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Dear Miss Pakistan

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    Dear Miss Pakistan

    I see that you are Miss Pakistan and some folks here are having a hard time adjusting to this whole new concept. If you are really dedicated to your profession then I am sure you are not taking these offensive remarks personally. If you ever have a chance , don't forget to do some charity work back-home. I think, that's where these kind of efforts are needed the most and one can make a real difference by using his/her expertise. So, have fun, be creative and enjoy while you participate. Welcome and good luck with your modelling.


    Thank you. This is my purpose and commitment to help Pakistan people who need money for education for little children and health for old people and homeless. It is very sad that the critics are doing little or nothing to help that situation. If this is the bad reception I am to expect from Pakistan, how can I go there? It is a dream of mine for World peace but there are always those who create chaos.


      Dear Andicat,

      Just visited an old site - ****** -

      Our ally Anchal has told her friends ''over there'' that you have been mistreated on Gupshup and people here have not been kind to you and you would be made much more at home and much more welcomed on that site.

      Visit it - she's got a lot of support for you


      ~*~* Gizzy Ki Jaano.. *~*~

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        hello Miss Pakistan.. i agree with outlaw on this one..

        doing charity work is a good thing and hopefully u will able to do that whereever possible.. and as i said before good luck with your career.

        maybe you can let everyone know when you are appearing on that show u mentioned in the other thread so that our UK viewers can see it too.

        welcome to gupshup.


          Andicat sweetie
          its funny how people misinterpret (sp?) your good deeds
          maybe its their way of 'fitting in'
          never mind that
          i was pleasantly surprised by your comment where you stated bout women subjecting to opression
          its funny and sad how women are willingly subjecting themselves to being used all in the name of love
          and when one egg turns bad its assumed the rest of em are bad too
          women should set example, be a role model to the coming generation but alas that is not so
          Men (generally speaking ofcourse) consider women they have scored with medals on their arms ...they use them, boast bout them and simply discard them like a used tissue paper
 then generally speaking do such women have lost their ability to think with a clear head ?

          Keep up the good work !!!!
          and dont get disheartened by a few
          those who fly high will one day fall face down on the ground, their face covered with dirt.

          Oh we would love to have you at Rag


            Hi again

            Its good to see that all girls are together now, and has one voice. good stuff

            take care



              why are you calling outlaw beechara a girl ?