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    To the lurkers out there

    I know there are a lot of people who visit gupshup but never participate. For example, there are many people I saw in Career forum whom I have not seen around at all. And those are highly qualified and educated people with Bachelor's, Master's or even Ph.D degrees.

    The question is why the people who lurk around do not join the band? What's stopping them? Are they apprehensive of something or simply afraid they'll get offended or disrespected by some of the idiots among us?

    I'm sure they have a lot of interesting stuff to share and talk about (Besides Indian movies, Kashmir, Qadianis, and Shiva, of course) I just wondering why don't you/they participate.


    Roman, quite interestingly, the statistics we gathered (Feb 2000) show that only 17-19% of our visitors ever participate here. Most come in to read only. Which is fine but as you said, we can grab more jewels of ideas if even a small portion of these ‘readers’ contributes.

    Majority of visitors goes to the General, Meeting, Poetry and Politics forums. Least visited are the Career and Culture forums. Most popular is the Meeting forum.




      Most educated/elite Pakistanis think it ain't worth participating. They are better off spending time with fakirs-atleast there is potential for improving their skills set.


        They might be waiting for time, when those idiots are kicked out.
        Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay

        Ya Allah Bhagwaan ko bhi Muslim bana day ...


          Roman ji I agree with you, we should participate more on these forums.It is best therapy in certain way.One can hide his physical self and share his/her inner self.Just as a butcher rubs his knives togther to sharpen them.Blunt human souls can be sharpened by interacting with others.We all need this shine, particularly when we are away from our dearones.


            That's interesting, Azkar. I'm curious how come such a huge number of people would read the posts and won't get tempted to participate???

            Akmad786, sorry I didn't quite get what you mean by improving skill sets by spending time off with fakirs.


            You will always find idiots everywhere. Just because there are idiots in the world does not mean you will stop living in it either. But on the other hand, I do understand that in this case it's a lot easier and choicely to seperate oneself from idiocacy.

            Plus if you only wait, you will never be able to participate as there always be idiots around and there is a lot of stuff that you miss out whether it's learning, sharing, or simple fun.

            One of the great pain-in-the-butt philosophers (namely NYAhmadi) once said to an idiot (and I paraphrase) that "People like you make me believe stronger in what I believe". The point is one has to look above the lowlife remarks to see the difference. And actually it makes you stronger when you can see nature of things and different personality sets. Well, in the beginning it kinda pisses you off often but you get over it eventually. That's a skill set in itself, you know


              same goes for the mods. seems like if u want to shut someone up u make him a mod. or do they try extra hard to stay neutral and thus endup not saying anyhing?

              whats up with the custom title and other goodies? ppl have been getting stuff with 400 posts and i got a 1000+ and dont have jack. whass up?


                mundyaa, I'm gonna have to agree to that one. It's not true in every mod's case but some mods don't participate as much as they used to be. I'm not sure what exactly the reason is as I never 'shut up' myself. But I think probably it has to do with the fact that mods need time to go through different threads and scan them etc. Everybody has limited time and effort to spend on the net so this in turn effects their participation level as regular members.


                  Originally posted by mundyaa:
                  whats up with the custom title and other goodies? ppl have been getting stuff with 400 posts and i got a 1000+ and dont have jack. whass up?
                  meri jan kay totay, the link is up there on alomost every page.


                    I never realised that people would actually come and just read without saying a word. My goodness, that's they can read into you and laugh at what you're saying aahhhh!!

                    Maybe you should seperate forums for older people from those for younger people. Maybe they find the discussions childish, like some of them can be.
                    A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


                      Hi folks

                      My friend with whom I'm living only goes to poetry section because there are hardly any idiots. Another reason is that on other forums like Married Life, meeting people and General forum, some of the participants are just not sensible enough to avoid getting personal. Some time it really get hard to control your temper when someone on the other end of the keyboard in the cyber world start swearing at you and using foul lauguage.

                      Beside most of the time, we are fighting over Islamic issues and proving each other munafiqs, as if Allah has given us the authority to judge other people. Opions are seldom appriciated or acknowledged.

                      take care



                        U say,

                        "I'm sure they have a lot of interesting stuff to share and talk about (Besides Indian movies, Kashmir, Qadianis, and Shiva, of course)..." AND Ganesh!!

                        How could you forget Ganesh ji!! Who, as I browse thru GupShup after a long time, has provided such Robust Debate...ahem! in Gallery was it??


                          Ganesh???? hmmm, sounds familiar but can't say I recall. :->

                          Probably was too 'Robust' for me :-D


                            Listen mate, I would participate more often if I ever got my hands on the computer....the 'begum' is always on it first!!!! I end up reading over her shoulder.

                            May I assume that I am excused?


                              NO.. Get your own PC !