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Taking things and people for granted?

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    Taking things and people for granted?

    How would you define the act of taking someone or something for granted?

    what are some things/people we take for granted?

    is it always a bad thing or can it be good?

    what can we do to better appreciate the things we take for granted?

    can we prevent it from happening? if yes then how? if no then why not?

    Re: Taking things and people for granted?

    Count your blessings every single day...we are lucky. No matter who you are, you are lucky in some way. If Allah swt has NOT given you something you want, he has also GIVEN you something you are not noticing.

    I know girls in abusive relationships, people who never knew a family system, girls who are so-called privelaged but SO unhappy at the same time ($$ isnt everything), etc.
    Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. ~ Rumi