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    Help us Nordic Pakistanis

    Dear citizens

    Im writing to you after discussing this topic with Sabah.
    Im just going to give you a brief introduction to our "vision". Well to begin with the begining, Im the chairman of a Pakistani Student Organisation called OPSA. Since Denmark is a small country and the Pakistani Community is even smaller, we are the
    only organisation representing Pakistani youngsters.

    OPSA has existed since 1994, and we have mainly worked with activities as
    celebration of special days like 14. of August, as well as helping younger
    students through college life etc.

    On occassions we arrange debates on
    topics like Islam, Kashmir and other serious matters like "forced
    marriages" and so on. On the not-so-serious side we arrange cultural stuff like a giant JUNOON concert this summer.

    Ive recently been elected as the chairman, and I bring with me some
    experience from other organisations as well as from my previous work in the internet field. In OPSA it is my childish dream to create a Virtual Community for the Pakistani youngsters in Denmark, inspired by This has become necessary due to several independent developments in our society.

    Firstly, the "chatting" and surfing has become a integral part of our
    younger brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, the only Danish sites offering
    chat services are very liberal, even for Danes. Most of these chats and
    sites for teenagers often discuss homosexuality as well as experiences with
    drugs, etc. Not that people shouldnt be allowed to discuss matters of
    this nature. But I guess its a problem when the information is one-sided.

    Secondly, the youngsters are brought up in Islamophobic as well as a xenophobic society, and the only information they get is that from the Danish Media and Danish Youth sites. The information coming from Western Media has created a group of youngsters, who feel alienated. As they find themselves living in a society that considers them as aliens, but on the other hand they lack knowledge about their roots, that be the Pakistani as well as the Islamic ones.

    Thirdly, we as a Pakistani organisation would be able to create a meeting
    point, where we can reach our Community much faster and easier than before.
    This would enable us to motivate a significant part of our ( at times bit lazy ) people .
    Im just going to give you some examples of the topics weve had in the
    Danish Media recently. Some muslim girls were sacked from their work place,
    because they wore Hijaab. This work place happened to be a supermarket.
    Believe it or not the Media took the side of the supermarket, and everybody in
    Denmark agrees that Hijaab should not be aloud on public places, since that
    might scare away customers.

    Well, we as muslims or Pakistanis COULD have arranged a boycot of that
    supermarket in question, but nobody reacted, since we do not have a formal
    information infrastructure. Another similar case is that of Halal Meat.
    A few months back a group of Danish right wing activists put up posters of a camel
    being slaughtered. They went to schools and kindergardens and handed out postcards with the same motive on them. The aim was to forbid Halal meat in schools, because as they argued it is inhuman to animals..hmm..Now you are
    going to say, what the heck right-wingers are that way every-where so what.
    And I guess you are right, the only problem is that even left-wing parties
    with socialist ideologies, who have been rather open-minded to minorities,
    have changed their minds. As a consequence a change in the legislation is
    being considered in the Danish parliament. And what have we done about
    that??..Nothing significant!..

    All this might sound weired to you, as I guess most of you guys are living in Canada or the US, which are considered as being very liberal and multi-cultural country. However, the problem with Danish society is that it has been homogenous for the last
    many hundred years. Immigration is a very new phenomenon to Danes (the first
    muslims came in 1968 ). And even today they have difficulties accepting foreigners. Because they have a village mentality, where they consider their own life style as supreme and the best. Where new trends,
    (particularly from South) are considered as threats to the social and cultural balance, and not as new inputs that might improve society in general.

    Perhaps this post makes me sound like a very conservative and orthodox person. The funny thing is that Im not, ( guess members that know me could testify that..), but I do believe in expanding the horizons of our coming generations, giving them the possibility of other information channels. I
    would like them to express their own thoughts and feelings somewhere, where
    they can be among others in the same situation. I would be very sorry, if
    the only information they would get about Pakistan is that from the
    television and Danish newspapers, in which everything you see or hear is
    negative. Where Pakistan is considered an agressor state run by corrupt
    politicians and bureauctrats. Where children are kept as slaves, women sold
    to others, and where Islam is forced upon the heretics..hmm..need I say

    I better get down to some more practical subjects and tell you bit about
    the project and our financial horizon..hmm..

    The organisation as such is a non-political and not-for-profit entity. However, we do recieve some public funding as well as the membership fee that we collect ( 18 USD/year ), but basically most of our budget, ( which
    is less then usd 8.000 ) is spend on our "real life" activities. But it is
    my intention to raise around USD 2-3000 through private sponsorship, for
    the whole development of this site.
    So far I've talked to a Pakistani internet company, who would like to
    develop a site for us. They have promised us that they will do it very very
    cheap, but since they still have to pay a Danish programmer, they are only
    going to charge us for his pay. Apart from that the development of the
    site, User interface all that will be done for free.. ( Since Im not a
    technical expert, you are more that welcome to give me some feedback).

    hosting as well as the domain is free.

    But I cant tell you how thankful we would be if you guys could act as our
    "gurus/mentors" on this project. That would be one of the first
    transnational/transatlantic Pakistani cooperation.

    Please free to contact me if any of you should have questions or comments. If you wanna mail me, than write post me a reply on this mail and I will send you my e-mail.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys

    Allah hafiz

    Tanveer a.k.a Ramis

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    On behalf of I can assure you that you will receive our unconditonal support wherever possible in your efforts.

    Let's take this to email. Please contact me at [email protected] and we'll go through the details.


      Good to see you here bro, been a while since I saw you around. As muzna said, you will have our full support in any which way we can assist.

      I know we will be discussing this in email but if you feel additional real time discussion is helpful, maybe we can select a time so the involved people can discuss this.

      Good work my friend.
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Thank you guys. I really do appreciate your help. Way back I spoke to Azkar about this project. He liked the idea a lot, however he wanted me to be more precise on what kind of services, we wanted on a Danish "". But lemme think a bit more on this issue, and Ill get back to you the first thing in the morning.

        Once again I am really glad to see your support. ( honestly I had expected it from you ) But one can never be sure you know

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          Dear Muzna,

          Check you mail please. Looking forward to hearing from you.

          Best regards




            we have started a group in Chicago which is striving to look beyond the internal politics and strife of desi stuff and have a united front. We are having good success with it and in our diner/event in 2 weeks we have governer of illinois as well as some US congressmen and state senators etc coming.

            I would like to share our goals and priorities with you which is heavily focused on community building, assistance and help for people thru community, political agenda etc etc. If you are interested let me know. I dont have an electronic copy of it, but can get someone to send one to you. It may be useful.
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              ......and I mourned his death for months and finally accepted the he is back.

              Welcome back Ramis bhai.
              Remember me?


                CM para kidda?

                Bat Ofcoras I remember u paraoo Aur sunao subh khaeraN? baal-bache wi thiik-thaak?


                  Dear Muzna,
                  did you get my mail?



                    Salaam Tanveer aka Ramis

                    I would be very interested
                    in helping you out in way possible.

                    I can identify with some of the problems
                    that you have countered ie. the Hijab

                    I work in a sch and we had to deal with
                    a similar situation.
                    I also happen to be JP ( Justice of the
                    Peace ), so i could maybe help
                    you there aswell.

                    Don't hesitate to contact me

                    My e-mail address is

                    [email protected]

                    Allah Nigiban




                      Yes, thank you. I have your email and shall be sharing it with a few including Fraud and Azkar.

                      Inshallah you will hear from us very shortly.
                      Hang in there.


                        Dear Muzna

                        Thank you for your support. I am looking forward to your reply.

                        Dear Sallama, where are you living?



                          Dear Ramis

                          I live in the UK.

                          I work in the education Sector
                          as a teacher and i am also
                          a magistrate !!

                          Hear from u soon



                            Dear Abdul

                            Thanks a lot Ill have that in mind