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Gain and Lost - Gupshup for a cause

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    Gain and Lost - Gupshup for a cause

    Let me just start of with the facts:

    General forum - 31784 <Posts
    Meeting People- 48544
    Khail Khilari - 5351
    Shor Sharaba - 7549
    Image Gallery - 4116
    Voice Gallery - 437


    Pakistan Affairs - 14087
    Religion - 15641
    Kashmir Affairs - 2698
    World Affairs - 4301


    So,Cul,Lit - 3110
    Poetry - 17237
    Jokes[G-Rate ]3867 ( thats G-Rated in brackets lol )
    Family Life - 3735


    Ok, I think you guys get the idea. Now, if you add up all of those #'s you get astoundingly very high figure.
    My question to you people is that:

    Did anyone actually set out to help Pakistan physically rather than increasing the # of posts here?

    I have no idea, how long this site has been up. I know, changing the minds of people and the political shape of a country like Pakistan is a hard and slow process, which should be done gradually; and one has to take every precautions in order to deal witht the problems of Pakistan.

    But, if nothing has been done, than, I think those pages are waste of time, waste of time, and waste of time.
    Considering such a goal would help in bringing the ideas and resources needed to eliminate the problems facing Pakistani people living in Pakistan under poverty.
    I am very sure and certain that people here have very bright and compelling ideas, that can really change the shape of our country.

    I think, we should take advantage of this opportunity and come up with something so MOST of us in Pakistan living in harsh conditions and poverty, who are less fortunate can have better lives.

    What do you think?

    PS: Can someone please add up all those #s. oh yeah those are just for upper 3 sections of gupshup. Thanks.

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    [This message has been edited by The Watcher (edited October 06, 2000).]

    " He said: The bases of our philosophy are that if you donít know about a particular thing you are not supposed to say any thing about that. Until you donít get the practical knowledge, until you donít throw your self in deep water, until you donít go through that feeling, you are not entitled to say anything about it. I said this is what our Sufiís say. They (Sufi's) say: The stage you can not achieve, you should not profess or admit it. He said: I donít know your Sufiís but, if I havenít worked at the farm, I should not give my opinion about the farm and If I havenít worked at the factory I should not talk about the factoryÖ .... "

    I took this out of a book...I wish we can base our opinions on this principle.

    بِن دانا پانی میں جی لواں
    بِن انَک میں جی نہ سکاں


      Watcher is in a sense a meeting point for many. The administration from an early stage had decided to keep a neutral agenda and provide assistance where it could.

      As far as practical applications of the ideas that are generated is up to all of us individually. The people on the site can serve as a sounding board and a resource for ideas and feedback for others..but to take action is everyone's own choice.

      I dont know about others but I know that i have taken numerous points from here to various groups I interact with and they have utilized it, whether it is fund raising for good causes or services for the pakistani community in the city. Someone else I know started an initiative to share the musical heritage of Pakistan with people via weekly radio program. Another guy from our group is actively planning a documentary on mountaineering in Pakistan.

      See, in these examples, the people mentioned had different interests and wanted to serve in different ways. The common factor was that it was the debate and discussions here that ignited their actions and they continued to get feedback and ideas from their peers here (not Pir )

      How many more examples are there? I dont know but if we start a thread of how people have been able to utilize this site and our community here in their efforts, I am certain that we will have much more than just 3 examples.

      The challenge is upon the people here, the members of this community, to use each other's knowldge and feedback and to take action as an individuals or team of friends in their cities.

      Could we do more, of course, everything has room for improvement. If there are any ideas or suggestions on how can play a bigger role in this arena, we are always open to talk and to listen. After all, the purpose of this site from day one has been to serve as a resource for Pakistanis worldwide.

      Hope I answered your question, and if you want to discuss anything more. I am always open to discuss anything here, via email or by phone.


      PS: sorry for the delayed response, I did not see this thread till just now.
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Fraudz, Thank you for responding.

        Well, one reason I started this treadh was to see who else is willing to work for Pakistan. Yes, there are many groups of people already working for Pakistan for a better cause and to help people there.

        As they say: "two heads are better than one"

        I am sure there are more willing to do much better job and to make difference in someone elses life. But, seeing the lack of interest of People in this thread is surprising.

        Once you get a group of people united as a ONE force towards helping Pakistan, than you can decide what you want to do. The more group of People working to make difference in the lives of lessfortunate the better it is for Pakistan and for society as a whole.

        I think, people here should atleast share their ideas and concerns. When you have an idea, maybe someone else will figure out a way(s) to apply that idea to the right place(s).

        Lets hear from "the concerned Pakistanis," lol.

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          Why I did not reply was because I simply don't know what we can do except for working with honesty ourselves. I was myself thinking of starting a thread like this after the Why GupShup is so dominated by overseas Pakistanis? thread. I don't exactly know what we can do But I am ready if anyone has any suggestions.
          We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


            Fantastic, thanks for the interest.

            We have to get a group of people together, we need to be united, before we can WORK for ONE cause together.

            The more people you have, the easier the task.

            *V~V~V*He came, He saw, He conquered*V~V~V*


              Watcher in some cases it makes sense to affiliate with existing organizations and contribute that way. Some people feel that they have to start a whole new organization which is often an uphill battle. It is much easier to get into existing groups, which are closer to your interest and then try to bring your ideas to surface.

              Being abroad, It is indeed hard to do much for local level issues but for national or muslim causes, there are numerous organizations that can serve as your platform.

              This forum can serve as a great place to exchange ideas and to get cross-city cross-organization cooperation going.

              Where are you located anyways?
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                oi watcher (i.e. tarroo/tahoo in urdu)

                kahan hai bhai? jawab naheen diyaa.
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  Fraudz, sorry for a late reply, I was busy with something.

                  Yes, that is what I was thinking to join other organization who are doing sort of work that "we" might want to do. Makes it much easier. I am located in USA.

                  Do you know of any groups/organizations like that?

                  Talk to you later.

                  *V~V~V*He came, He saw, He conquered*V~V~V*


                    Watcher depends where you are and also what sort of issues interest you, whether it is pan-islamic cause, whether it is community development and support in your region, and a multitude of others.

                    If you let me know of your location, either myself, or someone in your area who is involved may be able to give you some information.
                    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                      Interaction brings awareness .. lot of issues that people are not aware/less-informed comes to forefront, and the BIG advantage of this kind of Internet forum is that you get to know opinions of different age, sex, religion and race groups ( not possible through other media formats)which is the first step towards building a consensus on issues in Pakistan or in general ..

                      Hey one more thing
                      These things are hard to explain
                      For some it seems strange... to swallow
                      The frontier of our minds
                      Is the last place we find
                      But maybe the first place we should go



                        I work for Hidaya Foundation. See my posts are not that high

                        Hidaya Foundation is a charitable foundation that works for Pakistan only.


                          Booster, that is why I opened this thread to see who is interesting and maybe some of us who are willing to put the ideas to work can coexist and come up with some low level solution to socio-religious problems of Pakistani people.

                          Fruadia jii, issues involve every aspect of Pakistani people's lives. What ever they have trouble with the most.

                          I am in eastern United States.

                          Wasim, so how about telling us what exactly that you do?

                          *V~V~V*He came, He saw, He conquered*V~V~V*