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Letter from Dawa Carriers of Uzbekistan to Conference -Please Print and Read

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    Letter from Dawa Carriers of Uzbekistan to Conference -Please Print and Read

    The following is a letter sent under secrecy from the Dawa Carriers of Uzbekistan and presented to the conference in Birmingham, UK on the 27th August 2000 "the Method to re-establish the Khilafah".

    All praise be to the Allah, Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds, Most Gracious and Most Merciful. And peace be on the sayyid (Master) of prophets Muhammad, his family, his companions and his followers. Amma ba'd.

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    These greetings are from oppressed Muslims in prisons, their families and families of martyrs, and all Muslims of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan.

    Dear participants of the conference! Dear brothers!

    We ask Allah Almighty to make this meeting beneficial in the way of resuming the Islamic way of life and re-establishment of Khilafah State!

    The Prophet (saw) said: "The Muslims are like one body in their mutual mercy and compassion to one another, if a one part suffered, the rest of the body reacts with sleeplessness and fever".

    Regrettably, even though this Ummah has one faith, one ideology and one shari'a, for the last 76 years it has neither one state nor one Khalifah. That is why Muslims in all Islamic countries, including Uzbekistan are living under the rule of Kufr. Hizb ut Tahrir for many years and in a number of Islamic countries has been working on the way of resuming the Islamic way of life and reestablishing Khilafah State, recently Allah let Muslims of Central Asia to contribute their shares to these great deeds. However, for the last 2 years they have cruelly been fought against by unbeliever Jewish tyrant Karimov and his criminal regime. At first they would arrest Muslims after planting drugs and arms into their pockets, cars and houses. To be able to continue this persecution and repressions, authorities slanderously claimed, that Hizb ut Tahrir was linked to the explosions of February 16th, 1999 in Tashkent. Persecution has gone so far, that police would siege house s of members of the Hizb at night, break into their flats, batter them in front of their wives and children and take them to police stations.

    During investigation Muslims would be hung by their feet and beaten, their nails would be pulled out and they would undergo tortures by electric shocks and other means. The only purpose behind this being breaking their determination, forcing them to retreat from their ideas and to be sorry for their deeds as well as seeking the mercy of President Karimov.

    Having failed to achieve the results sought, the government started closed trials to sentence Muslims to long-term prison terms (up to 20 years). The reason behind such cruel and long terms is to frighten prisoners, their free companions as well as the Muslims contemplating about joining their lines.

    Those Muslims, who are sentenced and conveyed to the prisons are met and introduced to the «breaking ceremony», which is intended to compel them to obey prison «rules», and a Muslim is beaten and tortured until he submits. The prison «rules» prohibit: ablution, prayer, fasting, calling (da'wa) to Islam, reciting Quran and require singing the anthem, seeing forgiveness of and glorifying the President Karimov. Those, who do not submit to these «rules» are beaten with resinous sticks for hours and hours, undressed and put to the cameras of homosexuals and doomed to undergo these cruel and disgusting tortures. These are some examples of how Jewish tyrant Karimov and his criminal clan mercilessly torture the callers to Islam.

    These inhuman tortures are met by Muslims with very strong faith, interminable patience and courage. These brave men, when tortured and executed during investigation, are directed by the following hadith of Prophet (saw): "Do not wish to meet your enemy, but if you came to face him - be strong and patient" and they do not get weak, instead they remind the torturers of their Islamic faith and tell them, that resuming Islamic life is a duty for all Muslims. As a result Muslims, strong in their faith have been killed and have become martyrs as has become known to you the martyr Farhod Usmanov.

    During trials convicted Muslims say to the cruel judges the words, said by the sorcerers to Pharaoh: "Decree whatever you desire to decree: for you can only decree (touching) the life of this world". For instance, in the month of August of the current year, during the court trial of 11 Muslims in Tashkent, they loudly recited Quran without interruption and drove the judges out of the courtroom. Even though the guards had beaten them in between the court sessions, they were not able to stop the Muslims from reciting the Book of Allah Almighty. The Uzbek department of the American radio station «Liberty» has informed about this court trial, and those Muslims reminded others of Abdullah bin Mas'ud, who would recite Quran in Ka'ba in front of unbelievers to cut off their might.

    As for the prison terms and «rules», tortures and executions intended to refrain Muslims from the Islamic shari'a, Muslims try to fully perform all Islamic rites regardless of above prohibitions and barriers. Moreover, after fulfilling all «Wajib» rites, they seriously engage in «Mandub» prescriptions. In some prisons these are done in secret, whereas in others openly and demonstratively. When faced with situations like definite death or something like this, when shari'a allows pronouncing even the word of kufr, majority of our brothers choose the best position and do not agree to anything less than that. There the members of Hizb never stopped not only their obligatory prayers, but also the call to Islam, moreover, where possible they continue teaching the books of Hizb. They reject with courage the terms imposed onto them by the tyrant regime. For example, on August 1st over 100 convicted members of the Hizb were taken to Zangi-Ota prison No. 65 from Tashkent prison. The newcomers were beaten one by one and admitted into the prison. Then they were required to ask for president Karimov's forgiveness, glorify him and sing the anthem of Uzbekistan 5 times a day together, as a group. Note! This Jewish transgressor requires them sing the anthem 5 times a day and together, as a group. May Allah damn him! All imprisoned Hizb members answer to these requirements by glorifying Allah Almighty. As prison guards witness, prison walls, so far having listened to the anthem of Uzbekistan are about to break from sounds of takbir - "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, La Ilaha Illalah, Wallahu akbar, Allahu akbar Wa Lillahil hamd!"

    The courage of these men remind us of the great companion of Prophet (saw), Bilal (ra), when he firmly replied to the order of his master Umayya who said, "Say Hubal, o Bilal, say Hubal.", Bilal replied saying "Ahad, Allah ahad".

    As a result of cruel tortures in response to the Muslims' courage and strong faith, there were many martyrs, known to you from previous correspondence and our latest leaflet dated August 6th, 2000. Today the line of these martyrs are joined by Abduazim from Tashkent, Ruzimuhammad and Dilmurod from Fergana.

    Due to the constant surveillance of the houses of uncaught members of the Hizb and their relatives, their workplaces and educational institutions over 1000 men do not have a place to sleep at nights, thereby living in very hard conditions. Despite their listing as wanted by local police, posting their photos in crowded places and even in newspapers, they are courageously performing their duties exactly in those districts and places. That's why they are mostly caught in their own districts. Security officers have a saying: "Members of Hizb ut Tahrir, wanted by police, carry out their call in their own districts, because they never leave their activity field".

    Dear participants of the conference! Dear brothers.

    Every one of you knows, that your brothers - members of the Hizb in Uzbekistan perform their obligations by saying the word of truth before tyrant rulers for the resumption of the Islamic way of life and the re-establishment of the Khilafah State. Their such position is rooted on the following hadiths of Prophet (saw): "The best jihad is the word of truth said before a tyrant ruler", and "The Sayyid (Master) of martyrs is Hamza and the one, killed for the word of truth before a tyrant ruler". This is why these callers to Islam openly proclaim to the tyrant ruler and oppressive regime, "You are tyrant" and fight against them. For example, many devoted men have distributed the leaflets, disclosing the true nature of the ruler and his schemes, and handed them into the hands of literally all Hakims (mayors and governors), including the Hakim of Tashkent, its districts, different regions, heads of various departments of security bodies, and had afterwards been arrested and sentenced to different prison terms. The leaflets are also openly distributed in bazaars (markets), on the means of public transportation, institutions and all other public places.

    Additionally, many more men - members of the Hizb, have been arrested for distributing the leaflets of Hizb ut Tahrir divisions in other countries, intended to let the Muslims of Uzbekistan feel the unity of Islamic Ummah, make them realize that problems of Muslims in other places are their problem as well.

    Distribution of leaflets in bazaars is called a holiday. They dress up for such occasion and line up. After Azan, they shout, "Allahu akbar" and hand the leaflets into the hands of the sellers and buyers. Very often they pick a lot to designate the one amongst many to shout Azan. One of these men, wishing to achieve the degree of Prophet (saw)'s muezzin Bilal (ra) had painted his face and hands in black and been arrested. While being arrested by security officers, they say "Allahu akbar" and show no sign of panic or fear.

    What a stunning resemblance of these men, distributing the leaflets, and Ashabul-kiram, led by the Prophet (saw), when they gathered in the house of Arqam bin Abil-Arqam (ra), under patronage (led by Amirs) of Umar bin Khattab (ra) and Hamza bin Abdulmuttalib (ra), when their 2 rows went to the Ka'ba. Knowing, that police and other security officers await the distribution of leaflets and are ready to and will arrest Muslims doing so, members of the Hizb without any hesitation fulfill their duties. Because they have no doubt in the following verses of Allah The Most High:

    "People said to them: «A great army is gathering against you, so fear them»: But it (only) increased their Faith; they said: «For us Allah is sufficient, and He is the best disposer of affairs» And they returned with Grace and Bounty from Allah; no harm ever touched them: for they followed the good pleasure of Allah: and Allah is the Lord of bounties unbounded". [3:173-174]

    Dear participants of this conference! Dear brothers.

    There are many thousands of our sisters and mothers, young wives with children in their hands calling to Islam to revive the Ummah and resume the Islamic life, working in this way as hard as men do. Though many of them have their husbands, fathers, brothers and sons arrested, they do not get weak or desperate, and some of them are also arrested. As an example, a sister aged 50, whose 2 sons are arrested, has been sentenced to 5 to 6 years for keeping her faith during the call, investigation and trial process. Another example would be another woman with a recently born child in her hands. To make her ask for forgiveness of President Karimov the cruel regime did not let her feed her baby, she held her feet firmly, as do many more others of our sisters, resembling Sumayya Ummu Ammar.

    Also, wishing to please Allah and resume Islamic life, they compete in giving out their properties, ranging from precious personal accessories to household items, in the cause of Allah. In doing so they remind us of the women, who influenced by the speech of our Prophet Muhammad (saw), who gave away all their golden accessories.

    Dear conference participants! Dear brothers!

    These are true examples of the courageous faithful call to revive Islamic Ummah, re-establish Khilafah State and to bring the Islamic ideology as the guiding light to the world, carried out by your brothers and sisters in Uzbekistan.

    We are absolutely far from saying, that we have achieved a full submission to the orders of Allah, carry out our activities completely, as prescribed by Allah Almighty. Undoubtedly, we have many mistakes and shortcomings. And we beg Allah to accept our deeds, to fill in the lack of courage, to forgive our mistakes and errors and to grant his nice finish to our efforts.

    Well, why do the inseparable part of Islamic Ummah and yourselves so courageously and fearlessly perform all of the above? The answer is that they know and feel the importance of what they do in the eyes of Islam and Muslims. This task is a fate-shaping task for all Muslims - establishment of Khilafah State. Its importance requires corresponding and equal efforts. Corresponding and equal efforts means considering it as the matter of life and death, just like it was taught us by Prophet (saw), when he said: "O uncle, by Allah, if they were to put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left on condition that I relinquish this matter, I would not relinquish it until Allah has made it dominant or I die in his cause."

    If we establish Khilafah State and unite all Muslims under its flag, shari'a shall be applied in all aspects of our lives, and Islam shall be brought to the whole world by means of call (da'wa) and jihad, thus defeating the unbeliever West together with its evil philosophy, ideology and systems. It will be completely thrown out from the field of life. And Muslims return to their previous graceful state of leading the caravan of civilization. This makes this task a matter of life and death to the unbeliever West as well as to all Muslims. It is natural for unbelievers to spend all their strength and relentlessly fight. We ourselves witness their use of all means available to them - executions, tortures, schemes, lies, slandering and so forth, that result in various difficulties and complications in both personal activities and Islamic deeds of Muslims. Regardless of this, paying no dues to these difficulties, we must seriously try to resume Islamic life, establish the Khilafah State, and in doing so be strong and firm, keep each other accountable (muhasaba). Only this can save us from punishment on the day of Judgment and from humiliation in this life. Imam Muslim reports from Auf bin Malik the following hadith: Prophet (saw) said: «There will be many Amirs in the future. Some of their deeds you will find ma'ruf, some others - munkar. Whoever dislikes latter shall be free, whoever denies them shall be safe, except whoever accepts and follows them.». This is why your brothers in Uzbekistan, in spite of all hardships and repressions, seriously and courageously continue struggling for the great purpose - resuming the Islamic way of life. We should not forget, that paradise is surrounded by difficulties, whereas hell - by desires and ease.

    Dear participants of the conference! Dear brothers!

    We call you to follow these Muslims in reviving the Islamic Ummah, uniting all Islamic countries and Muslims under the one Khilafah State, paying no attention to the difficulties awaiting you in this way, sacrificing your properties and lives and courageously keeping your faith firm and strong. We have devoted the main part of our short speech to citing the examples of your brothers. You know very well that the fate of Muslims is based on this issue, that this matter must be treated as the matter of life and death. We have only reinforced that no matter how harsh the situation is the Muslims can and must keep their faith.. Stories in Quranic verses, seerah of the Prophet (saw), and famous events in the history of ashabul-kiram (ra) are cited to Muslims as the examples to follow. And firm and strong in their faith Muslims in Uzbekistan and other countries are live examples for all of you. The best exhortation for you is their current conditions. They are placing their hopes on you, Muslims in Arab and other Islamic countries, as experienced, smart and knowledgeable politicians.

    Dear participants of conference! Dear brothers!

    Unbeliever states such as the US and Britain try to create different obstacles before Islam like political, ideological and economic intrigues and difficulties. But real life shows, that there is one quality of a Muslim they can do nothing about. That is a self-sacrifice in the cause of Allah. And this quality is totally absent in their false philosophy and ideology. Therefore, it is a must for us, dear brothers, to disregard slander and tortures of the tyrants, be pious before Allah and try hard to overcome the difficulties towards the great purpose, that brings us happiness of the two worlds, as prescribed by Allah Almighty. Our last words are, that we beg Allah the Glorious and Most High to save the oppressed from tyrants, Muslims from the disgusting rule of unbelievers and make us happy by granting His promised Victory and Help, not to be distracted by the shine of this life and stand before Him with an open face on the day of Judgment. We appeal to all His names, known and not known. Allahumma amin.

    Ya Rabbal alamin. Amin.

    Wassalamu alaykum Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

    I just have one question what has Hizb Ul Tahrir accomplished in the last 50 or so odd years that it has been in existence.

    What differs them from al-muhajaroon.

    I agree with what the Hizb has to say in many cases yet fail to get any answers as far as what have they been able to do in this half century?

    Dont take it as something against your post, I just have these questions to which I have never received a satisfactory answer.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      Hizb-ut-Tahrir is now on the brink of establising Khilafah. It is very close to achieving the nussrah so that the Khilafah can be established. The Hizb has reached this after years of hard struggle and sacrifice. As you can see from the previous post, the Hizb activly works for this purpose, utlisizing all its resources. Obviously, like you I myself would like to see a tangible result, such as the Khilafah being established, but know that victory is from Allah(swt) all we can do is try.

      May Allah(swt) give us the victory so that we can stop the humiliation of the ummah and bring glory and honour to the Mesenger and the believers.


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        Jalal_ud_deen said -

        >>>Hizb-ut-Tahrir is now on the brink of establising Khilafah.<<<

        I'm all for it bro but where and when exactly? Or are Hizb-ut-Tahrir just giving people false hopes?


          I don't know if Hizb ut Tahrir is as active anywhere else, but in UK they are quite vocal. They provide a lot of useful information and good political analysis, but this business of establishing Khilafah, I don't think it's wise to shout about something that people aren't ready for.

          IMO, a political system only works if the people believe in it. For all it's faults, the system of capitalism has broad based support in areas which it is implemented.

          As for Hizb ut Tahrir, as far as I'm concerned, these groups spend too much time arguing with each other over trivial issues. They lose sight of the broader picture. That's why you get split-offs like Muhajiroun, Ekhwaan and countless others. Ordinairy people haven't got time for all of that crap. Hizbollah doesn't talk about Khilafah but they kicked the zionists out of Lebanon. Now that's impressive.


            Ha! Ha! Ha! HT are very close to establishing a Khilafa are they...

            Well... knowing from personal experience and study of HT I know you guys can only lie and even you do that badly. So I guess I will be waiting for long time for a HT Khilafah. What are you going to do? Are you going to have a coup attempt in Safeways?

            My university's Islamic Society has been given a lot of grief by these group of people... So much so that HT went and set up their own Islamic Society and masqueraded around as if they were the official society... And then after that on Freshers Week they intercepted all the new students and gave them the impression that we were rather an unislamic islamic society... something which they still do...

            People may ask what is wrong with some of this... Well normally there is no problem other than the backstabbing... but the problem is that is these people continually pester official members who do not at all appreciate them...

            The offical islamic society had put a lot of effort into preparing our mosque... insofar that it managed to install ablution facilities, bathroom, a plush library and a fairly open prayer room...

            People who genuinely care about the mosque put a lot of sincere effort in maintaining these facilities for their everyday members... these people come along and criticise everything...

            As to offering help or even suggestions... they just don't. They just sit back and criticise... At long last, do these people have no decency?

            We even tried to talk to them with respect... but one thing that you will find that is common among these group of people is that they cannot discuss... They interrupt you repeatedly and lecture to you as if you were some idiot... They act as if they love the sound of their own voice...

            I don't know about you... but I cannot really tolerate people who are insensitive and have no consideration for other muslims... and even non-muslims...

            I will give you the reason why I am replying to this wasted thread... because I know who you are Jalal and I'm coming after you...

            They shoot partypoopers, don't they?

            [This message has been edited by Mr Partypooper (edited October 04, 2000).]