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    Horror Movies - - - - -> De-sensitised

    Anybody here a fan of the genre? I recently had my cousin over who has just arrived from Pakistan and while we were watching TV Nightmare on Elm Street came on. Ive seen it before and remembered it as a pretty good film, but my cousin was shocked and thought it was sick. Sorta reminded me of the first time I saw a scary movie as a kid, I couldnt believe what I was watching and had nightmares afterwards. But after watching a few its no big deal and we only become concerned if its a good movie or not. Is that a good thing? Do we lose something when we become de-sensitised or is it a good way of confronting our fears and getting past them?

    Horror movies..should just be renamed gore movies. The art of making real horror movies has been replaced by cheap gore and special effects.

    Gross is not the same as scary

    I have never been or will be a fan of this genre.

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      Speaking of gore, has anybody seen Dead Alvie? I thought I could watch anything but I watched that movie for 20 minutes and couldn't take it anymore. I think the country of production of the movie is New Zealand. Don't rent it, don't watch it.

      Strictly speaking of horror movies, I think by de-sensitization you do lose something. What's the fun of watching a horror moving if you don't get chills and spills? If you are gonna laugh at a scary scene because of your immunity to feel the horror then you might as well watch a comedy.


        I think my point was lost a little bit here.

        It was just the reaction of my cousin that made me think. A lot of these horror movies are pretty sick, it's just that once we have seen a few we become de-sensitised; it doesn't seem so shocking once you get used to it.

        And there are different categories. Some are plain B movies and just consist of blood and guts for the sake of it. I think it takes a sick mind to watch those. There are others like Scream which are send ups and quite well made, but again, if we hadn't been exposed to them before we would probably think they were sick too.

        In fact, there are now some Indian versions doing the rounds. I caught a couple of scenes on the satellite channel and it was very weird to watch. They were pretty crap anyway.


          Well i think i am as i found all the scream movies, what you did last summer, and what lies beneath etc.etc. quite boring.
          They were pathetic.
          However the older ones are really good.
          This still give the creeps.

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            hass anybdy seen The Exorcist (i even forgot the spelling) *looks arround*


              Horror fav..If they are decent ones. My all time fav is The Exorcist, but the book was much better. Hey you know what they is a new version out which has more stuff in it, so it is closer to the book..cant wait.
              The Entity was also a good and chilling film.
              ANd stuff like the first Living Dead.

              Xtreme, i think for those of us who really do like these movies, we do become de-sensitized because we expect stuff like that to happen, and we have easy access to these films. For People from pakistan it can be a bit of a culture shock, a BIG change from the family dramas like "Ainak Wala Jin" or other not so dramatic dramas.

              However nowadays the horror movies are more like comedies, the 70's was the best era for horror movie making.


                I think Mariah has probably hit the nail on the head.

                The industry has set our expectations so that when we watch stuff like that we are not horrified by it.

                In the beginning movies like "Night of the Living Dead" had impact. They affected us....but now, nope. They don't do anything at all. We know what's behind them. We have watched documentaries that show us how the special effects are done. We know what kind of paint mixture is used for what kind of blood....the fresh spurting kind or the crusty, dead and decomposing body in the alley kind.


                  Originally posted by munda Pakistani:
                  hass anybdy seen The Exorcist (i even forgot the spelling) *looks arround*
                  Dude! What about Evil Death 1 and 2? Some real scary stuff.........

                  We are the Taleban! Resistance is Futile!


                    guys, u gotta admit...blair witch was spooky.

                    i slept in my sister's room for 3 nights.

                    and i am no fan of horror movies, they dunn scare me.