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Why do You Visit "Gupshup'?

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    Why do You Visit "Gupshup'?

    Well, let me start off by sharing:

    1. To read on topics of interest and learn of new ideas
    2. To share my ideas on topics of interest
    3. To have fun, share a laugh, conversing with people from different backgrounds, geographic locations and intellectual diversity
    4. More specifically, to gather info on some of the religious topics where I need more knoweldge.

    ... And yes, don't visit these message boards to do the following:

    1. Don't visit them to pick up fights, or trade insults with others
    2. Don't visit them to demonstrate schizophrenic tendencies
    3. Don't visit them just to prove that your knowledge is vastly superior to all others who are there.

    Well, these are my views...I'd sure like to know about you folks....

    Life is too short to waste
    Enjoy... and be Happy

    i have met a lot of interesting people on gupshup.. i started comming here about a month ago or some thing like that...
    i normally come here to meet up with them on chat and read other peole's views..
    i have learnt quite a bit from discussing topics on the gupshup forum
    I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by


      To participate in da Universal Gup and to see log Gupon mie kahan tak taraki kar chukay ab tak. Plus to meet some real swell people like.... like.... so many here.