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What should I do with this bill!!

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    What should I do with this bill!!

    I recently moved to a new apartment and got my local phonecarrier as Ameritec. They asked for long didtance carrier and I chose AT & T's 55c long distance package. I called AT & T after few days and asked about my bill and was amazes to see that they were charging me around 4-6 $ per minute to Pakistan. At my assistance they transfered me to the new package but said they would adjust the bill when actual bill would come. But they ar flately refusing it now. I have got more than $900 bill . Some of my friends r also facing same problem. Do any guys suggest what should I do?
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    pay the bill
    buy your folks at home a computer package with the sound card mic and speakers and have vchats instead of telephone calls


      But they have all that at home and use it but I have to call friends and sometimes dial pad etc. doesnt work I have to use phone
      Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


        ummm acha
        thats bad
        900 bucks is like too much


          Anokha-ji is better equipped to advise you on this matter and when he returns I'll tell him to check this thread out. He's amazing at dealing with situations where customers have complaints against large organizations.

          I would advise you to document every communication that you have had with them and send off a formal complaint to their customer service department. Clearly state in the letter that you have a dispute with the bill and are not ready to pay it until the discrepancy is looked after.

          Whatever you do....don't pay'll lose any hope of getting the money back. But don't sit quietly either....otherwise they can have a case against you for non-payment.


            Degas we faced the same crap from AT&T. signed up for the special plan and got an idiotic sum for a bill since the clowns were charging us the same 4 bucks a minute max rate.

            They claimed we had never called to set the service up. We inquired why logically we would not set it up when everyone in our family and every other city we were in we had the service set up...they kept on being real morons and refused to admit it.

            well guess what....idiots had sent us a confirmation letter...with a confirmation i dug that letter out and asked them to the story changed to "oh it does not go into effect for 48 hrs usually" The morons were informed that we did not use the phone for an entire week after the they inquired as to why anyone will not use a we were on trial. so we informed them that we did not have any furniture and stuff since our stuff was being moved from our prior state and we were living in a corp apartment.

            SO... they claim oh..its 7 days...we had called on the 8th day, and then the same guy says ooops sorry it would have come into service in the next billing cycle. Their argument was countered by telling them that it was their duty to inform us that this was indeed the case since every other time we had ste up for any service it as available immediately.

            Then they finally admitted they were wrong and offered us free US calling for 6 if I make 1200 dollars worth of calls in US. Then they said..oh we will apply that towards future calls. We insisted on a prompt cleanup of the mess.

            We kept moving up to higher mgmt until some guy fixed the mess and as a compensation told us that for 6 months we will have 30 mins free to Pakistan on the 21st.

            Luckily babez has the patience to deal with such bozos. I am inclined to start yelling at them...

            My advise is, keep moving up until someone fixes the mess. They will give all sorts of reasons...forget about the call center, drop their customer service emails and registered letter addressed to VP of customer service.

            I am tired of ill-trained stupid customer service reps with attitudes. Dunno if anyone remembres how pissed I was when I ordered Euro cup match of england vs romania and they gave me germany vs portugal and it took me 30 mins to get the mess resolved. and whoa guess was at&T digital cable.

            and dont even get me started on my satisfacion levels with the way they handle my cell phone.

            Its some sort of mess up on their part that I have to fix every few months. I will start asking them to compenstae me for time lost due to dealing with something that was obviously a screw up by their monkeys.
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              Fraud, I'm surprised you actually pay for long distance to Pakistan. Many telephone fraudias here in Canada don't

              Now, seriously, talk about ridiculous rates. I think Fraud is right, you have to be persistent until they eventually get fed up and give you compensation. Tell them you will complain to the BBB or some gov't agencies that deal with customer complaints, etc... that usually helps. Also tell them you will be switching carriers.

              The phone rates here in Canada aren't good either for Pakistan, i think the best method is calling cards. I Pay $10 dollars canadian for 25 minutes. Works out to be much cheaper, I saw similar calling card rates when I was in U.S. also. Yeah yeah, I know.. this could be a good addition to 'You know your Paki when.....'



                I forgot to mention.....

                I was once told by someone on a customer service line that this tactic of over-billing is used to reclaim monies that the carrier has lost from customers that have defaulted. Can you believe that????!!!


                  My sisterinlaw had the same problem with MCI, when she moved into an apartment, the carrier refused to switch over the long distance saying that the previous occupant had put some kind of “abiding contract” with MCI, and they billed her some $300 (for one month) charging about 2$/min calls to Germany. It took me 2 phone calls to FTC (Federal Telecommunication Commission) and 1 threatening call to MCI to switch her over to another carrier.

                  I suggest that you call the FTC, and call the ATT and tell them to release your long distance and switch over to another carrier. Don’t pay the bill. Fight it.
                  One last note. Whenever you speak to some rep, always take their name down, in most cases than not, there are contractors (and not ATT employees) who deal with such matter. Always ask if you are speaking with an “ATT employee”. Always document your conversation.


                    Some extremely solid advice from the folks here. I'll reiterate the common thread in all the messgaes, "do not pay the bill or you'll have a very tough time getting your money reimbursed."

                    Don't site idle either, keep pursuing the case with the customer service. When connected, ask to be connected with the supervisor on the shift. They'll try to give you a run around by saying that they can help, but they usually tie you up with thngs you've heard before.

                    When I ran into problems with At&t, they gave me a run around just like everyone else. I was promised 30 mins. of calls to Pakistan and these guys just wouldn;t give me credit for the 30-minutes I used during the month. When I called them, they said their records don't show free 30-minutes on the "PLAN" I was on. I spoke with the supervisor and she pretty much said the same things. Finally I got so fed up that I called the corporate office and wanted to speak with any freak'in manager who would listen.. They finally ut me through a lady who reiburmsed me for the minutes plus sent me a check for $100 for trouble...

                    When a week later I didn;t recieve the check, I called her back and complained about the slow response. She sent my another check and a few days later, both checks arrived in the mail. My wife and I had a nice dinner with the money and pocketed the rest of $200.

                    I've had similar problems with GTE and I dealt with it by being persistent. One thing is for sure, don't budge from your stance of not paying. You have to let them know that you won;t pay the amount unless its resolved. If you've exhausted the customer service and the supervisors, I suggest you goto staright to corporate office and take up with them. Inform your dispute to your local phone carrier so they won;t put a freeze on your long distance while this is being resolved..

                    Good luck and DO NOT PAY!!


                      hey guys,

                      I agree with everyone else, don't cough up and keep on their cases.

                      A trick that a friend of mine has been trying for almost 2 years now successfully ( I never dared to try coz I'm chicken )
                      Will/Might Help people in the UK who have phone operator ''Cable & Wirelss or now NTL)

                      you call the 0800 operator and tell them that you have been trying to call this number to Pak for last hour and can't get through and ask if they will connect you up, so then when they do - you talk as long as you want - that amount NEVER turns up on your bill, coz the operator call thru an 0800 number so you don't get charged...

                      (GUILTY) I tried it once and it never came up on my bill... and this friend of mine has been doing it for 2+ years..

                      sly - I know - but these telecommunication companies can be right*^&)(£&)( so we should get them back when we can..

                      so there's a loophole you can try..

                      Sorry this offer is only open to UK customers of C&Wireless



                        Thanking u all for valuable information. Ghalib can u recall where did u get there AT & T's corporate #.
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                          opps... I would have to search my records. Maybe I still have it somwhere. But I think I asked the supervisor of the customer service to gimme the Corporate number.. She was reluctant but gave it to me anyway. Tell the supervosir that you want to take the matter higher up and need the number of his/her supervisor..

                          Lemme know if you make any headways.. I'll look over my records.. This was a while back so I may not be successful but will still look...

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