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"WHAT A DOG!!!!"

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    "WHAT A DOG!!!!"

    Salaams and Hi to ALL,

    "All Good things must come to an End"!

    And so, as some new developments in my life beckon me,
    I have to temporarily bade adieu to GupShup...

    I couldn't leave silently because for the last couple of years, GupShup and it's members,
    have been my Best Friend, my Confidante, sometimes the Only reason to wake up and start a weekend! laugh!

    Now, as I speed away in my Motorized Taanga, I want to leave you guys with a question that has forever Baffled me,

    Why do us Ladies refer to Men as DOGS??

    When I think of a Dog, phrases that come to mind are:

    Fiercely Loyal, Protective, Useful, Guard, Watch animal, owner's best friend....

    But every time any of my female friends/relatives have a fallout with a boyfriend/fiance/husband,

    whether she is Desi or Non-desi,
    invariably, somewhere in the heated references to the Man,
    she will say,

    "WHAT A DOG!!!!"

    But why a Dog I ask??
    With all it's Good Qualities??

    Or, do we actually say Good of men when they leave, as in khas kaam jahaN paak...
    and refer to him in the Positive and hence the,

    "WHAT A DOG!!!!" ??

    I don't know...but I think some of you will know.

    So Please post your thoughts and Always Remember,

    NO Matter What goes on here, GupShup is a GREAT forum!!

    In this day and age, when Nothing and No One is guaranteed to be Constantly by you - GupShup is!!

    "WHAT A DOG!!!!"....*Smile*

    Please, don't go.


      "ChoR doa aaNchal
      Zamaana keya kahaiga...."*Smile*

      I will be back...I promise...*Smile*
      And you Take Good Care!!!!!



        We'll be waiting for u.


          we'll wait 4 u ....good luck in
          ur future ventures....


            This is not the place for this, but:
            Thank you for your post on 'our Anniversary'.
            If it hadn't been for you, then I would not have been a 'WE'. (So far it's a good thing....let's hope I don't come after you in the future b*****shing a gun!!).

            Won't you at least tell us WHY you are leaving?

            Even though I may not post regularly on Gupshup....believe me....Never a day goes by when I haven't checked the posts!!

            All the best in whatever it is you are going to do.




              shall miss you. haven't seen you around from a while, too bad you got to be away, hope to be around when you are back!
              Simple ain't easy.


                u leavinggg.......
                why....., may I ask..
                and what does it has to do with MEN and DOGS

                Tusi naaa jaao


                  hmmmm i have no reason to be worried?right?


                  ps. i never insulted Dogs...


                    DehataN ji!
                    Akailay na jana ahem
                    Humain chor kay tum
                    Tumharay bina hum
                    Bhala kya jiaiN gay...;-)

                    Hey good to see Naiko back...Naiko I emailed you but never got a reply hmmm I might be a dog but fiercely loyal, protective and Useful ;-)



                      I thought we were PIGS! And, women were dogs! Just thinking loud - I know I am headed for some pitai(bashing) here!


                        >>>>>>>>>Useful ;-)

                        ahem ahem ;-)

                        why did u mail me on hot mail account....haiN??
                        i told u guys that that account is a history now....anyways just checked it and found 2 by you and one by Cappacio....
                        now tum donooN ki saza hei ke mujh ko eik eik mail aur maaro yahoo ke account per phir jawaab dooN gi

                        take care
                        Aap ki....kher'khwa ofcourse



                          Dehatan JI! What a way to start a Monday morn! Now all i'll be thinking of during my lectures is "VHAT? VHY?"

                          You can't LEAVE! I don't care WHAT it is you have to do and WHERE have to go...there can't be a place on this planet where u can't have access to the internet! We'll have Azkar bhai send you a laptop (i am technology illiterate...give him a name of whichever one u want)

                 can't goooooooooo. you're of the like...give me strength around on... *tears*

                          I can't let you be so selfish that'd be gunaah on my part.

                          Dehatan ji! suniyay! theek hay, you can take a leave of absence but a SHORT one! and don't u dare make anything sound like a goodbye! I HATE goodbyes! (unless it's saying goodbye to a dog)

                          Your so sneaky...knew you could divert my attention through your topic and get away with your "silently leaving!"
                          VHAT! I can read between the lines!!!
                          As tempting as it sounds to start bashing men!! I will concentrate on the more important matter at hand!

                          Ufff. now i am upset. Don't leave. pweej.


                            shocking, itnay din baad aap aayeN aur yeh kia !
                            This is unfair Dehatun ji,
                            you can not leave, gupshup need people like you, not me,
                            you have to come back, if it is necessary then , I will leave for you, I am serious,
                            aur -- Tum ...
                            Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay


                              ***Screams*** Naahi, nahi, na na nahi jain gi ap. Kub, kahan,kaisay kiyon kidhar janay lagin ap? U're not leaving, untill Azkar chacha makes me a *choosni* icon so I can quit using this crying icon. *sniff*

                              Dehathan ji! *sniffle* *sniffle* Don't leave, u don't have to visit gupyshupy regularly laykin kabhi, kabhi tak jhank mar kay apni hazri ki acknowledgement day diya karain. Pleeej!!! **with lots of cherries on top**

                     I ur email... agai mojhay bhi samaj! BoSS guess what. Naik no like ush no mole. Baqi sari duniya ko apni *yahoo* ki khabar di hei, aur hum dono ke let us feel as if we're *living under a rock*
                              Uff! Tobah! Ithni bewafai?! *hai doble sniff*


                              Ps. Hayaa *hugs* How are u doing hai, weekend ki sari khushi is post nay mar di, Uff... and imagine how much it takes us just to have one smile on our face. Wo bhi log ithni jaldi, jaldi mita jathay hain humaray cheron say. *sniff* *sniff* Tissue hie kisi kay pas? Ya phir that romal that kinda, sorta, ita, bita jahan wahan ka BoSS was going to plan on using in his movie? :0(

                              [This message has been edited by Daysee Behna (edited October 02, 2000).]