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    To Mr.Xtreme

    Dear Xtreme,

    now that you are a moderator, there is no escape from the big question. you can't keep misleading guppies and be a mod at the same time without tarnishing the paak image of gupshup. high time you surrendered to the eventuality of the situation and answered the big Q - Do you really have blue eyes?

    p.s.> saala tu to sa'ab ban gaya ;-)
    Simple ain't easy.

    This only proves one thing:

    You are really, ^&%$*&# back, queer!


      Welcome back Queer - where have you been for so long? Hibernating



        yup, i'm back, a much wiser and sexier guppie. did you bust any more bubbles?


        no, not hibernation, aestivation. thatz wut they call it in summer.
        Simple ain't easy.


          There's nothing wrong with wearing c0loured eye contacts.............
          (Dammit, there's a eye store in my town which is selling it for $25 per pair & i ain't being allowed to buy 'em!! )
          Not that i'm implyiing that Xtreme wears blue contacts or anything -- i mean, how in the world would i know?

          Btw, who in here, also has non-brown eyez anywayz (not including black either)? Come out come out where ever you are..........Usually, 1 in 15 (or more?) Pakistanis have the sky blue or emerald green or cloudy grey eyex...


            >> yup, i'm back, a much wiser and sexier guppie

            I don't know queer, you still kinda look cute to me. kuchoo kuchoo.

            No, no bubbles, just a pair of balls.

            PS. Of all the expressions you could make up, you had to come up with 'The Dung Beetle'?


              Queer yaar, due to the sensitive nature of the topics I discuss, I am afraid it is impossible for me to give out personal details on a public forum. Blue eyes? green eyes? Eyes that pop out on their stalks cartoon-fashion? You'll just have to keep fantasising ya weirdo...and don't worry about me being a sa'ab me ol' mucker - it's always been the case, just didn't have offical status before

              Please note everyone: despite the guy's dubious nick, he still had the balls to ask this question! Let's be generous and put that down to self-assurance..!




                nope, nothing wrong with wearing colored contacts, but it's imperative that we know Xtreme's eye color. shudnt a guppie know that there is a blue eyed mod around? ;-)

                oye roman,

                a dung beetle kicks around balls of sh*t. and he's a natural soccer player. he's my inspiration..

                Xtreme [email protected]&^&!&!,

                i knew you wouldnt answer that. just hoping that you wudnt become a complete gentleman and lose your trademark nastiness now that you are a Sa'ab.

                ps> what dubious nick?
                Simple ain't easy.