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your worst injury?

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    your worst injury?

    I just thought of this while i was talking on the phone with my best friend back in pakland.

    by this i mean what was your worst physical injury/injuries?when? and how?

    I have had my share of injuries, but i attained my worst injuries in my car accident 2 years ago. In my accident i broke my left elbow, 3 ribs, dislocated my hip bone, shoulder, and jaw

    I still dont believe i survived that horrific accident, and am very grateful to Allah for granting me another chance at life.

    This occured in pakistan, we were going from Islamabad to Abbottabad, it was 4 of us. I was sitting in the back of the little suzuki khyber, and it was around 10 pm, and the road was fairly busy. We were all talking and having a good time, suddently we see a car overtaking a truck which is just about to pass us going the opposite direction. Next thing *boom* all i heard my freinds scream and and glass shatter, and unimaginable pain all over my body, and i couldnt move.

    Thanks to Allah's blessings all of us survived, although we were all injured severely, especially my best friend who was driving, got gashes and cuts all over his face from the glass and all over his upper torso

    oo LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn oo

    ofoo Allah sab pay apni Rahmat karay or Khuda ki Rahmat say life main kabhi chance nahi hoowa kisi bhi injury ka ALLAH kabhi aisa waqt laey bhi nahi hamaisha sab ko apni amaan main rakhay ameen.


      kaka its a good thing u survived that crash mate..
      sounds pretty bad..
      i havent had bad injuries..
      the worst one was when i was flying a kite and riding my bicycle with the other hand and a car came around the corner and i lost control ( i was 7 or 8 at the time ) and becoz i had shorts on i scraped all my knees all my legs and all my arms so all u could see was the bottom layer of my skin which was dark red with the veins clearly showing..
      anyway i was in pain and then my brother chucks after shave on my skin aghhhhhhhhhhhh that killed me real bad
      but thats nothing compared to what u went through kaka
      I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by


        Arey nahi bai Khuda ka KhaUf karain... Abhi gupshup mie haspatali batalion nahi kaim howi, jo hum apnay *chultay phirthay* haspatali kissay lay bathain...!

        By the way, the most recent one for me (a few days ago) was cutting my fingers while washing the blender, and slashing them with that glittery, shlitery blade


          Well the most serious one I had was while playing table tennis....I slipped and hit back of my head on a was pretty serious.......the most recent one was a couple of months back while playing field hockey...I ball hit me on the chin...It moved my jaw (OUCH!!!!)....and I got a "blunt trauma".....and got six stiches on my chin........

          ME ME ME!!!

          Hey....can anyone tell me what clinton did with the Cigar???


            i fractured my right hand twice.
            first cracked the bone and second time broke it. baam

            its alright now.



              Posted by Kaka Malang
              This occured in pakistan, we were going from Islamabad to Abbottabad
              Dont remind me of those roads
              they still send shivers down my spine
              Although the scenery is pretty good but the way people drive on those roads is nothing but idiotic

              They have these narrow roads carved out of mountains
              on one side is the tall mountain and on the other is the deep khai and at places they dont even have those fences to provide some safety

              I have escaped a few accidents in the making on those roads
              can you believe a bus overtaking another bus at the bend ?
              I was and I still am scared of those roads


                I fell off a precipice, broke my leg and few ribs. It was terrible. Recovery took me approximately 5 months! :-(

                It was over 2 years ago, now I am fine and well. Thank God.


                  Hello people,

                  Phew!! Kaka yaar that sounds terrible, especially if it happened in the mother land, I would'nt want that to happen to anybody, any way my injuries I've had are all seperate incidents wich include stitches several broken bones, I thank Allah ta'alla that nothing serious has occured.

                  I guess the most painful one was when I was very young I fell of my trycicle wich went of a set of three or four steps in our garden. I suffered cuts and bruises but I felt no pain from them because I boke my arm and the pain was so intense that I felt nothing any where else.

                  Calm waters run deep.


                    Truth is I was involved in a head on collision with my ex in his Porsche and and a police vehicle. Chances of survival were minimum. This was 7 years ago. My face and beauty were untouched but inside I felt searing pain, I still take pain relievers to this day. So facing near death experience made me stronger and people going on about looks don't bother me. Being a sportscar it took the external damage but internally many sports type injuries make it difficult to smile sometimes. But I manage it. All I ever wanted to do was achieve a few more things, this accident prevented me from living a painfree life. There are worse people out there. There are healthier. Sometimes I wish I was dead, but then there are those who will miss me and what I intend to accomplish for myself and others through my personal appearance speeches and songwriting. Much which reflects the pain - my case continues in the High Court as it is very difficult to sue the Police. **********but hey, what the is a journey. Some of us make it unscathed. If I could trade looks for health...I would. Yeah still walk and talk alright. Asian Barbie, but touch me and I I guess I'll get a right ole kicking from some of you! Esp. Waverider!


                      well only broken head afew times, fractchured catilage in knee, afew broken fingers, broken name them. But still living though


                        Anchaltotally i agree with you, the madness that goes on on these roads will make a rock cry. I have lost alot of people dear to me on this specific route (islamabad to abbottabad)and it amazes me that even with such high fatality rates on these roads, no emphasis has been placed on securing them
                        lol u said a bus overtaking another bus on a bend? thats nothing, i have seen a van overtaking a car, which is overtaking another van!!! its psychoville

                        Andicat an ex, a porshe, police, collisions, sounds like a theme of the latest action movie

                        i am glad you survived, not many survive a head on collision in a porshe (esp with the police

                        Kingshah oye thore pangei liya kar neto ye hei hal rahi ga tera
                        Aur yei tu mene pehle se pata lag gia tah ke tere khopri kabhi na kabhi zaroor crack hoi teh
                        oo LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn oo

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                        [This message has been edited by kaka malang (edited September 24, 2000).]


                          Allah bachay road accidents sy....

                          this was like 3 years back
                          we(12 friends) were going on a picnic sponserd by the madrasa we used to learn quran aton a Toyota 16 seater van in Bahrain...
                          it was a 4 laned road and we were on the third on the right side doing like 75 miles an hour,we were driving along a 12 wheler when all of a sudden it started comming onto us the diver took a quick left turn but another vehicle was behind us on the left side so he had to move back more quickly this got the van on 2 wheels and then he lost control of it and it overturned like 2 times on the road and then hit the side rail after like 500 meters with the wheels up and roof down u will b surprized to know that not even 1 of us got a scratch......I think that was bcz all of us were coming from our madrasa and nearly all of us were hafiz-e-Quran.
                          the funiset thing about it was that both the front and the rear windshields had shatered and 1 guy fell from the front part and another from the rear and now 1 was running infront of the van so that it does not hit him and the other 1 behind the van to catch up with it....

                          the injury i had was when i was playing cricket and running for a run the fielder threw the ball at the stumps and i had to dive with all my force i did reach the crease but the ball missed the stumps and hit my head I was uncoutious for like 20 minutes and when i woke up there was an ambulance there and my shirt was all red...the worst part about that was that we had the final next day.. and i was in no position to play

                          Till next time,
                          Allah Hafiz


                            kakay malapp

                            yaar kya bataooN kya guzri.

                            itni injuries hui haiN kay abb agar mujhay injury na ho to aisa lagta hai jaisay nasha toot raha ho, jaisey heroine ka koi nashai marr raha ho.

                            yaar abb to haalat behtar hai. pehlay bohat dard hoti thi!!!

                            beyond the horizontmy heart gone


                              fortunately, not yet, except girls who keep breaking my heart, no injuries. but u never know.