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Azkar, Muzna, Fraudia

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    Azkar, Muzna, Fraudia

    Since the three of you are in charge of the setup of this website, I am directing a question rasied somewhere else ... so I post it here

    So are you guys the official website of pakistan.
    Claims are just that claims. Hey Azkar, Fraudia , Muzna where are you guys at? Is it true? Is this really a government operated website? I remember reading somewhere that this website does get funding from several sources including the Pak government but I have never heard it been claimed that this is THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE of PAKISTAN.. perhaps the largest portal dedicated to Pakistani interests but never the official website of the government of Pakistan.

    Originally posted by CanadianDude:
    I'm quite sure that is in fact the Official Pakistani web site. I may be wrong, but I've seen this claim that it's the official web site on several different Pakistani web sites. All fingers point to that site.

    #2 Its not Gov. operated.

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    Edharr aah teriyaaN LaatTaanN PunNaa-n

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      hmcq, meri jaan kay totay, its nowhere stated that is a govt funded website. Alhumdillah, abhe humari jaib garam hay and kowate bazo pay humain naaz hay ...

      The story with the word 'official' goes long way... nutshell, it was there before any major website and the babay of this website decided to call it the official, and we stuck with it. ...

      why? are we under some sort of ehtesaab from the militay govt or what?


        nope no court appearances yet Azkar

        My question was there cause some one had raised the issue that it was the official website OF Pakistan. I would suggest that the phrase be rephrased to the offical website FOR pakistan (or FOR Pakistanis or perhaps even the Offical Portal to/for Pakistan/Pakistanis). that way there is no confusion and though this is the largest portal for Pakistanis , it is important that if it is to look independent, it should not use any phrases that might make it appear that it is in someway linked to the Pakistani Government.


          Oh darn it! I so look forward to court appearances.


            hmcq .. point well taken meri jaan. we have had this problem before but hum nay bhe tota chashmi ke had kar dee ... we promise to do something about this in the next release ...