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Pakistan doesn't just need a boost in the economy, it needs a BUST in the economy

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    Pakistan doesn't just need a boost in the economy, it needs a BUST in the economy

    When I see most pakistani girls these days, they have the bodies of underfed 10 year old boys or overweight 80 year old motees! They are disgrace to women and Pakistan!! Have they never heard of enlargement procedures? Here in north amrica, girls know how to gain respect, self esteem and attention. They are so beautiful with big big breasts!!! If only the girls in pakistan would do this, they would get international recognition and influence pakistan in a good way. This is one
    of the reasons that pakistan's economy is in a slum. Pakistan does not only need a boost in the economy, it needs a BUST in the economy!!!

    Pakistani women are so picky but they can hardly be called women. By 7 year old cousin brother Shahan is more "voluptuous" than the above average pakistani woman. If you weren't to look at there faces, you wouldn't be able to tell the differense between they're front and they're back side! They have no bust, but if they walk into you, you get bust with their large pait! Pakistani girls need to get with the time now to day, only women with big breast get noticed! Why are you thinking that no of the pakistani women are being on the poplar TV shoes? The more pakistani getting the breast big, the more the money is will be comming to the pakistan.


      Dear Breast Augmentor,

      Being the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, my want to get re-elected is very very strong.

      Therefore, I am ready to do anything that it takes. Meaning, if a breast augmentation is required, then I should get the ball rollling baby!!!!!

      I am ready to use the idea of the need to have a BUST in the economy in my political platform. Bigger Breasts all the way!!!!!!

      Maybe after I retire from politics, these big breasts can benefit me when I become a professional stripper! Then, the economy will get a big breast...ohh...i mean boost...ohh...i mean bust.

      -Benazir Bhutto