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    Pakistan ticket

    I need some advice!

    I am going to Pakistan in September and am looking for the cheapest flight possible. I don't care what city I fly into and I'll go via any other country. I fly from San Francisco, so going by way of Asia rather than Europe is preferred.

    I'll be gone for 6 months or so, does anyone have any ideas on cheap tickets or no a specialty travel agent? One friend advised me to by a one-way return from Pakistan as that would be cheaper.

    I'd be very grateful if anyone has any secret deals hidden up their sleave!

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is a company called Dollarsaver travel based in wichita Kansas. The owner is a guy named Hassan Ali, I dont have the number handy but its in area code 316 :0 doa search and u should find it. He has really good rates, Alien Travel in Chicago and Ashneel in Houston have had some good rates as well.

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      Thanks for the tip, Fraudz!