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The Shia, the Sunni and the Gypsy thief

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    The Shia, the Sunni and the Gypsy thief

    The Shia, the Sunni and the Gypsy thief

    Once upon a time around 1000 years ago, there lived two rich merchants in a town called Mugsville. One was a Shia and one was a Sunni. They both bought and sold fine shawls made of the most luxurious cloth. Each had his own market and there was no real need for them to cross each others path even though neither approved of each otherís style of beard. Sharaz the Shia didnít like like Wasir the Sunnis style of parting his beard down the middle, and Wasir thought Sharazís beard was an inch too short, but what the heck, they were both selling lots of shawls.

    Meanwhile, Shlomo the Gypsy, used to have a hard life, he didnít have a house of his own and he didnít have the money to buy shawls to sell. He survived by stealing nik-naks and trinkets and selling them to milk maids. This didnít really go far though, and he often used to stare enviously at Sharaz and Wasir parading around in their finery, wearing the best tunics made of hand-woven cloth and mocassins made of luxurious leather, stroking their beards with great pomp.

    One day, Shlomo heard a rumour that neither of these fine merchants approved of each otherís beards and his cunning mind hatched a devious plan. He spread a rumour amongst the Naiís (hairdressers) that Sharaz and Wasir were both going to declare each otherís beards unbecoming for shawl traders and each was going to move in on their competitorís clients on account of beard suitability.

    Naturally, hairdressers like a bit of chit-chat, and soon these rumours were spreading like wildfire, and when Sharaz and Wasir heard about them they were furious and both vowed to insult each otherís beards in the town square. Word was sent round and soon a large crowd had gathered for the noon showdown. Both merchants arrived wrapped in their best shawls, hair slicked back with Maasi Maiís hair oil. Soon they were in full flow, hurling insults at each otherís beards, cursing even the relatives of their respective beards from 4 generations back. In all the hubub, nobody noticed Shlomo the Gypsy Thief, sneaking between the pair of them and tying both beards in a knot. Skilfully, he removed both of their bags of gold and crept away from the crowd. A small girl saw him skulking away and called out. Yasir and Sharaz, suddenly realising what had happened, shouted and tried to run after him, but with their beards tied together, they kept getting in a tangle and falling down.

    Anyway, Shlomo the Gypsy got away, used the money to buy some shawls, and became the biggest shawl trader in Mugsville. Sharaz and Wasirís customers all eventually ended up with Shlomo, because those two were still arguing about their respective beard defects, and besides, theyíd lost most of their money to Shlomo in the Big Beard Battle (as it came to be known).

    To this day, it is rumoured that the ancestors of Sharaz and Wasir are still arguing over beards, but Shlomoís ancestors are doing fine running a vast business empire dealing in Shawls and beard accessories. his best customers are Ancestors of Sharaz and Wasir.

    ~Moral of the story~ : Donít carry cash; carry a credit card instead.

    *clap**clap**clap*, I hope others realise their is also another lesson in this also.





        yaar aktually i am studieng ur writings and finding some gaps will tell u later.


          Mr. Extreme: Very good story. I hope people, who read that learn the lesson.

          Ahmedjan: Do you know German? I'm asking because you wrote Danke in the end, which is the german word for "Thank you".

          Umer, the Pakistani Brain of Austria
          The Pakistani Brain of the Austria (formerly known as "The Pakistani Brain of UAE")



            >>yaar aktually i am studieng ur writings and finding some gaps will tell u later.

            That's great man, nice to know you find my writings worth studying. I look forward to your thesis. Go for it dude, Xpose my gaps (if you'll pardon the expression).

            Mariah, Sabah and Umer, yes you are right, the moral isn't really about credit cards




                Well done Xtreme. Let's see how many actually see the un-exposed moral.


                  Well Xtreme. Great one. If I have my way I would put this story up in the Religion forum and let our 'fighters' figure out the moral.




                    Well extreme,
                    while Ahmedjan looks can I point out the gaps?How could their ancestors know of the fight.It must be descendants.There were no muslims in the town of mugsville 1000 years ago.
                    BUT the BIGGEST gap of all.the descndants of sharaz and wasir no longer have beards.We saw their pictures didn't we? Oops not supposed to say that,was I?But I guess that has not prevnted them from still fighting over who'se ancestor had the proper beard and whose did not.And shlomo is still thriving.
                    I hope we all get the moral and remember it too.That's crucial.

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