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The Fight Over The Duck

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    The Fight Over The Duck

    It has recently come to my attention that there is a serious battle taking place right here under our noses.

    There are times in life where one wishes that one had many more hours in the day to investigate and become better informed about life's little mysteries....this is one of those times.

    We cannot continue to post our meaningless drivel while such a major issue of contention thrives amongst us. We simply cannot help but focus our attention to the matter of The Duck.

    Ladies, Gentlemen and those that fall somewhere along these lines, please direct your concentration on the dispute of The Duck:

    Hayaa claims exclusive rights to usage of this icon in voice chat while pathwari alleges that such rights can only be his because he used it first.

    Since voice chat has been around for quite some time now....I can't begin to guess how long this feud has been brewing. I fear to contemplate the harsh words that may have been exchanged, not to mention how many danday have been broken over how many heads.

    O guppies, I beseech you to come forward and settle this dispute before any more damage is done.

    Who shall get The Duck??!!

    Hayaa and pathwari need to get a life, and stop fighting over a lame icon.

    You see things, and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were and I say 'Why not?'


      ufff hayaa janu i can understand what you are going through
      this character '?' is trying to act all cool and hip like me and like using my skeleton icon with those flashing red eyes

      Deeply tormented Anchal!!!


        Don't like duck - it tastes slimy!


          anchal..woman...thats the least of your worries.. there is another anchaal too spelt like this.. so you gotta contend with icons and names as well.


            jeez i know
            everyone wants to be like me

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              I'm so glad I started this thread.....all these issues.....uff, poor Aanchal...I didn't realize how difficult things were with these icon things.

              Anyone else having similar problems with identity? Come forward.....please....let's get help for you!


                Well nobody can be ME
                however it helps if the nick you choose remains only yourz


                  Originally posted by Muzna:

                  Who shall get The Duck??!!

                  Hayaa should get the duck
                  cause the duck is def a female duck
                  its got a long slender neck and that pouty beak
                  Pathwari yaar khuda kay wastay koi mardoon wala icon dhoondoo umm how bout the hammer ? or the nut ? or the ummm i think there is a axe there too


                    Phew! Thank God Aanchal that you have such a confident approach. Of course nobody can be you. Only you can be you. Such a healthy mind!

                    Is it safe to assume then that you don't need any help? Great....that'll leave some extra bucks to pay for help for those that really need it.


                      *bends over laughing*

                      I can't blv I didn't catch this thread before!!

                      You've captured the dilemma so wonderfully in your words. I am so glad you've brought the serious matter to the public's attention. It was too grave a problem to just let slip away without getting some input and a whole lot of hamdardi *sob* from the awaam. Afterall, It is a matter of life and duck!!

                      Here are the hard-core facts!!!

                      The First person EVER to use the infamous Duck was *drum roll please* YES! none other than Yours truly!!! And Azkar pai is witness to that! He had logged on first day with the "hari kameez" icon and desimunda was around too! So There, I have two witnesses to back up my testimony! and from the sounds of it...I have some support too. *winks at Anchal and ~Amber~*

                      There is no doubt about the fact that the duck belongs to me. Pathwari bhai just wants to stir trouble...I guess roman is busy these days, so he needs someone to pick fights with.
                      Well, you know what!! I ain't falling for it!! The Duck is mine! End of Story.



                        In that case that billi with dark glasses is mine...
                        And you know what? My cat looks better then ur lousy drunk duck!

                        Take that .


                          Chuck the Duck guys ... I more concerned with my problem ... I ve discovered Faceup who has the same icon .. ANd he is senior ... (ulp) Faceup ... dontmakeme takeoff my brown paper bag ....I ll losemy identity by uncovering my face (sic)


                          Religion was created by man.....but dont was created by God.... Allah Ho Akhbar, Halleluiah, Jay Dev..... all are salutations to the Great One....


                            You see!!! What did I say!!!

                            This is a problem of immense proportion! Identity issues are now oozing(sp?) out of the woodwork here.

                            I hate to admit it but we might have to enlist the services of Nova.

                            Did someone say that he's been kidnapped?


                              Originally posted by Anchal:
                              [BPathwari yaar khuda kay wastay koi mardoon wala icon dhoondoo umm how bout the hammer ? or the nut ? or the ummm i think there is a axe there too[/B]
                              Anchal bibi,
                              who told u that my duck is female. As u may have noticed we can only see the head is visible. Cos its mine i also know bout the gender. So u r wrong girl.
                              No, no please dont bow for me and forget the apologies.
                              One more thing : how do you reconcile khuda kay wastay with Shaitan_ki_Khala?

                              Hayaa sis,
                              no need to approach higher powers here. Of course we all know that Azkar is a male and will fall for every female charm.

                              Why dont u keep ur izzat and simply admit that this is a pathwari duck (everybody can tell by looking to its head)

                              (ps ppl who get uncertain try to get a lot of persons to support them in what they believe. Of course then comes a time that a lie becomes a truth. I dont blame u, its very human, BUT STILL WRONG................................sister

                              Muzna G,
                              please dont call Nova, we will be a few years further before this comes to an end. If he's gonna be the judge i'll donate my (yes my) duck to Hayaa.
                              I would rather have NYAhmedi as the neutral one, he can be brief and very straight forward. (our desi male version of Judge Judy )

                              [This message has been edited by pathwari (edited September 21, 2000).]