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The Distance between Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia

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    The Distance between Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia

    got this from somewhere...real eye opener..Assalamu Alaikkum
    > I am an American, working for a Christian AID Agency for Ethiopia
    > our Muslim brothers and sisters are dying from hunger and starvation.
    As a
    > Muslim, let me remind myself first and you second as a
    Brothers/Sisters in
    > Islam, my duties and responsibilities at this critical time for our
    > Ethiopian brothers and sisters today.
    > Do you know the distance between Saudi Arabia where 70% of the world
    > reserves and 90% gas reserves are and Ethiopia where our little
    > and Ahmeds and Fathimas and Khadijas are dying because of hunger and
    > thirst? It is less than 300 miles where Islam was born and
    > by our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)!!. One country is enjoying all the
    > food of the world and the other is dying because there is no water to
    > drink and no food to eat!!!. But today in Ethiopia, a number of
    > with the names of Muhammads, Ahmeds and Khadijas and Fathimas are
    > every minutes. They are Muslims like myself, you and the Saudis.
    > The first Hijrah ordered by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was to
    > when those who were reverted to Islam were persecuted by the Makkan
    > unable to bear the worst torture mankind could imagine. At that time
    > these Ethiopians have given to the Saudis full protection and
    > How much food and money we are wasting daily and throwing them as
    > Next time when you throw your excess food, remember the poor children
    > Ethiopia who are dying without food!!!
    > Why Islam made compulsory FASTING? To understand the pain of hunger
    > physically. Otherwise, we all will be MUNAFIQS and will be answerable
    > the day of judgement. Believe me, all our prayers will be in vain!.
    > Why Islam made compulsory ZAKATH & SADAKAH? Does our money and wealth
    > lying in the coffers of Interest (Riba) based banks? When we die, can
    > take along with us our money, wealth and other valuables? No way!.
    > Remember what Qur'an says about orphans, poor people and neighbours!.
    > Remember how our Prophet was kind with orphans!! Remember how our
    > pot bellies growing bigger and bigger comparing to the skeleton of
    > children of Ethiopia dying without food and water!!! Please afraid of
    > Allah SWT's wrath for not taking timely action.
    > Also how much the other Gulf countries are contributing for Ethiopia.
    > Almost nothing. Shame on us!. We are all thinking that Ethiopia is an
    > untouchable country and deserve dying instead of living. I wonder why
    > brothers are not doing the same contribution that was done to Bosnia,
    > Turkey and other countries?. May be their skin colours? Are we racist
    > selfish or double standard Muslims or lying to ourselves or to Allah,
    > where is this Muslim brotherhood? Whom are we fooling? May Allah SWT
    > save us from the hell fire. Aameen.
    > Rain is created by Allah and the same rain will fail one day in your
    > country also. If our Prophet (PBUH) live among us today, this would
    > never happened. Islam is not mere a label!
    > Do you know the cost of one F-16 plane? The cost of one plane is
    enough to
    > save more lives today. I am reminding you, because I will be the
    > against you for not taking appropriate action on a tragic situation
    > this, specially your neighbour Ethiopia is dying. We do not know when
    > Saudi Arabia will take responsibility of leadership in assisting our
    > Muslim Ummah irrespective of their skin colours?
    > Our Jewish friends have taken care of Falasha Jews of Ethiopia. We
    are not
    > asking for to accommodate them, but only give them food to survive.
    > Kindly request the so called Muslim countries and their leadership as
    > as good hearted individuals to do something before more and more
    > and Ahmeds die away on a slow and painful death.
    > Wassalam
    > A Believer
    > Let us sacrifice at least one day food, so that we can show the
    > along these poor innocent orphan children. At least let us learn from
    > act of Charity from Christians (Every Christian denominations are
    > about Ethiopia after Indonesia's conversion success).
    > If you do not want to happen this tragedy to your family and children
    > future, please pass this to another 100 Muslim brothers and sisters.
    > Please forgive me if I hurt your feelings. May Allah Guide All of us.
    > Islam never appreciate those who give only lip sympathy or act of an
    > chair critique, please act now.. If you cannot send 100 people this
    > circular, at least pass to another 10 people.
    > DO IT NOW!

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on discovering this piece. Secondly I think that the duty of supporting oppressed muslim brothers and sisters in third world countries, or where ever they might be for that matter, rises above and beyond that of the Saudian residents. I think it should be taken upon by every individual as a personal responsibility and obligation to do their part to the best of their ability. May Allah guide us all and give us the courage and strength to solve the issues of our fellow muslims for the well being of the overall Ummah. Amen.


      I thought muslims were like body. One part of body hurts, every part of the body feels the pain.
      Its said to see this happening...what can we muslims do We are busy sleeping with west, and out brothers and sisters are dying. We are busy adapting the ways and life styles of the west, and our brothers and sisters are dying. We are busy defending the ideaologies of west, while our brothers and sisters are dying. We are busy watching MTV and Indian movies, while our brothers and sisters are dying. We are busy making excuses while our brothers and sisters are dying... very said, shame on all of us.

      We wish we could do something, don't we? Yeah i know!

      hath par hath rakh ke bethney se kuch nahi hota...

      *~~~mOrE LoVe iS NeVeR eNoUgH~~~*
      Jaan-e-mun Jaan-e-Tamanaa
      Edharr aah teriyaaN LaatTaanN PunNaa-n


        Where can i donate money - address please.
        Also can use a credit card for donations???

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          nice gesture CM....i will give u the source and than you can try and contact these guys

          From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
          > Sent: Monday, April 24, 2000 12:55 PM
          > To: [email protected]
          > Source: Direct Submission
          > Organization: Ethiopia Calls You
          > Email: <[email protected]>
          > Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 08:41:06 GMT


            this is one of the most prominent sign of the closeness of the day of judgement

            Dr sahib you are exactly right, most of just utter a few words of remorse and then go back to living our materialistic lives, unlikely to look back.If our beloved brothers/sister are going to survive, it wont be due to the piggish governments aid, but due to contributions to charaties. I know very few charaties have been set up for this specific task , but atleast there are some, i am sure all privately funded. I just wish the our ignorant muslim nations recognize these disheartening circumstances and try to resolve it as soon as possible. We should all contribute also, i will urge all you guppies, even for those who are not muslim(for sake of humanity) to make donations to these charties.

            CM you have made very proud, if every muslim was like this, we wouldnt need heaven, we would already be there. Keep it up man
            Just be careful while donating your money, alot of people use these kinds of emails to scam money(not to say that this is a scam)from recipients.

            In the end i would like all of us to pray for our dear brothers and sisters out there suffering...................may Allah shelter them with his kindness, and relieve them of all their miseries and sorrows. Amen.

            oİş°¨¨°şİo LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn oİş°¨¨°şİo