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Sharia Sentance for Pregnant Teenager

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    Sharia Sentance for Pregnant Teenager

    That is the title of the article in this link:

    A 17yr old has been found guilty of having sex outside marriage, and has been sentanced to 180 lashes by a Sharia Court (100 for fornication and 80 for lying about the father).

    What do you guys think about this? I would be very interested in replies from the Muslims.

    C ya l8r

    I wont say much, buts its simply inhumane.


      I understand your point, but shouldn't we as muslims accept Sharia rule? Esp as it is written in the Quran, right?


        You have to consider the following:

        Is sharia about "Evolving Interpretations"?


        Is it about freezing ourselves to the 7th century?

        Most of the moslims have chosen the latter and live in the likeness of the 7th century quran. This punishment reflects 7th century mentality!

        Let's not forget the quran was revealed in the likeness of the 7th century because it was revealed in the 7th century.

        It was not revealed in the likeness of the 21 st century so, we need to re-interpret the quran as per the 21 st century! If we did that then these kinds of punishment would be archaic, outdated and cruel.


          Logical: You have a valid point there, but then using that chain of thought, wouldn't you be changing the Quran?

          Could you apply the same rule for instance, to drinking Alcohol?

          It's very interesting to hear guppies views on this!


            Oops, I reckon this will be moved to the religious section.

            However, Cooldude as you said it is shariah law, and if we as muslims want an islamic state then we have to live with the punishments also.

            So logical, how would you interpret the Quran today to give her punishment? As cooldude says wouldnt you be changing the Quran?


              I think it will be moved too, I've got some ayat's from the Quran regarding this if anyone is interested.



                We're talking "Interpretation" of the quran or seeking new meanings to the verses according to time & place. This is how Quran & Islam can be forever or have answers for all eternity!

                The word sharia itself means "flexible" and the only way it can be flexible is thru "interpretations" and not "rigidity" as it applies today.

                As to your point about "alchohol"; well, that is again upto interpretations and majority(99.9999%) will still agree that alchhol is bad; but, almost 51% will agree that the present sharia laws are outdated and needs to be "re-intrepreted" <--- note: Re-interpretations; not re-writings!

                We say quran has all the answers! How do we know? Have we tested the quran?
                Rather, we have shut ourselves off in the 7th century!

                MOD: Could you, pls not move this to religion.



                  I did not know that the shariah law was flexible. If this is true then logical you are right, the laws can be changed. But then hey wait a minute isnt shariah law man made?


                  Put in the ayahs.

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                    You R right on the money!
                    The shariah law were written down by theologians so muslims can have an "organized" approach to Islam. But they also gave us Fiqh or Islamic Jurisprudence(law making) to facilitate the process of new laws or changes to existing laws.

                    Here's what sharia means:
                    “the Shari'ah is seen by most Muslims as a changing body of law, subject to what we call the fiqh, the capacity for evolving interpretation.”

                    Cool may provide ayas BUT they are all subject to interpretations. He & others may say - the meanings should be as per the time it was revealed i.e. in the likeness of the 7th century;


                    we may say that they[the ayas] should be interpreted according to time & place.

                    "the Shari'ah is seen by most Muslims as a changing body of law, subject to what we call the fiqh, the capacity for evolving interpretation."

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                      I don't agree with anyone of u how dare u say that Quran was revealed in the 7th century and it is acording to 7th century it is not! Quran is for all times and for all ppl be it of the 21st Century or be it of the 7th Century the Quran is a complete code of life all those ruled if applied today in pur government that is if w efollow shariah then we will indeed be succesfull cause that is the law subscribed by ALLAH and how can u say that ALLAH wanted this law for only 7th century ppl HE made it for all generations.No.2 the Quran says that all thsoe ppl who dare change this law or make any ammendments in this are wrong doers and sinners and are leading a life to ruin and that is exactly wht is happening in pakistan if we were following shariah then we won't be so economically unstable and unstable on the whole! GET THIS THING STRAIGHT THE RULED OF QURAN ARE FOR ALL AGES AND NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT!


                        masi ji,

                        I did not say anything of the sort, so please read what I said. I was talking about the SHARIAH law and how that is man made.


                          I've found the following Ayat which is relevant. Please check it up for yourselves:

                          2. The woman and the man guilty of illegal sexual intercourse, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. (This punishment is for unmarried persons guilty of the above crime but if married persons commit it, the punishment is to stone them to death, according to Allah's Law).

                          Lets keep this post relevant to the original topic. We can discuss general Shariah rule in another thread.


                            Originally posted by masi108:
                            I don't agree with anyone of u...AND NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT!
                            Masi is absolutely right.
                            Quran was not 7th century-specific, rather - it is a complete guideline valid for any point of time.

                            If you guys want to make it a point that Quran covers only the 7th century, than this will definitely accompany another question - what about Islam itself?

                            Islam and Quran are ageless - made for all ages. Nobody in ANY kind of circumstances, can even think to challenge the definitions and guidelines of Islam and Quran and re-establish them.

                            However, we have been given an option to work out a problem in a particular juncture of time - you all know its called IJTIHAAD. Islam and Quran do allow Muslims to sit and find out a way which is more acceptable to the followers because Islam is a universal religion and Ijtihaad is a way to keep it up-to-date. But keep in mind that we have been given this option not for making Islam to go along with the modern time, but that the we, changed over the years and (so-)called "modern" could go along with Islam. Even in the case of Ijtihaad, NOBODY is allowed to defy the basics of Islam. And come what may, Quran can not be even touched with the intentions of re-establishing its definitions because God has made Himself a guard of this Book.

                            We are human being and vulnerable to mistakes. Only God is the judge to punish us for our mistakes but like every civil society, religions also set punishment to safe its followers from being corrupted. If one goes scot-free today, what is the guarantee that we won’t attempt the same?

                            We need Islam and not Islam needs us. That's why it is our responsibility to practice whatever we have been told to do and avoid the prohibited things as per order. It is our duty to make ourselves dutiful and not to change the "code of conduct."
                            Reh gaya kaam hamaara hi baghawat likhna...


                              Thanks Cooldude.