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Bi-racial Pakistanis

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    Bi-racial Pakistanis

    i was kinda reluctant to post this..but here goes.

    how do you feel and treat and/or interact with half pakistanis, bi-racial folk as opposed to a pakistani that had both
    parents from pk or was born in pk.

    by that i mean one parent is from pakistan..other from some where else..

    ie: mom born in france, dad born in pakistan.

    can i get your views? do you treat them the same or differently...and why?

    are there any stereotypes that exist about biracial pakistanis?

    i know its kinda vague..but i wanted to leave it open ended.

    personally i dont care if they are half or full.what matters to me is what kind of personality they have and how much of a paki spirit do they have.
    i do know some people who are half-half but some chose to follow non pakistani life style cause one of the parents didnt take interest in teaching them pakistani way of thinking and living.
    i have friend who has a pakistani parent but polish this persons unique case her father never taught her anything about being muslim or one can tell that she has pakistani in her besides her last name which is her fathers last now she is a catholic and knows nothing about pakistan or its people or language or culture.
    she did get some criticiszm from her paki relatives cause she was unable to communicate with them.i dont blame her.but what a waste that she couldnt learn about her roots.all she knows is "PoLish Sausage".
    bottom line as paki's we should be able to accept the concept of inter racial families.


      Great post Amber,

      This should be interesting. It's quite late here, and I'm just flicking through the posts after a hard day so I'll come back with my thoughts tomorrow, based on real-life experiences of mixed marriage children in the UK, one of which happens to be related to me.

      See you tomorrow.


        I don't think that there are enough "biracial Paks" to even consider discussing this issue, Even though my cousin's kids are biracial (he has an american wife).


          K, one thing for sure,
          bi-racial kids from any country........are absolutely beautiful. & they grow up to be beautiful as well. & for the fact that you have ppl/kids who are 1/2-pakistani & 1/2 - x-whatever, then they are are bound to be beautiful.

          Other than that, they're just like you or I. Ofcourse, some closed-minded freaks here on Gupshup may think like they're from another planet or even, think they wouldn't deserve the 'honour' to be treated like a fellow pakistani...

          I just envy the looks they have. Or, i drool over it rather,


            I have to agree with Kohal. Kids of mixed marriages are absolutely gorgeous.


              Hello everybody.
              I have freinds who are bi-racial, my brothers best man is bi-racial father is Pakistani mother is English, hey and they are just like normal Pakistani's (there skin may be a little lighter not that it matters) infact I do'nt think this is a toplic wich needs adressing because it's near racist. Personally I feel people of mixed race well since we are talking half pakistani's I see them no differntly to other Pakistani,s.

              There's a family whom I know, after marriage the wife (not my brothers best man) left her husband with their 2 boys because she refused having her boys circumsized (hope I've spelt that right) and is now living totally the opposite way of Muslim should.The kids are eating pork etc etc ...what I think it comes down to is both partners understanding each other before taking the plunge of wedlock ( I'm speaking from a religous point of view) no matter what, kids should be brought up as muslims.Well thats what I think, some people may differ but in the end thats there life and its not my buisness to tell people how to live . Other then that I have no problems with mixed race...for a while my brother was seeing an English girl and there was talk of Marriage because my family opposed it, it never happened and if it did I would'nt have any problems with it.

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                Excellent post Amber. Thanks for the great subject and bravo for addressing it.

                My thoughts later....I'm begging out cuz it's late too.....


                  Originally posted by kohal:
                  K, one thing for sure, bi-racial kids from any country........are absolutely beautiful
                  Dont generalize, i've seen bi-racial kids who could easily get a job in the Notre Dame.


                    Hi Amber,

                    I want to tell you about my personal experience. My uncle married an Iranian lady around the early 70`s. Of course everyone frowned on it. To us their children were "different", we treated them so much differently. It is not as if they were a different religion, however we are sunni and she was a shia, which in my opinion doesnt matter.
                    This of course was due to the way our elders reacted towards them, we just did not know how to approach them, and so what our elders did we followed suit. Now I think back and feel so stupid.

                    All children are beautiful, it just depends what you define as beauty.


                      My kids are bi-racial, Half Greek and Half Human. On their maternal side they also have Slavic and Albanian Blood (I think her great grandmother traveled a lot). Both my boys are gorgeous (not because I am extra handsome, but because all kids are gorgeous to their moms and dads).

                      To my pleasure and dismay, they are as American as an apple-pie.

                      To answer your question, if we should treat them differently or not? I donít know what exactly do you mean by that. Why should kids of mixed races be treated differently? Everyone is exotic once out of their own culture and environment.


                        Pathwari Yaara.. did you get my Ruka? Check your mailÖ I sent you 3 days ago, and still waiting to hear back from you.


                          Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
                          To answer your question, if we should treat them differently or not? I donít know what exactly do you mean by that.
                          that was not my question.. its not an IF we should or shouldn't.... ideally in a perfect world that would be the case.. its Do you treat bi-racial pks differently...why or why not.. do you accept them more if they lean more towards the pk culture or religion.. ..have you noticed your children being treated differently than perhaps their cousins? if so.. as a parent what do you do?


                            excusez moi bro----------->check it.


                              Ok, my cousin's half English, and despite Kohal's dizzy imagination, he's a bit of a freak. His mother English was pretty ugly and his dad (my Uncle) booted her out when the kid was still young. He has been brought up in a Pakistani family, with Pakistani brothers and sisters from a remarriage. He's a cool kid, speaks Punjabi better than most full castes due to spending time in pakistan and recently married a Pakistani girl (not arranged).


                              IMO, When Pakistani guys first land abroad, they are obsessed with nailing a white woman. Quite honestly, they wouldn't leave a donkey alone if it had white skin. A lot of them shack up with pig-ugly white women from the lowest rungs of society, have a kid or 2, then abandon ship when they realise what sort of upbringing these kids will have. These kids are then brought up in council estates and end up like scavengers living among the poor and deprived in the UK.

                              That is of course a generalisation, and I accept that there are cases where that isn't true. I have seen some kids who have been brought up by English women who have brought up the kids to be fine citizens, but they are in the minority.

                              It is my observation, that once the average immigrant has had his fun, the appeal begins to wear off. When "Brenda Biggins" tells our Bhola, that it's her turn for a night out on the town and that he needn't bother staying up, the penny starts to drop. At this point, our hero usually decides it's time to cut his losses and does a runner.

                              This is the UK folks. it might be different where you are, but That's my own version, feel free to agree or disagree.