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Can I have..........Pls.

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    Can I have..........Pls.

    Hi Guys,
    It’s been long that I'm trying to come and say something silly, stupid or sinister perhaps as u all do most of the times, which makes somebody annoyed, others “giggle” and the rest......JUST wondering......“What’s the bloody point”.

    But Where?

    Honestly speaking, There are more "forums and the sentries" (O-apna Suntry....yaraa)then the frequent visitors.

    Here in Pakistan things are so slow, on the net and otherwise as well, that it takes AGES, if I just shuffle through all the forums, without going into your postings.

    I thought idea is to bring all pakis. (Virtually impossible) together, not to divide them on different school of thoughts they have or even on just subjects, isn’t it.

    Well, if latter is the case then can I have a forum where “I don’t have anything to say” type people can go and.......

    Gosh!.. S..N..E..E..Z..E
    Where’s the forum pls..

    May be it’s just the status quo with no spell-check, I’m looking for..


    *screams* Is that u our good old strangely weird gol, gol jalaybi jaisa Uncle Niazi???

    If yes!!! THen Asalamo alaikum!Allah kay karam say Hum sub zinda hian *giggles* samayth!

    Apko yahan ithnay arsay baad aa kay gupland kay nai style ki shaid moshkil say samaj ayi gi.But ah well, merry-go-wound pay paith kay yahan ki posts parh liya karain tuo tubhi ja kay samaj ayi gi!

    Btw... 'fore u took off to Pak wathun, akhpul wathan, we asked u to say our sincere salams to the "khaday, and the superb roads back there" Humain miss karthay hain wahan walay??? Hain?


    [This message has been edited by Daysee Behna (edited September 27, 2000).]



      sirkar aaap kahan ghayab hain itnay dinon say aur watan ki kya khabar hai? jaldi say aik qasid kabooter bhejo..

      welcome back bhai. and notice we have image as well as voice gallery and chat features.

      what else is happening, where are you and what are ya doin these days?


      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Daisy! yaar, I had to stand up side down then everything found PERFECT about GUPSHUP.

        Woh Khudday, tum say bhee burhay hogay hain aur puraaaney bhee. Here word "ANCIENT" fits more appropriately.

        Hi Fraudiay! gurmee hai yaar yahan, it was 37 this afternoon.
        There is more Gurmee then Gurum joshi among us, generally speaking.

        Buss yaar zindagi ki jamaa/tufreek may shubb-o-roze bitaaa rahay hain. (Gaarhee to nahin hogayee mereee urdu).
        I go in hibernation during the day, 'cause of tax survey...if u know what I mean (Thats the mentality here, bud).

        This is all what's happening here.

        Haan yaar, I saw that annoyingly long list of forums, will see it tomorrow 'cause its two in the morning and at eight, it's HAAAKEE ka Match(The semifinals).

        Thats what I'm doing nowadays, watching olympics on my vacations and then back in the fields from mid October.

        Shubb Baakher,



          Welcome back Kaleem.

          Really nice to see one of the originals here. I'm sure BoSS will be around to say hello to you....we were just remembering you the other day.....your ears must have been burning.

          Stick around if you can...even though you don't like the new set-up. There are lots of new forum sections...but the people are still pretty much the same...


            Muzna! Kaisee ho tum, yaar (free hoon ..... I mean ..... ho raha hoon, “phir”).

            No, it was rather those SNEEZES, which made me come back to GUPSHUP ‘cause I was looking for a place or a FORUM for that matter, to SNEEZE. (Ears consumed long ago).

            Remember- Would it make me SHAITAAN or .... anyways they say he was once angel, isn't it..... Consolation, I’d say.

            Stay- With my type of lifestyle, it is difficult to stick-on but will make my present felt every now n then, hopefully.

            BOSS- Kahan hai DEENA(Short of Imam Din), it’s been long since I heard anything from him.

            Oopsie daisy! Sauda lanaaa hai ??? …… gotta rush.

            Anyway, It’s refreshing to here from u all.

            Fraudiyay! That “Take-2”, was it since new version of GUPSHUP or it’s a prerequisite for a MODERATOR????



              *great to see u alive again*

              Yeah, u must've sneezed and gone *hiccup* *hiccup* quite alot since the past few months. Your sanity was missed alot! *tehee* Yipeee U know now I offcially have an Uncle to bug again! *I'm so happy*

              So how are the fields? BoSS did hear about ur tashreef awri ka tokra Lets hope he still remembers you.



                Niazi sahib...loong time no see, chat, email or other stuff...
                Good to know that you are alive and yeah I'm still around! A lot of people ride this bus of gupshup and get off when they get bored but as far as Muzna, db and myself are concerned it seems like we are driving the damn plans of getting off;-)
                How r things in Pakistan...tell me something I don't know ;-)
                Good to see you back...stick around and have fun!

                BoSS (Langotia!)