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Random Acts of Kindness

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    Random Acts of Kindness

    its importance? if at all to you..

    any experiences?

    have you ever been the recepient of an act of kindness by a total stranger? or vice versa..

    any comments?


    I think these acts really do show that there are some real human people around. i have been on the recieving end of many nice people and it really gives me a good feeling. Therefore I try to be as nice to people whom I dont know because i know how good it feels.

    Hope that dont sound too corny


      I'm personally not a very kind person but somebody was really very kind to me recently who sent me some apartment search places to help me find an apartment to the new place I moved to. That's such a geniune act.


        Oh Amber

        So many...and it really makes so much of a difference even if its like someone waiting extra long to keep a door open for you, or like when u're in a new city and when u roll down your window to ask for directions the person says, 'Just follow me'...and it goes on and on

        A specific incident?--hmm alright, well okay, when i was twelve/thirteen i was doing this project for school and had to go to the downtown library *all by myself* and u guyz believe me it can seem pretty intimidating, all the buildings, buzyness,etc,etc.'specially when u're only thirteen. Anyhow, i had to take the train to get home, and since it was my first time i wasn't really sure of how everything worked. So i went to the platform proudly strode up to the ticket machine and validated my ticked *man was i feeling so grown up* *wry smile* and i stood there studying the times. And of course i still didn't get most of to make sure i saw a couple of nice looking ladies on a bench and i went and asked them. They were so sweet, they explained everything to me and told me where to wait, they even made sure i'd stamped my ticket properly So i made my way to the other end of the platform and stood there waiting for my train *pretty confidently now*. After five minutes or so i saw something out of the corner of my eye...i turned my head a bit and i saw one of the ladies making her way towards me......i wasn't sure if she was coming to me or just in my direction, so i just stood there glancing at her now and then, she was walking every so slowly, she had one of those walker things--i don't know if thats what they're called---anyhow after a little bit i felt a tap on my shoulder. It was her...she'd just come to tell me that the name of the train i was supposed to take would be written at the top, just above the front window......then after making sure i had that piece of information, she made her way all the way back to the opposite end of the platform.....u guyz she must've been in her late sixties,early seventies...and on top of that u could even see how difficult it was for her to walk, and yet inspite of all that she came all that way just to make sure i knew that one little thing......subhanAllah.

        Every act is kind, when its genuine and done with sincerity......


          Amber....yes it is important to me to BE kind.I try for it sometimes literally when i feel i'm not gracious enough at a particular time and moment and place and with people where it is important to be so.I have met some real kindhearted people in life....and they had such a great impact on me,sometimes when i think of them it brings tears to my eyes....

          I feel these people are a sort of blessing for all of us,so i try to be one,i dunno if i am one or not! ...hey i guess i've bored u guys enufff,so i'll run

          nice topic AMBER

          Be Original~!


            Mariah: that doesn't sound corny at all.. i think that sometimes we all get complacent or jaded or wrapped up in our own little world that when something nice happens to you out of the blue.. or someone has gone out of their way to help you or do something 'kind" .. its a great feeling.. and with that you kinda want to reciprocate to someone else maybe..

            roman: i doubt that you are not kind.. i don't buy it. btw: how did the move go? i hope you are a little happier there now.

            girly: that was such a nice story... and the fact that she was an elderly coming back to make sure you had that extra information.. i have had similar situations, not really that i got lost but where i've had my car stuck in a snow and just how everyone kinda bands together to help one another get our cars out if they are stuck..

            i think its easier to give.. i like helping ppl.. and its way easier to nice than nasty. err..well for me at least.


              Rom Yaara. KiyooN Sharminda karda aiN? It was no problem. You can count on me any time.


                Deal with random act of kindness is that you don;t reveal your identity and tell anyone that you did it. So NYAhmadi's random act of kindness is now only a random act

                Someone did an act of kindness to me too was a call made by a stranger from near Roman's new townTh guy is a nut.


                  Amber, hi, I think acts of kindness wether random or not always makes one feel good about themselves. Like they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Even if they are not friends but total strangers.

                  I have been blessed with a lot of good friends and family and list of their acts of kindness would be endless. However, I'd like to share something which a very dear friend of mine did recently. Made me so very proud of the friendship of this person.

                  When people often move here from Pakistan, many few of us trust them. Maybe for the reason that they are total strangers and we most of the times tend to shun out those we are not well acquainted with. This person met a fellow Pakistani who had recently arrived from Pakistan. Like a week ago or so. Hard as it may be to believe, this person not only offered this Pakistani guest their residence as a place to stay, but also bought them a brand new car and paid for it themself. And also got them a job and finally helped this person move into their own place. I have never seen a whole lot of folks go totally out of their way to do so much even for their friends, let alone a total stranger, just because they are one's fellow countrymen.

                  However, it's things like these and acts of unconditional sincerity and kindness which restore my faith in the goodness of people. Life is beautiful as it is. Kindness towards others only goes on to further add to the beauty of life and living things

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                    Amber although as imaginative as it may sound there are plenty of kind people out there, who are willing to lend a helping hand with no bad intents. To me kindness is the most valuable personality trait one can possess. I personally have had quite a few encounters with kind people. When i first moved here to the US from pakland, i was miserable, didnt know the tricks of the trade and was overall lost. Then one day i bumped into my neighbour, a nice lady in her upper 30's who was very friendly to me and offered to explain all the mambo jambo of the complicated and hectic western life. Almost everything i know about life here in US, i have her to thank for it. She told me she knew exactly how i felt since she too once was a newbie to the western way of life. She was from russia, and although alot of time has passed since then, i still keep in touch with her, and cannot thank her enough.

                    As far as helping others goes, i try to do as much as i can. I mean especially our fellow pakis who are new here, whom quite a few thanks to Allah i(and my uncle) have helped get on their feet.

                    oİş°¨¨°şİo LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn oİş°¨¨°şİo


                      Originally posted by ~Amber~:
                      i have had similar situations, not really that i got lost but where i've had my car stuck in a snow and just how everyone kinda bands together to help one another get our cars out if they are stuck...
                      *smile* yeah that happens here all the time.....i guess the fact that i live in the country adds to that But yes i agree with you, that feeling u get when everyone bands together to help someone out feels so good and it stays with you for a long time.

                      Life is beautiful as it is. Kindness towards others only goes on to further add to the beauty of life and living things

                      RareThat was really nice.

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                        Ahmadi yar you are an angel.

                        Chan ji I'm meeting a guy from my new town's near pind in random near future, wanna join?


                          Chann Ji. See. There is a big difference between helping someone find a place to live and making a call to someone. Calling someone is way down the list in terms of kindnessessness.



                            The person knew what you needed and promptly supplied you with it....

                            That sounds pretty scheming and calculated to me....certainly not Random.

                            It was kind. Can't deny that. What do you think this person might want from you?


                              angelic hearted people don't ask for rewards in return. I'm all teary now.