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Ok, Who remember those Jem dolls?

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    Ok, Who remember those Jem dolls?

    Salams ya'll (girls mostly)... on 2nd thot, I started this thread just for Girl that I know so very well!

    I was reading a prgh on teams buildup for my class, and came across a word in here.Synergy. And brot back so many memories. Does anyone remember those Jem dolls... that song... Jem... Jem is my name, no one else's the same... Trulllly outraaageous... trullly, trully Perhaps Girl From Quraysh will finish rest of it.

    Teams are often more creative than individuals. One of the key factors in effective teamwork, especially creative teamwork, is synergy. Synergy is a particular kind of energy that expands the talents, efforts, and strengths of individual members. It is rather like 2+2=5. When teams communicate effectively, one idea sparks another, ideas build upon ideas, and integrative thinking occurs.

    So do you girls still love the barbie world or have managed to move on from staring at those barbie aisles for hours and hours. Damn it! My little sis ain't lil' no more, and I don't have a reason to be standing there any longer. Other than that, its just amazing how an individual's interest changes from one thing to another... Now I'm found standing in those super tech, computer equiped shops! *Gulp* Girl, I miss them old days! U know... we have to go out again sometime and spend hrs and hrs there in the t.d square, is it sears, or bay which has that special Purple and Pink window display of magic? How about that? j.k.

    So tell me, whats ur favourite section of items while window shopping guppos?


    hahaha.. yep jem truly outrageous..oohh jem truly outrageous...

    but i didn't have a jem or barbie either..

    i did have a cabage patch doll though..and i remember standing in line when simpsons had a big shipment to pick mine out..

    i picked emily, that was her name.. and she had a baby soother..

    i liked transformers better though.

    transformers..more than meets the eye.


      Wow! Nice to see atleast one person who knows about them
      Hmm... Transformers? *I'm running week on memory* U know what... some ppl in our class still talks about Transformers. I mean the big kids, not the girls. Oh yeah. NOw I remember. Those robot like thingers that'd change them selves into sport cars or super things like that rite? My bro had them.! Remember the JI Jo's? Used to love those!

      U know Amber, Girl had all of the Jem Dolls, and guess what she gave me. Flash! The one from the *bad guys/girls* With purple hair. So we pretended she's (whats her face Girl?) Aaja?! Was it? Yeah so we pretended it was her.

      As far barbies.... GOD! Amber, now I want to go back home, and get hold of my old collection and keep 'em in my room again. I had *cool hair style barbie*, and one of those Calafornia cool sports or the likes, barbie & Ken. OH and u know what! Girl blessed me with Super star Barbie and Ken.. Plus another skipper doll! I loved them. I aslo had that lil' red-head kid doll, named Annie. I think there was a story about her, just like that other fiction character Heidi. And a couple others. But u know which one I always loved the most, except never had it. THe Pretty Perfume Barbie, where u cud stretch her dress and change its length. Speaking of that, does anyone recalls Dollie surprises... the one doll which'd change the position of her hands and her hair wud grow or get short??

      Amber... Do u remember Calafornian Raisins? Cuz I loved them! ANd had a couple to those too! Man their funny faces were worth keeping in the room to cheer me up!
      Amber, I had cabage patch kids story books. Always wished for a doll, but wud get their books instead.I liked their cartoons too *smiles*
      What about my little ponies? Had lots of those!


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        Originally posted by Daysee Behna:
        Salams ya'll (girls mostly)... on 2nd thot, I started this thread just for Girl that I know so very well!

        Jem, barbie, transformers, cabbage patch dolls, hmm what else, oh yeah those hot wheel race track thingies with the remote controlled cars..or wait was it even hot wheels?-i can't remember..hmm anyways what little ponies, lego, oh and those cute stuffed creatures, darn i can't remember the name something like popples? u turned them inside out to make a ball/pillow thingy. Hmm thats enuff for now, i'm out


          Oh Oh Now I know what u mean about those insiders and outsiders I know what u're talking about, but uh name?? Dang!

          Remember Extra BoY? MR Dressup? Hercules (sp?) the old old version??? Care bears?


            Thank goodness I wasn't the only Jem wannabee!! lol, I used to love Jem, and believe it or not, I still do!! They're showing the re-runs on tv, and I come home from university, and still watch it sometimes!

            "We are the misfits, our songs our better, we are the misfits..."
            A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


              ...the misfits, we are the misfits, no one's gonna get us. We are --"

              "Jem, jem is the music, the music. The music is believing, believing. No one else is the same, Jem is my name, Jem!"


              hm, i think, it's cuz of that show i've always sorta wanted to go totally fashion crazy with the cool way they used to dress. I mean, to a certain extent,i really did like their clothes.....their hair colour....their hair style....their make up. (& yes, i know it was a cartoon & all).
              Jem's group was so colourful, & innocent looking. Whereas, the Misfits were colourful in a evil looking kinda way. Know what i mean?

              Alas, uff, it's like kinda hard to 'look' like them back in this reality world of ours.

              Barbie was cool. I like her....but i liked Jem more.........dunno why. Maybe cuz, Jem was 'less popular' amongst the lil' girls compared to Barbie.
              OoO, & then there was the Alice doll. Remember?


                Never had dolls
                come to think of it i dont know why
                had all kinds of stuff
                blocks, lego, tranis, cars, stuffed animals but NO Dolls
                Daddi amma had a box full of kitchen utensils shipped from bihar for me once
                they were so cute a small tawa and a small chamcha and all stuff
                I remember making kheer in the small karahi over the pretend small choola by stealing atta and mixing it up with water and garnishing it with leaves

                Now my kids dont like Dolls
                I have bought and bought them all kinds of dolls
                but umm no cars, blocks, puzzles and all that stuff but no dolls


                  Yeah Kohal, I used to love the way they dressed...really looked upto them! So bright n colourful and erm, 'ultra trendy'? lol

                  I still have all my barbie dolls by the way...and all my other toys as well, come to think of it!

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                  A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


                    ok ok ok.. wait guys... who wants a cake baked in my Easy Bake Oven.. come on now..those lightbulb cakes rock.. are there any takers?


                      and what about rainbow bright?


                        I had always wanted to own those toy ovens!!
                        They looked, & are so real. Like, just basically baking in 'em when it's considered to be a toy -- ain't that cool or what?

                        Catwoman, they are quite trendy.


                          ohmygosh- i'm about to have a heart attack!
                          u gals rule! i was soooo in luv with that show!! i watched every episode- and (yes i'm a nut) check this out- there was an internet listserve that i joined a few years back that wanted to try and get matel to rerun the show. hmm..i wonder if tht group is still out there? we talked about everything about the show- we even had a writer (or the creator..i forget which) from the show join the listserve and tell us about stuff. i never taped any of the shows though- i miss it.

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                          Got Gup?


                            My goodness Girls! I seriously thot I'd be the only ding dong here posting this up! Whoops didn't meant that.

                            I loved their makeup,specially the purple hair and those stars on their cheeks. Loved the loops (ear rings) on one of them.

                            Yes, I'd love to catch any glimps of their shows again, but haven't Got any links girls?

                            Hmm... Although I haven't exactly given up watching some of the toons yet. Do u guys still watch scooby do? I love the way the dog howls.

                            I have my barbies still back home! But have lost that jem one *sniff* and Girl has given hers up since a loooong time!

                            Hey u I meant gals ever had the chance of playing house in a real tree house. We had one! We're thinking to remake it, what do u think girl? *wink*



                              sighz.. man speaking of playing with old dolls... i remember me and my friends would flick old hockey and baseball cards off the stairs.... and basically destroying them.. even had a lot of rookie cards.. now i only have a limited collection.. but have kept a lot of the old toys that we had..

                              does anyone remember the hungry hungry hipo game?

                              or what about pacman or gallaxian games..
                              or commadore 64 or atari..on the commadore 64 i used to play summer games a lot.

                              or teddy ruxpens toys.. my couzin had two of those.. i thought she was spoiled cuz of that.

                              ok back to girl toys.. hmm.. there is lightbright.. still have it.. i wasn't big on dolls..

                              kohal.. when you come to to. i will bake you a yummy e-z bake oven cake along with the marches... so save room for dessert.