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    Homeopathic Healing

    Has anyone here had any experiences, good or bad, with homeopathic healing?

    Do you believe it works better than traditional methods?

    Would you recommend it?
    Did you find one doctor better than another?

    I dont know........

    Homeopathy (from my experience) never consistant....... SOmetimes its works really well and sometimes it works in a negative way...... Like my bro and sis....they both had same problems...(something to do with breathing)....and sister was cured by homeopatic med......bro had to go in for an operation......that happens a lot in Homeopathy I think.

    ME ME ME!!!

    Hey....can anyone tell me what clinton did with the Cigar???
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      well an uncle of mine is homeo doc and he claims to have dast-e-eesa but i never trusted him or his medicine....he will always give u some white sweet powder to eat no matter wot ur complain is

      but a good thing about homeopathy is that if its not benefiting(sp?) u, it wont harm u either....there r no side there is no harm in trying, shiffa tou rab ke haath meiN hei na....


        in my opinion this medicine can help people in psychosomatic and chronical diseases.

        and coz mostly pakis are psychosomatic ill, they need this one homeopathy.

        magar chand ek ka ilaaj jootoN say bhi hota hai, jaisa keh mera!

 for NL

        beyond the horizont°°°my heart gone


          *SCREAMS WITH HORROR Tootsie Baji, no offence to those who wud go with it, but if I were in that situation, I'd say **Aaaa** don't even go near it. I don't think it works at all. Its just a way to minipulate our mind, and beleive in it to such an extent that we make it happen. u know what I'm saying?

          According to ppl that I've known personally, they've spent lots of money on that, but it never worked for them.
          Ofcourse others may have different stats. But as far as my info goes... I haven't had anyone around me, who actually had it working for them, the way the world say it shud. Therefore, I disagree with it.


          PS. Oh yeah. Ditto about that white powder Jami. I know someone who was to bring some of that medicine stuff over to Canada, but it turned out, it was actually illegal drugs. Ahem. chars afeem waghaira I guess. I guess those homy docs use that in their medication, no wonder it relieves ppl from pain, cuz they feel so high and giggly

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            I have had my share trade of Homeo hakeems
            Dadi amma is a great fan of them and no matter what her problem is she is always going to the Hakeem sahib

            Kher talking out of my experiences Homeo Hakeems or Doctors are weird ...
            cause no matter what your complain is they hand you a plastic ki theeli main das pandra newspaper ki puria with meethi meethi dad pandra safaid golian
            (remember those murghi kay anday wali candy)

            and you gotta take one subah duphar shaam and come back in fifteen days and you are handed the same plastic ki theeli with the same contents and with the same instructions

            Never got cured by them ....


              BP kay anday.....little black and yellow box with a chick sitting on a nest...slide the packet and the candy comes out of the cut-out in the that the one Anchal?

              I loved those!!!!


                Well yes my father is the Dr. of the house here, and even though at the office he will prescribe an antibiotic to his patients, but when it comes to home, it's always Homeopathic.

                And you know it really does work. When you sneeze, you have that feeling in yourself, that your about to catch a cold, but if you have some Biochemic Phosphates (oh no now even i know the names), after a while, your body will rest.

                Best part of Homeopathic is, it has no side effects, unlike Antibiotics, which can cause problems, and not everyone can adapt to it.


                  Originally posted by Muzna:
                  BP kay anday.....little black and yellow box with a chick sitting on a nest...slide the packet and the candy comes out of the cut-out in the that the one Anchal?

                  I loved those!!!!

                  Yes Yes Yes those!!!!


                    Originally posted by Daysee Behna:

                    *SCREAMS WITH HORROR ... Its just a way to minipulate our mind, and beleive in it to such an extent that we make it happen.

                    Local Sis, listening to you someone would think you are talking about 'Hypnotism' and not 'Homeopathy'. By the way, even Hypnotism is also claimed to do wonders in medical sciences, especially in painless deliveries

                    Also, what the point about about "traditional methods"? Homeopathic was not born yesterday, I believe. It was developed in Germany (and not by desi hakeems) by a famous alopathic doctor (Ofcourse, I forgot his name). And it was developed, specifically to counter the unwanted side-effects of the allopathic medicines and also to treat the body as a whole, and not just to treat a single ailment.

                    Re: whether anyone has benefitted from homeopathy. Ofcourse.

                    However, I believe it has all something to do with belief. You, being educated, may feel more comfortable with allopathic (traditional) doctors and medicines. Someone else may abhor allopathic and will always go to Homeopathic, while someone else (my mother, for example) always trusts her hakeem, who gives her puriyas and laooq-sipistaan

                    So, it all boils down to whom you trust, and believe me, will-power is a big factor. If you take some medicine and you don't believe that this medicine will cure you, then it may never will. You might be cured of one ailment and stuck with another, a common problem in allopathic.

                    Also, as an end note: It depends on the doctor too. The doctor/homeopath/hakeem should be good.

                    And ofcourse, all cures come from the Almighty. So keep on praying as well



                      Muzna bhaji Allah Allah karo, subkuch teek ho jayeega.

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                        Muzna bhai????!!! lol!! oye shahjee ab tu hoo gaye maje maje ke patiye ( grabs some popcorn)

                        Allah hei Allah kya karo, naam use ka liya karo, Allah hei Allah.

                        oİş°¨¨°şİo LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn oİş°¨¨°şİo


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                            lol malang bhai, pop corn for Carbo right!!!


                              Originally posted by kingshah:
                              Muzna bhai Allah Allah karo, subkuch teek ho jayeega.
                              **LOL ROTF LAF LAF**

                              Its a Baji! Like duh! *no offence*but hehohaaa haa