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Is hell made for me?

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    Is hell made for me?

    Most of our dear religious leaders project Islam totally wrong. Mullah-Islam is only limited to description of jannat, "hoors" and dozak ki agg. As to what i understand , it seems that all the jaanat and hoors are for Mullahs and doozak ki agg is for the rest of the community. They are dreaming about HOORS all the time. My i ask them: what is the kasoor of mullani ji. What if she starts dreaming about some kind of male-hoors ? Mullahs keep them shut inside the houses. There only function is to cook and clean and reproduce thinking business allowed !!!
    Mullahs talk about Haqooq-Allah all the time . I 100% agree that is very very essential but what about Haqooq-al-abad?
    Any comments from anyone else or am i the only one frustrated by this conservative thinking?
    I wrote this because one of my friends is married to such a guy. He has made her life miserable. He beats her , he treats her badly but she has to be faithful. Now recently i got a letter from her that she cannot communicate with me because Mullah ji said that i may be a bad influence on her.
    Is this our culture?
    I don't think so! Ok may be than hell is for me!

    All I have to say is that I agree 100% with what you have to say CoolMint. From the two years I have lived in Pakistan, most of the Mullahs I have seen behave in this manner. On the individual's level this might be blamed upon their not willing to go into the details of what Allah has revealed through the Quran and the Sunnah. On the community level, they are a product of the type of social conditioning they were put under. At many instances, this is dadaa pudadaa tradition, and the society would impose on them what their parents did. A change in this is yet to come, and I think not through evolution, but revolution. I don't mean to criticize all of them. Believe me I was very impressed by a few of'em, but they were the ones who voluntarily went into the field, attended Universities and found ways to bring the Islamic teachings into today's perspective. Afterall, our religion is "the religion for all times".
    I only hope that Allah shows the right path to me and the others, and the Mullahs, who might be reciting "Ihdina Siraat AlMustaqeem"
    more than 17 times a day in their prayers, but don't undertsand the meaning through their hearts.


      Assalam alaikum

      It is true that many mullahs don't know diddly about diddly. They do not understand Islam yet try to preach it to the people with ideas that are not Islamic but social ideas that have not been challenged or have come down through generations. Islam is a spiritual and a political creed, many mullahs try to teach the spiritual side of Islam, which is half of Islam, and even get that wrong. It is mainly due to the reason that they accept Pakistan as being a Muslim country, which it is not, and they do not understand the Arabic language, which they need to know in order to teach people how to solve their problems.

      With regards to a Woman in Islam, if she doesn't want to cook or clean or even look after the kids she doesn't have to and she would not be sinful. All the man will need to do then is to get a maid. It is entirely the Maternal instinct which a woman possesses which influences her behaviour i.e. to cook, clean etc or act in a caring or looking after way. Sadly, many men like to take advantage of this instinct. Although, the woman would be sinful when the husband asks but she refuses sex and the husband has the right to say who she can make friends with.

      The fact that the Pakistani culture has been so heavily influenced by the hindu culture that it is the reason why it is Pakistani and not Islamic. Pakistan has deteriorated so badly due to the influence of the hindu culture that a woman is seen as a second or sometimes a third class citizen or person, without any rights, instead of being seen as an equal and first class person who has rights which need to be observed.



        Coolmint !

        Allah, in the Qur'an, has mentioned the people who refer to the Quranic verses, manipulate them and achieve their own goals.
        Mullahs are those people.

        I hate Mullahs and I think our jahalat or muzhab se doori is the cause of this product.

        Why do we want Mullahs for? To interpret Quran...
        Well the Quran says -
        "Hum ne is ko tumhare liye aasaan kar ke utaara.. aur koi hai jo is ko parhae aur samjhe"

        Read the translation of Quran and you would be surprised how easy & logical it is.

        Your friend is a perfect example of mis-interpretation of Holy Quran by these Mullahs. Quran says that the men are superior than women because they take care of their wives. They provide shelter, food, and protection to women, so its women's duty to respect their husbands. But in no way it was mentioned that men owns women.

        One thing that Allah insist on doing is to pray five time a day. Number of places, it is mentioned that:
        "Namaz Qayam Karo"

        Ask Mullah, Have Allah given them any written guarantees that ONLY they will go to heaven?

        I could talk all day about this.

        Do not feel bad. Read Quranic Translation and understand it, then you will be in a better position to find out your place in this great est religion...

        Remeber... Quran has the highest place for Mother in all relations.

        Allah Hafiz.