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    Aslam U Alaikum:

    I am watching a movie on tv it is related to abortion. I would like to know your opinion on this issue. Islamic, social, psychological, anythig goes. What do you think about these abortion clinic bombings?

    I am against the abortion and these bombings. Why? This is a life we are talking about. Ok, if somebody says that I want to have abortion because I already got two children and do not want one more, I will suggest her/him you have alredy seen your one son or one daughter why don't we get rid of one of your recent child, this will reduce the expense also and keep the number of children constant. Choice should be same two year child is a child, and baby in the womb is a future child.

    I am against these bombing because the bomber is killing the people, somebody wife, mother, father, brother, sister-just to show the anger over some act they don't like.
    Let's talk about it.
    Please just talk about the issue, no finger pointing please.
    Allah Hafiz

    Abortion is immoraly wrong; Yes.

    But the trouble should be caught from its root.
    The root, being premarrige sex.
    People should be made aware that the pleasure we get out of sex with different people, normally turns out to be something more than just pregnancies.
    Kids are left with no Father, an important factor.
    Mothers going through all the pain staking job of raising a kid alone.
    The kid one day turns out to be a drug dealer on streets.

    This is not a must, but we cant deny that it is a fact.

    Abortion may be allowed, only in emergencies sucj as which include a mother's life at stake!


      Salams you are right
      in Quraan "Appni aulad kho bhook ke dar se katal na karo" - "riz'q Allah ka wada hai" - "Allah Raziq hai"

      Fiqqa says less then 8 weeks abortion is allowed (but it has some ifs and buts)

      From some personal Experience: I am used to do "Estikhara" or open quran having a question in mind, and it works ... regarding the abortion i opened quraan and i got the following "Allah ke liay koi mushkil nahi ke tumhain mar ker aise logon ko paida kare jo tum se ziyada ata'at ghuzar hoon".

      [This message has been edited by Azad.]
      Meray Roz O Shab k Nisaab Main Meray Paas Apna To Kuch Nahi


        Abortion carried out because of lax family planning is in my view wrong.

        I find abortion performed to abort a severly damaged fetus or as a result of rape acceptable.

        Though I don't have specific references to hand the majority of abortions are carried out as a result of unwanted pregnancies here in the UK. To reduce such abortions access to family planning is essential. Particularly for social groups that are more vunerable to unwanted pregancies.

        Islamically the situation is compounded with the introduction of screening for various problems that did not exist until this century. In addition with the introduction of the morning after pill one needs to arrive at an acceptable definition of abortion. Would the use of the morning after pill constitute abortion ?

        These and other theological issues have not been addressed adequately by the Ulema to date.

        Farouq Taj.