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Gee Whiz! I mean honestly.....

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    Gee Whiz! I mean honestly.....

    Driving home today, i saw a van in front of had something written on the back window so of course i read it, it said:

    A Blind Person Is
    Driving This Van

    I thought what?!?!?! Thats impossible!. But then i was thinking omigod, a blind person is driving the van in front of me, omigod. And then i was like oh come if but then at the same time i was like what kind of warning/message is this? whats the point of it? is this for real?

    *sheepish smile*

    As i passed the van...on the side it had an advertisement for 'blind cleaning services' u know blind as in window blinds...gosh i felt like such a fool *wry smile* but i bet i wasn't the only one


    very good....

    They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


      R u driving urself currently?

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          Reh gaya kaam hamaara hi baghawat likhna...


            dats fuunnnY!!!!!!

            ~YesTerdaY is a hiStorY...
            tOmoRroW is a fuTurE...
            anD toDay iS a giFt...
            tHaT's whY it's caLLed a prEseNt...
            ~*~` @ `~*~



              Yup DB..driving myself crazy that is


                Girl from Quraysh: if i was you i could have had some fun with this, if the van really said " Blind person is Driving" you should have made some kinda gesture at them, and if they get mad then tell em to remove the sign.

                You see things, and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were and I say 'Why not?'


                  Like same thing happened to me.......I am an engineering student.....So i am in the Engineering buildings most of the time....One day i went for a test in Applied Science building.....After the test i wanted to goto to the toilet....and when I reached there.....the Door had a "Guys Toilet" sign on it but under That there was BIG sticker which said "BIO HAZARD, E.Coli BIO REACTOR, DO NOT ENTER"....... now we have those all over the Applied Science Building......I stood there for 5 minutes thinking (I could have gone to a different level though) to go in or not to go in.....lots of people play that kind of jokes.....but then the Uni could have changed the toilet into a Bioreactor........ ANYWAY

                  As it turned out.......I was a toilet after all

                  ME ME ME!!!

                  Hey....can anyone tell me what clinton did with the Cigar???

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                    Does anyone know where he/she is going?
                    We're all doing this 'blind routine', are we not?

                    Just like the tag which says:
                    Don't Follow me,
                    I am lost too!

                    I drive by the stars!

                    who needs to see,
                    it's all a hallucination,
                    a mind thing!