we mitigate this kind of thing? I think forums such as this, where people can discuss their opinions, are a step in the right direction. Conflict resolution is not an easy task. But I do believe that it starts at the grass roots and that little people like us must not jump on the finger-pointing bandwagon and instead hold thoughtful and rigourous debates like those found here, in a mutual quest for better understanding and dialogue between nations.