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How Ignorant !!!!

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    How Ignorant !!!!

    just have to share this with you guyz
    i have been laughing for the last two days

    There was this very intersting job in the paper that i really wanted
    so i emailed them my resume
    the guy calls up and does the interview over the phone (hightech or what)
    So he is asking me the basics and telling me the basics
    soon we move over to my work experience ..
    We move from one to another me explaining what i did at each place and what skills i mastered and blah blah blah

    He seems very interested in the reception thingie i did in pakistan so we discuss that ...he is very thorough ..

    Then we move on to the next job which was me working a summer thingie while i was in High School as a cashier in Publix
    It clearly says
    Cashier at Publix
    Florida, USA

    The ignorant fella asks me

    So you were a cashier
    i say yes it was a part time summer job
    He then says great so you have cash handling experience too
    I think whatever
    He says so this was a grocery store in pakistan

    I am like 'huh' Florida is in the US of A

    How ignorant can one be

    I firmly believe that the most useless people in any business school wind up in Human Resources department and the same happens in companies.

    When I had my resume up on some job site a few years back, I used to get recruiter calls because I had worked on an EDI strategy project for a multinational. If anyone bothered to read the description of the project they should understand what work I did. They kept calling me for programming jobs and I kept telling them that I am not a programmer. It was rather annoying.

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



      and you would think that they would understand that when it says i worked as a cashier then ofcourse i did cash handling


        My college buddy used to work in a pharmacy where part of his job was cleaning the whole store including the bathroom... He posted this experience on his resume as a "Sanitation Engineer."


          Very funny Ghalib!!!


            hmm sanitation engineer
            im gonna say something but i dont mean it in a bad way ghalib .... i'm just sharing my feelings
            u see i'm going to become a chemical engineer inshallah .. i got 2 years left but engineers have no status..
            u see people with spanners call them selves engineers while infact they aint
            u could call them handimen or technicians but no way are they engineers
            becoz of this proper engineers have a bad status i.e. people getting this image of all engineers carrying a spanner and hammer

            the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work
            I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by



              I agree whole-heartedly about your assessment of people in HR.

              Just our luck that we, naukri-paisha log have to deal with them!

              Anyway, I was going through this website for jobs, way back, and it stated that amazingly 90% of the people lie in their resumes!

              Its incredible, but, I guess it is true. That maybe one reason why HR folks are so skeptical abt anything written on the resume.

              Anchal: So you were a cashier, huh? I remember, few years back when I was doing cash-count (audit) in one of the banks in Lahore and they took me to their safe rooms in the basement...and, they had different rooms filled with currencies of different denomination like Re 1 notes, Rs 2, Rs 5, Rs 10 etc. And these rooms were filled. So I asked a junior (in my team) to climb on the pile (it was a square room and the notes were piled in one big regular stack), and the guy measured height, length and breadth of the stack and we computed how many Rs were there! It was incredible. I jokingly told the guy "yeh saray note, tumharay paoon ki joti kay neechay hain"

              It was sure an experience!