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The "Agent" Theory

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    The "Agent" Theory

    According to some "Patriotic" elements anyone with a differing opinion is a secret service agent from the wrong side of the border. It is beyond the comprehension of logic why fantastic accusations destroy excellent discussions. Apparently any one having a liberal or a leftist perspective is an agent.
    For instance if you have reservations about the foundations of Pakistan, you may be accused of the following:

    You are A Bond like Secret Service Indian Agent

    Your Drawing Room is full of Maps that depict the future break up of Pakistan.

    You are sexually permissive and morrally bankrupt.

    Your only intention in life is to create war and destroy the Islamic fabric of an ideal society.

    You are a devout Polytheistic yet angry hindu, who eats Pork and occasionaly plays golf with Salaman Rushdie.

    The message above is a short summary of content regarding all the emails I regularly recieve as a response to my postings.I have printed these with the hope that my freinds will refresh their accusations with new innovations. These are getting old and have lost entertainment value. I hope we can move from the Hindu Agent theory to something more refreshing . Jewish conspiracies perhaps? A Zionist plot to create pot holes in Sharea Faisal? Or how about Israel exporting liqour choclates to unsuspecting Pakistanis? I think that one has merit.
    Kindly consider these options before launching a stale campaign.

    Dear Resistence,

    Please carry on what you are writing. You write with your heart and soul. Though people may not totally agree with you, but trust me there is nothing wrong in your writings which invite some SOBS to respond you in such a horrible way.

    Soon after division of India, a group of certain class hijacked the power and did opposite to what Quaid-e-Azam gave the justification of the division. When "Goras" left India, we were made slaves by those local "Goras" with absolutely no values. (At least original ĎGorasí had some code of ethics). Their only objective was to fool the poor people of the country and loot the wealth of the nation even at cost the dead bodies of innocent people. You know what, the third generation of that certain class has continued to loot and exploitation like their ancestors, which is definitely a curse for Pakistan. When you pin point the facts, these SOBS with their disguised names started accusing you what you have mentioned in your above postings, because before them their ancestors were looting and now it is their turn to loot. till they finish the country. They feel offended because it is a direct hit on their survival and on their Haram Wealth. You have to be strong enough to face such nonsense. Sooner or later some one has to come with clean hands to clean all this garbage and put the country on the tracks or face another shameful day like in 1971.




      Paranoia as a way of dealing with difficult issues is not unusual. It has been studied by psycologist at an individual level and sociologists at a macro level.

      When confronted with something that challenges your model of the real world your immediate reaction is to avoid changing your carefully built model. A simple way of achieving this is to either deny the existence of the real world event or create a conspiracy theory explanation. It takes a great deal of effort and courage to change ones model, itís always easier to change our perception of reality to conform with our model.

      Pakistanis (native ones in particular) have models of reality that are often not in touch with the real world. They then spend an inordinate amount of energy trying to preserve this model, conspiracy theories being one way of preserving their model. In addition many will either threaten the person upsetting this model or resort to abusive language in an effort to avoid having their model of reality challenged.

      Farouq Taj.


        no 1 even gives a SHIrT about wat u have to say!


          Mr Farid,

          I thank you for your kind encouragement. I always read your postings with intrest. Your views on the tragedy of East Pakistan are brave and realistic. I also admire the manner in which you have drawn attention to the transition from a Colonial setting to new found yet abused freedom.You reflect the true spirit of democracy and your postings dignify this forum.

          Mr Farouq,

          Your veiws give voice to our internal contradictions, they echo our deepest fears.Your expression is loyal only to compassion. The truth is so resiliently persued by your writings that they enter the darker dimensions of relegion and accepted realities. Where we fear to go, you pierce with logic. Perhaps more than ever, I admire most your ability to provide information free from the trappings of opinion. Your message above serves as an excellent example.

          Mr Trooper,

          It is my hope that in the future you may elaborate on your valuable opinion.



            Mr. Farouq_taj,

            Will you please be more explicit what do you want to say? Can you apply the above theory starting with your self? May be you are not a native Pakistani and it can not be applied to you?

            What aspect of postings do you think which deny the aspect of the real world?

            1. Donít you think Do Quomi Nazria is a fraud concept based on hatred and continued exploitation of poor people of Pakistan? If you do not consider it a fraud concept then do you deny the fact of breaking up of Pakistan in 1971?
            2. Do you deny the fact that the people in Power have always looted the wealth of the country, destroyed the established institutions? They even prepared to sale the country to outsiders to save guard their personal interests?
            3. Do you deny the fact that Pakistan is being continuously ruled by certain class of people who have no values? Can you name a single person in power who was decent and honest and who had run the country in an honorable manner? Do you like to remember these culprits as honorable persons?
            4. Do you deny the fact that same rulers continued colonial tactics in a crude manner and introduced terrorism, drugs and division among poor people to continue their tyrant power?
            5. Do you deny the fact that Muslims are being killed by Muslims because they belong to different sects, ethnic groups, political parties etc.,
            6. Is not life of common people of Pakistan miserable? What right do you have if you are just an average Pakistani? Is not he/she just a peace of ****?

            I can go on for ever giving you real world examples. The theory you have given looks beautiful in books. My dear these theories are only for academic upgrading which has nothing to do with the real world.



              The theory applies to all humans a good introduction is ďFamilies and how to survive themĒ By John Cleese and a Doctor (Iíve forgotten the Doctors name). Do a search on and it should pick up the book. There is some very good literature out there even for the layman.

              I am no exception to the rule nor did I imply that I was. The rest of your post is a digression and I donít want to go off on a tangent. Like all theories you can simply reject it and we can leave it at that.

              Farouq Taj.


                i guess non of you is living in pakistan ...

                Meray Roz O Shab k Nisaab Main Meray Paas Apna To Kuch Nahi


                  resistance (against wat) "..eleborate your valuable opinion"
                  well, here it goes,
                  i just red a couple of your postings, and it just seemed to me as if u r trying to convince people of your of your bs 'philosophies'
                  as far as freedom of speech goes, u certainly have that right, but u crossed that fine line between expressing your self and inflicting your beliefs on others..


                    Resistance dear,
                    If you have seen I replied to your argument that had the subject of some sort of Empire. Now I am interested in your postings coz if a brother will not help a brother, whoelse would? And every person sees things with a different vision. What we call democracy someone might be calling it 'selecting the wworsts'! So if you have any arguments please do continue on and IGNORE those horrid e-mails. People who cannot face ealities are real cowards. So are those who harass you. By the way why not build a personal contact? If you say yes, mail me at [email protected] and I'll be glad to hear from you.