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Don't you losers have mom and sisters?

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    Don't you losers have mom and sisters?

    Why don't you guys ask your own family members? Do they also have implants? I am sure they do coz there is no other reason taht you would say such things!!!

    Very Well said
    I really appreciate you ,u r a real Pakistani.
    Inko sikhao Pakistani aurat ka ihtiraam.


      Thank you Said.

      Wish more people would speak up like you have.
      Often big lessons can be learned from the young!


        Said, I'm sure everybody has a mom. Everyone was born, right? We all know males can't give birth, right? So YES, of course everyone has a mom. But if you're an only child, you can't have a brother or a sister, so I guess not everyone on this forum has a sister. Is it possible to be an only child? Of course it is. No offense, but you should consider taking a biology course. Until then however, take my word on it-- people always have a mother, they did not appear out of thin air. People don't necessarily have sisters though. It is very possible for someone to be an only child.

        About the implants, I can't tell you for sure, but I think that not that many people or their families, if any, on this forum would have them. It's mostly models, actresses or other people in show business who have them.

        Well, now I have one more thing to ask you-- why are you calling everyone a loser?

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          The posting of Said is not directed to the general particpants of this forum, so please take no offense.

          It is always a good idea to refrain from "finger pointing" kind of behavior. You talk directly to someone, that someone could talk back to you and could be more personal and offensive this time. This would go on and on. Lets talk about other things.
          The prince who is otherwise known as TLK


            Said Saahib...
            If your message is a reply to Breast Augmentor's posting, then I must reply otherwise disregard my comments.

            I think there's no reason for you to get offended. Its a legal medical procedure in US and they aren't ashamed of it. But that's in America where everybody have legal rights in every aspect of their lives.
            Couple of weeks ago, US court awarded $2.5 billion to aroud 170000+ women who had the breast implants and as a result suffered from breast cancer and other illnesses. Silicon is bankcrupt now and in US there will be no silicon breast implants. So this "Silicon Breast Implant Science" is proved to be completely wrong.

            And for Mr Breast Augmentor, how possibly could you recommend something like this to country like Pakistan where there is no value for a life??? Thats such a shame.
            Second thing, if you don't like a Pakistani slim & slander girl with small boobs, don't see her. Go for a big boobs American lady and enjoy yourself.

            And I don't know how could you relate the economy of Pakistan to the size of breasts ...


              Thank you Muzna and Cinderrala Ji.

              Mr BreastMan or whatever your name is I am still waiting for your answer, Does your mom and sisters have breast implants too?

              Mr Ref: I know what you are saying, but that is not what I asked.


                Said saheb, the focus for breast augmentation should be on teenage Pakistani girls who still have their whole life ahead of them. Mothers have already accomplished almost everything they set out to accomplish anyway. Breast augmentation is more important for young girls. Can't you see it? The girls will have a much easier time marrying the good doctor, engineer or lawyer. It will be easier. The good doctor, engineer or lawyer will even defy his parents, if he has to in order to marry the beautiful large breasted pakistani girl. Once they have larger breasts, pakistani girls will no longer have to settle for the sexist pakistani men. They will be in much greater demand by men all over the world. They will truley be able to choose the best men whom they truly deserve to be with.
                The pakistani Son is the legacy of the family. The daughter is nothing but a burden to be married off as soon as possible, and in many cases, dowry must also be given to the groom's family so that they take the daughter off the hands of her parents. If girls have their breasts enlarged, many men are going to want to marry these girls and will be prepared to pay large dowries for them. So instead of the daughter being a constant worry to the family, for once she will have value, and the parents of the girl will even be able to make a lot of money by giving their daughters hand in marriage. Instead of being an expenditure to the family, the girl will become a source of income and pride for the family.

                Everyone in Pakistan will be much happier: the girl, because she will finally feel wanted and have greater self-esteem, the parents, because their worrying days about the daughter are over, the men, because the women will be very very very beautiful. We can't lose if we do this.


                  ....Augmentor! I can't understand, like lot of things that How enlarged-Breast can make a Person "beautiful"?

                  And if this is "the" criteria then I'm wondering how beautiful u r? yaar just tell me on 1-10 scale. I'm curious whether I can take a slide or not ......


                    Kaleem saheb, judging from your response, I doubt you have seen any attractive women. The large breasts only make women irresistible. For men it is other things. How good looking am I? I'm a doctor, I'm rich and any woman I want, I get on the first night. So on a scale of 1-10, I'm definitely a 12.5. The girls just can't get enough.


                      Hi guys:
                      Everybody here is trying to tell Mr. Breast??? to stop posting these kinds of suggestions and remarks about the women of Pakistan. We are asking you to stop this. OK Mr. Breast??? you can get what you want so what, keep your life to yourself.

                      The other thing I noticed on internet that I could be anything and pretend to be the richest man alive in the world. Because of the way these postings are, what I understand about this Mr. Breast???? is plain and simple that its not a he but she and because of her physical appearance she was dumped and did not have money to acheive the goal she is setting for girls of Pakistan. Mr. Breast??? or Miss??? you are suggesting these for girls, have you asked them to do so? I am sure their answer will be NO.
                      Please behave.
                      Allah Hafiz

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                        Mr Breast! you are hilarious or may be I have a sick sense of humour...but its one of the two. I don't know why people take doctors like you seriously. After all you also wanna sell your business, right!!

                        Lemme tell you! you are a good sales man and now i know every thing in the world revolves around the topic of discussion
                        more jobs
                        more beauty
                        more divorces and marriages
                        & a lot more more....

                        But if u look (& think) a little higher (in both senses), you would get a chance to see the real person too. Good luck!


                          Dear BA, I didn’t ask how good-looking you are, I simply ask how beautiful u r, if BUST is the criterion.

                          But I ‘ve got the answer now, u must have silicon there which makes u stand at 12.5 on 1-10 scale ….…. hmmmmm………yum………big slide.

                          Btw, I don’t care whether u r a doctor or not but I do believe that u definitely need a DOCTOR or a spin-doctor, perhaps.

                          Mohsan! Well, I’m not one of those who are against BA’s postings, in fact I like People like BA ‘cause I like “fishing” and wanna see BA d-d-dangling on the line.



                            Kaleem: I don't mind BA's postings, but the subject of the postings.


                              Mr Breast-Man,
                              Tell me when you get married and you have a teenage daughter. Then I'll ask them both about what you said and then we'll see if they want breast Enlargements, buddy. Till then keep your sick ideas to your self
                              P.S GROW UP