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Roman's altering personality phase

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    Roman's altering personality phase

    Hey ya'll, Salams...

    Now, Roman gets pretty busy talking about the coolness of others, but little does he notice much about his own self. Thats where his dedicated sincere friends come in role to remind him that he's in the same boat as well.

    When it comes to shopping tips, and especially perfumes, I suggest you all go ask for his Magestic advice and tips on "How to shop efficiently and purchase productive goods at lower prices." Recently he landed himself a great deal, buying a aftershave combined with perfume called "watery_berryCheap_de la_fragrance". It was only for a couple of loonies and toonies, if u were to convert the U.S $$ into Canadian. Not only did he shopped for himself, but most probably he's stocking up for the FUTURE as well *kuch samjhay guppoos?*

    Oh Oh Oh and to top it all off! For the first time ever! Roman replied *Wsalams* publicaly live on chat on the glorious day of 13 september, 2000. Time: Right after everyone else left, except GFQ, and some other folks. My My My Roman, you are all making us so proud of your highness. *the crowd claps approval*

    Roman, all I have to say is that U sure are on the path towards glory! May the best always come ur way. *ameeen* tehee..

    Now I'm sure all you other guppos have more to add to this list. I've to run and catch up on some Unix!

    Till then,

    ps. And again... just j.k

    Well, the second he confessed on buying Brut for special price, I knew he was way coooler than any of us here. Before the confession, I thought he was just an average Javed!


      Azkar, is there a way to edit/delete others' messages without becoming a moderator?


        You're a modest guy but there's still no reason to delete/edit DB's post....



          “GulooN maiN Rung liyee, Bad-e-Nu bahar Chalay”


            DB you are right on the money about roman... he just doesn't see how cool he is.. i mean how can u go wrong with brut..roman u da man


              hey hey you guys stop bashing my veer. He is kaafi shah kharch from what I saw.


                DB mairi jaan,

                i never ever thought, that in this life time, there would ever be a point where i would disagree with u. i guess i was wrong.

                i don't find roman remotely cool. he dunn wear deodorant, and he wears sarson ka tail on his chindya. i am sorry, but that's not coolness. that's simply divine! (oh wait, i am gonna check out the smilies list and see if i can find a good one i haven't used before that would fit in here well..) hmm, naah...couldn't find any, hey i like the flowers though and, and *cough* i can see that we're going off track!

                anyways, i am going to frame all of romans divine posts and post 'em on my walls...

                he's just too cool.

                roman...can i get autograph pleej?


                  Hey everyone

                  I guess now its my turn to mention something about bumblebees and wannabees Hmm guess i gotta stick to the bumble bees, cuz i'm under strict orders not to say anything for the next two hours not mentioning any names or anything, but a wannabee wanted my insight on on cat lovers and so mentioned a certain wannabee cat hater..ummm i should just keep my mouth shut.....but u guys don't know what u're missing right Amber

                  Okay so the bumble bee, hmm well according to the laws of aerodynamics the bumble bee can't fly...but i guess no one ever bothered to tell the bee that*wry smile*

                  Alright now i'm gonna fly fast and far so a certain wannabee bumble bee or is that just wannabee or or umm bumble bee who is a wannabee or a wannabee that hates bumble bees......u get the idea


                    hahaha good one girly

                    roman has fallen a few notches on the supercool scale because.. ahem ahem.. please be advised that Roman has put a gag order on girly and he has told me my mic sucks and hurts his ears and has requested that i not speak on vc either with my laptop mic.. so roman. aka supercool. keep up the good work brother .. cat got my tongue.

                    [This message has been edited by ~Amber~ (edited September 15, 2000).]


                      *LOL* ROTFL!!!!

                      Hey Ya'll! Roman this is dedicated just for your highness coolness. From now on, thy name shall be addressed in a fashion, that the world shall remember from now on. Okay everyone *lets join up and say it for once*
                      Romaaaaaan... HEY!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaz aaaaaaaaaaaap? Did u guys know, this is his fav' opening line, well no he didn't tell me, but a little bumble bee came by buzzzzzzzing it right in my ear. Suchi!

                      Chan Mahi, Fiqar not. Pa ji, sarkar ji Roman poray gupistan ka hie. Like that song goes... Ali Azmath dedicated this one sincerely for u!

                      It was like...

                      Neeee veeeeeeraay... Nee verraaaaaaaay...
                      Chudi na kadi gupain yooon.....
                      Nee veeeeraaaaaay... Neeeee Veeeraaaay...
                      Chudi na kadi gupain yoooooooon...
                      Neeeee veraaaaaaay... Neeee veeeeeeraaaaay...
                      Sada Ay lecture kadi pulan na kadiiiiiiiii...

                      Roman... u know, I'm laughing like crazy and can't focus more. So will get back to u when I regain my sane senses again.

                      Rest of you... U know thank you so much for contributing. I've never enjoyed a thread since a long time as this one. Ur input is strongly encouraged! And those of u who are disagreeing with me, by all means oye! No Prablum.

                      Aside note for the girls: Special discount *HUGS* for you all, and God do I love ur replies or what! Amber... I think we know this Roman too well Hayaa... I know about all the agla pichla biodata that u've found in ur medical research about this Character.
                      He uses Kala cola and Mendhi to dye his mustaches and beard with. Girl... did he got stung by the bee though? *aa* tell away there are no restrictions here **I'll garamaO naik's jaib with lots of gulab jamans and all her favourite goodies** Naik plz be kind to us, and support us here. Love you! Ho Kahan yaar.. zameen kha gai ya asman apko..missing u so bad.

                      Okay I will write lots more... *hehehe* Yup Roman the game has just begun. Tum aur hanco dooron pay, abhi maza chukathay hain..j.k


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                        Leave the brother alone or your all gonna have me to deal with!


                          Don't worry Roman, we've got your back...



                            Azkar, is there a way to edit/delete others' messages without becoming a moderator?
                            If AZKAR is willing to provide this facility, am willing to pay whatever is required, interms of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



                              *smiles mischeviously*
                              Alright here goes....

                              Hey Roman whats happening to u? I thought u could hold your own oh u're like crushing all our high hopes *sniff* now who are we supposed to look up to?. I mean u are the epitome of not only cool...but supercool. I think maybe the watered down brut is getting u..hmm maybe u haven't watered it down nearly enough... i think u could stretch it a little more---or wait!--maybe its the denial of the fact that u really do like cats or..hmmm...maybe its something to do with the fact that wannab-...oops!

                              DB, did u see a bee bzzing around...cause u know something...i still gotta keep mum, cause apparently the gag order has been extended to two light years