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Life Rewards Action

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    Life Rewards Action

    k.. i wanted to share this with everyone.. its from a book that i've read.. and i think it applies to everyone.. makes sense.

    comment if you want..or discuss..I think its so true.

    Make careful decisions, and then pull the trigger. Learn that the world couldn't care less about thoughts without actions.

    The response and results you receive from anyone in any situation are triggered by the stimulie you provide.

    The stimulie are your behaviours. This is the only way people can get to know you, and decide whether to reward or punish you.

    If you behave in a purposeless, meaningless, unconstructive way, you get inferior results. If you behave in a purposeful, meaningful, constructive way, you get superiour results.

    That is how you create your own experience. When you choose the behaviour (the action) you choose the consequences. The better the choices, the better the results; the better the behaviour, the better the results.

    But the bottom line is that if you do nothing, you get neither. Life rewards action.

    Phil McGraw..Life Strategies.

    Originally posted by ~Amber~:
    But the bottom line is that if you do nothing, you get neither. Life rewards action.
    So true.


      as real as it gets

      oİş°¨¨°şİo LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn oİş°¨¨°şİo


        Amber, a lot of the stuff Phil McGraw talks about makes sense. It is true and I totally agree with what you have posted. Our rewards are brought about by the actions we choose to make. Definitely.


 makes sense.

          The only thing that I would add is that sometimes it takes a little longer than you might want for the reward. Be patient, hang in there.

          And for those that may complain about an "unrewarding life"....perhaps your "inaction" is being rewarded.