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    working toghether

    how many indians and pakistanis work together
    outside of india and pakistan and how they
    get along?

    Unfortunately this "working together" concept has always been a sore spot for the desi community.....whether they are abroad or not.

    There are distinct examples in North America though. In every major city you will find at more mosques per square kilometre than mosque-goers.....but none of the mosques will be well-built or equipped. Why? Because everyone wants to manage their own.

    In every major city you will find a minimum of three "Pakistani Associations" or "Pakistani Committees" working to helpthe community. Alone these organizations aren't strong enough to pull off one major event.....

    Imagine what they could do collectively. If only....


      i think he meant to ask if pakistanis and indians work with each other without any problems when they are not in pakistan or india.. but then again i am usually wrong so ur answer might be the right one ..

      Don't love everybody--specialize.. ;-)


        Perhaps you are right Yankee....I must have just read what I wanted to into it.

        I'm usually pretty ticked off about people refusing to work together because they are hungry for recognition.

        If the subject was Indians and Pakistanis working together, well, they don't work well together in the countries so how are they gonna do it abroard?


          In the large conglomerate of a multinational oil company in Houston that I work for, there are two Pakistanis in the cubicles across from me, two Indians next to me, and scores of Indians and Pakistanis throughout the organization.

          When it comes to getting work done, there are no problems, it's all done on a professional level. When it comes to social issues, most of us young professionals couldn't care less about Pakistan vs India (because, in general, most people would rather build bridges instead of destroy them). We do our work, golf on Thursday nights, go fishing occassionally. It's a good life.

          However, when Kargil came about, it was the older folk, the ones born in India and Pakistan and immigrated to the U.S., that created this high tension level, and not on a social level, but on a political level.