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New Voice Chat hmmm

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    New Voice Chat hmmm

    Can anyone tell me why we have a new voice is it better or worse than the old one?

    I went there today and I had to introduce myself to "non-guppies"...which kinda sorta sucked big time! I don't know if I feel like welcoming this change....


    From what I hear, Gupshup was experimenting to launch a better and new voice chat...and now the experiment is over.

    The old chat is back up! for now.


      Shah saab!
      They were in a misconception that probably u sound "BETTER" in the newer version. But...
      They, perhaps, dunno that its your "DHOAL" like sound box not their sound machine which gotta problem.

      I only send u emails on eids, just to remind u that "Aaj nahaaaNaa hai".......
      And thats all u don't know or...... ignore

      Cheers,(many more to come)



        I think Admin played a joke on me...Last night when I went there things were back to normal. I got a good beating from haya bibi, gfq and Amber...yeah! pretty normal eh!

        KK saab my "dhoal"! hain? I had always thought it was not my voice but my jeans...
        And for nahana on eid! well I can't break the tradition...I have heard they are cutting down the number of eids to one...I wish!



 kept saying it was a new voice chat room. and i'm like nope it looks like the same old chatroom to me.. <btw: i thought it was in your head> and you were doing a little to much pretending.. err.. the beating? hmm i think i missed that one.. shall i bring my whip next time? j/k

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            Yo to Da BoSS! *dhol* Or lawn mower?

            Oye hoOye! Here's Uncle Piyaz day wee kho pa Niaz day wee! (piyaz ho layin niaz *niyath* achi ho!) Hey, Hey watch vut u're sayin to others u know, about dem Eids and stuff. I've still kept tabs on them nukes, and they might want to fire ur way automatically Bari moshkilon say logon ko muslaman honay ki talkeen karthay hain hum guppies, aur ap junab phir say aa kay sub kuch *kharab torab* bo wacha'vay! (kharabab kar dain gay) If this didn't made any sense, nat to wurry, u're not the only one eating circles

            Hayaa *ditto* Scary was it? *tehee*
            Okay, Okay, keep that dunda away from me. But ooooooooOOoooo its .... like totally, like u know...very bery tempting not to! *ahem* *ahem* *caugh attack*

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              Originally posted by BoSS:
              Last night when I went there things were back to normal. I got a good beating from haya bibi, gfq and Amber...yeah! pretty normal eh!

              *innocent smile* beating what beating?

              *nudges Hayaa* did u hear anything about a beating hayaa? All i hear was this bee bzzzing around, or wait was it a bear?....


                k boss.. now i see the new room.. ya i agree with ya on this one.


                  I think the new voice chat is much better
                  boss.I have not seen and ugly faces there.Like i seen into old voice chat.Some body wtih ugly smily face and some body with face of shirt oh damn i dont remember the person name his symbol was a tea shirt
                  also i like the view of new voice chat.

                  If u'wll call me rose,
                  will i smell like that!
                  FeeAmanAllah Guys